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13 Subtle, Sexual Signs Your Friend Wants to Be Your Unicorn Sex Buddy

You’ve talked about finding a third person for your relationship, but can the magic come true? Read on for signs that your friend wants to be your unicorn sex buddy.

Signs Your Friend Wants to Be Your Unicorn

The so-called unicorn is a person who wants to be a sexual third party to a couple. They’re called unicorns because they are awesome– and rare.

You and your partner may have talked about having a polyamorous relationship or a one-time threesome. If you have decided this is something you want, you’ll need to find that unicorn. The good news is they may be closer than you think.

Read on for signs that your friend may want to be your unicorn, and how to navigate those murky waters. [Read: Unicorn dating – How to find your naughty unicorn and set up all the right rules]

The most compelling signs your friend wants to be your sexy unicorn buddy

When it comes to anything involving sex you should never assume how someone else feels. No one can read minds, and clear communication is the key to healthy relationships– sexual or otherwise.

This goes double if you think your friend is giving you signs that they want to be your unicorn. It’s easy to get lost in the heat of the moment, but you want to ensure that your friendship and your relationship survives.

Therefore, don’t make any assumptions and don’t leave anything up to chance.

If the situation progresses, great! But the glory of the unicorn comes with requirements. Be sure to have clear conversations about boundaries with both your friend and your partner. This needs to happen before you have sex *and when everyone is sober*.

But first, you have to see if your friend is showing signs that they want to be your unicorn sex buddy. [Read: 21 must-know ways to ask someone to join you for a threesome]

Is your friend a unicorn?

There are no clear-cut signs that someone can be your unicorn, short of them just telling you. However, you can pick up hints that they may be interested in more than just friendship with you and your partner. 

1. They’ve low-key talked about having a threesome

This is a situation that involves using your intuition, because just talking about a threesome with your friend doesn’t mean they want to be your unicorn. Maybe they’re just talking about an experience they had and wanted to share it with you. [Read: 12 arousing sex fantasies to try in real life]

However, there is the possibility that your friend telling you about their threesomes is more than a casual chat. It might mean that they are trying to tell you something.

If you’re a person who is not great at picking up cues, be sure to tread lightly here. A casual mention of a past threesome is hardly an invitation for one. Only you can determine what your friend is really trying to tell you, if anything. [Read: 20 secrets to have a sexy threesome ]

2. They go into detail

Again, a passing mention of a past threesome is not a sure sign that your friend wants to be your unicorn. [Read: What causes sexual tension and what exactly does it feel like?]

However, if your friend brings up threesomes they’ve had repeatedly and they go the extra step and share details of what happened, you may want to pay attention.

This could be a sign that they are interested in recreating the experience with you and your partner. Especially if they are going out of their way to brag about what a great time it was. [Read: How to have the best sex of your life]

3. They are very interested in you and your partner’s sex lives

Is your friend really interested in your sex life? Do they ask you a lot of questions about your partner’s sexual prowess, or what you two have experienced in the past?

Maybe your friend out and out asked if you and your partner are polyamorous, or interested in a threesome?

If you find that the conversation with this particular friend keeps circling back to your sex lives and threesomes, you can safely take it as a sign that your partner wants to be your unicorn.

4. You two have had a spicy past

If you and your friend have done some experimenting together in the past, they may be a good candidate to be your unicorn. This goes double for any friend that you have already had a threesome with. [Read: How to know if someone is thinking of you sexually and desires you]

But remember– past performance is not a guarantee of future success. If you have had a sexual relationship with that friend in the past, don’t automatically assume they are interested in doing so again. Communication is key.

If you have already had a sexual relationship with this friend, keep an eye out for any other signs that they might want to be your unicorn again.

5. They boast about their sexual prowess

Does your friend bring up their sexual prowess a lot? Are they constantly bragging about their bedroom skills? Does your friend have no problem discussing the many sexual experiences they have taken part in? Do they bring them up often?

They could just be a very open person, or someone that loves to brag. The difference is how they communicate with you. When your friend mentions their sexual experiences to you they could just be boasting, or maybe they are advertising.

If they always seem to make themselves sound like they’re amazing at what they do, perhaps they are trying to entice you and your partner by advertising their excellent sex skills. If that is the case, it is a clear sign that they are interested in being your unicorn. [Read: 20 hushed signs your friend wants to have sex with you]

6. They straight up ask to be your unicorn

Everyone likes a straight shooter. If your friend straight up asks you and your partner to have a threesome, they have taken all the guesswork out of it for you. No signs needed, this friend wants to be your unicorn.

Don’t let the excitement go to your head. You still have to talk about boundaries and rules before you jump into bed. But the good news is that the hard part is done, your unicorn has been found! [Read: Platonic sex – will having sex with your friend ruin your friendship?] 

7. Your friend mentions being your unicorn to your partner

Maybe this person is friends with both you and your partner. If that’s the case, they may ask your partner how you two feel about having a threesome. If they ask you and your partner, they’re definitely interested in being your unicorn. 

The question is if you are interested. If you and your partner both agree that your friend is attractive and someone you both want to have sex with, then you have found your unicorn! 

If you aren’t interested in your friend that way, be sure to let them down gently. After all, you still want to be friends with them either way.

8. They’re very touchy

Some people are naturally affectionate, but lots of touchy behavior can be an indicator of sexual attraction.

If you notice that your friend is extremely touchy and flirtatious with you, especially when your partner is around, it might be a sign that your friend wants to be your unicorn.

A friend behaving especially touchy and flirty may be them trying to get a reaction from you and your partner. Consider it a sign that they are trying to feel out if you would be interested in a little threesome fun. [Read: 23 signs someone is thinking of you sexually and desires you]

9. Things get a little frisky when alcohol is involved

A drunken mind speaks sober thoughts. When you two are drinking with your friend, you notice they become more sexual and daring. Maybe they’ll try to kiss you or do some sort of foreplay with you and your partner, which is obviously a clear sign that your friend wants to be your unicorn.

Unfortunately, a drunken mind can also be impulsive and make stupid choices. While a boozy threesome may seem like a good idea at the time, it can lead to hurt feelings and regret down the road. 

To make sure everyone gets the best experience possible, be sure to discuss boundaries and what you want with both your partner and your friend. This needs to be done before you are drunk and naked, not after. [Read: 10 very wild and sexual drinking games for couples or friends looking to have fun]

10. They’ve expressed their attraction to you and your partner

Your friend has told you they think you’re sexy and that your partner is hot. They’ve even told you that you arouse them and that you are “their type.”

Well, if this is happening, then it looks like they’re interested in a sexual experience with you both, a clear sign that your friend wants to be your unicorn.

But make sure that they have expressed these feelings for both of you, not just one of you. If you make the assumption that your friend wants a threesome when they really just want to sleep with you *or your partner* it could lead to some really awkward situations. [Read: 15 gut-wrenching signs your boyfriend is more interested in your friend than you]

11. They seem to genuinely enjoy your company

When looking for signs that your friend might want to be your unicorn, don’t forget to factor in if they actually like you and your partner.

No one likes to be used. You have to be sure that everyone wants the same thing from the relationship before diving in.

Does this friend enjoy you and your partner’s company? Do you think you could have a good time together outside of the bedroom? Does your partner like them as much as you do?

Even if you are just looking for one-night threesome fun, compatibility is important. If you and your partner aren’t interested in spending time with this friend, you probably won’t have great sex with them, which kind of defeats the whole purpose.

12. They don’t have any glaring boundary issues

This one is very important and often overlooked. Sex is wonderful, but it can also make people crazy. Before engaging in a threesome with your friend, you should probably vet them for red flags.

How well do you really know this person? Do they seem to genuinely want to be your unicorn, or are they looking to poach your partner? Do they have a bad reputation for nasty breakups? Does drama seem to follow them everywhere they go? [Read: When and how to end a friendship if they’re toxic and holding you back]

Don’t be blinded by the unicorn–a threesome can do a lot of damage if it is done with someone who doesn’t respect your boundaries. Remember to do your homework, even a unicorn is not worth wheeling a dumpster fire into your happy home. 

13. They made a move on the two of you

If at any time, your friend makes a physical move on you and your partner, it’s time to stop, sit down, and talk. If they made a move, it’s clear they would like something to happen and the feeling might be mutual. But before anything can happen, the channels of communication need to be crystal clear. 

Sex is an emotional experience, and having your friend be your sexual unicorn is a bit like running a nuclear reactor. It is amazing when it functions correctly, and a catastrophic nightmare when it doesn’t. 

If you do not establish boundaries and discuss the rules of the relationship ahead of time the whole situation could blow up. You could quickly find yourself without a partner or a friend. That’s why it is so important to make sure it is something you both want as individuals and for the relationship.

[Read: Unicorn hunting? Here’s how to find that mythical third partner in no time]

If you see the signs your friend wants to be your unicorn, then the best way to really get to the truth is to ask them. Why waste your time guessing?

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