Flirting Flings

Being Single Vs. In a Relationship: 18 Pros, Cons & Things You MUST Know

How to choose between being single vs in a relationship? Is the grass really greener on the other side? Here’s what to consider.

The Best Ways to Get a Narcissist to Chase You & Why It’s a Bad Idea!

Trying to get a narcissist to chase you is wishing for pain. Here’s why it’s far better to avoid narcissists altogether.

not interested in dating

Not Interested in Dating? The Reasons & Why This is Becoming the New Normal

If you are not interested in dating, that’s fine. You should do what feels right for you – and only you. Don’t let other people pressure you into doing it.

texting in the early stages of dating

Texting in the Early Stages of Dating: 24 Rules & Habits You MUST Follow

When you first meet someone, texting in the early stages of dating isn’t easy. So, if you want to do it right, here are 20 texting rules to follow.

fractionation seduction

Fractionation Seduction: What It Is & How Guys Use Emotions to Seduce

The art of seducing women isn’t always easy. But if you haven’t heard of fractionation seduction, you should read about it. Here’s how it works.

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72 First Date Questions, Conversation Starters & Things You Must Never Ask

First dates are full of nerves and awkward silences. Best way to fill them? By using some interesting first date questions. You’ll be chatting in no time!

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28 Kissing Tips & Secret Techniques to Make You a Much Better Kisser

Everyone thinks they know the best kissing techniques, but how does your partner rate your smooch? Master these kissing tips and blow your partner’s mind!

first kiss tips

First Kiss Tips: 29 Secrets to Make the First Smooch Sexy & Irresistible

The first kiss is important. It can make or break the success of your first date and decide whether you progress to a second or not.

am i in love

Am I in Love? 30 Signs to Read the Fuzzy Flutters After Infatuation

Being in love isn’t just butterflies in your stomach, but there’s more than meets the eye. So if you keep wondering, am I in love, here are signs to know.

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31 Very Cute, Flirty, Sexy Ways to Surprise Your Boyfriend & Make His Day

We all love to feel special and cared for, and nothing beats a good surprise! Here are the best cute, flirty, and sexy ways to surprise your boyfriend!

how to care less in a relationship

17 Whys & Ways to Care Less in a Relationship When You’re Being Used

Some people are just more naturally caring than others. So, if you feel like that person, then you need to learn how to care less in a relationship.

How to Ask Someone to Hang Out Over Text

27 Cool Ways to Ask Someone to Hang Out Over Text & Not Sound Needy

You like a person, but you still need to know how to ask someone to hang out over text. Here are some ways to do it that will get you a “yes.”