Sensual Tease

How to Have a Threesome: 57 Tips, Signs, Rules & the Best Positions

Are you thinking about having a threesome? They can be fun, but you need to consider a lot of things in order to make it a good experience for everyone.

Middle of the Night Sex: How to Enjoy It, Tips & Tricks & When to Avoid It

Some people like middle of the night sex and others don’t. Here are some things to consider to figure out whether or not it’s a good thing for you. 

feet fetish

Feet Fetish: What It Is, 42 Signs, Causes & Ways to Explore Sexualizing Feet

Are you attracted to people’s feet? You might have a foot fetish. Here’s everything you need to know about your sex life and your feet worship fetish.

road head

Road Head Confessions: A Girl’s Guide to Giving a Blowjob on the Road

If you have never given road head to a guy, there is more to it than you can think of. Read this road head confession to learn all about it – good and bad.

threesome story

First Time Threesome: My Sexy Accidental Threesome While On Holiday

Would you ever have a threesome? This real life confession about a sexy accidental threesome story on a vacation could help you be a better judge.

how to masturbate solo orgasm self-pleasure

How to Masturbate: 23 Self-Pleasure & Solo Orgasm Secrets for Girls

If you want to learn how to masturbate, the good news is that there really isn’t a right or wrong way! Self-pleasure is personal, but a few tips never hurt.

sex addict addiction

Sex Addict: 30 Subtle Signs You’re Turning Into One & What to Do About It

Sex addiction is a serious issue and can cause major problems in your relationships. Learn to identify whether you’re a sex addict and how to get help.

guys moaning during sex

Guys Don’t Moan During Sex: 22 Whys, Types & Ways to Make Him Moan

Male moaning isn’t something we talk about as much as the female version. But, it happens! Learn why your guy doesn’t moan and how to change it.

how to increase semen volume

Cum Like a Porn Star: How to Increase Semen Volume & Shoot a Big Load

You want to know how to increase semen volume, and the good news is that it’s not as difficult as you think. Here are some changes and nutrients to help.

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How to Have a Wet Dream: 15 Ways to Hot Sex Dreams & Sleep Orgasms

If you’re not someone who has regular sex dreams or you’ve never had one, you might be wondering how to have a wet dream. The good news? It’s possible!

Saggy Balls

Saggy Balls: A Full Guide & What Women Think of Low-Hanging Testicles

It’s normal to wonder whether parts of your body are normal or not. Are saggy testicles normal? And, what do people think of low hanging balls?

pull out game

Pull Out Game: Why Guys Gloat About It & 15 Reasons Not to Trust It

He might tell you his pull out game is champion, but should you trust it? Here’s why pulling out is never something you should rely on.