What Men Think About Other Than Their Woman

Do you want to know what men think about? You may think you know your man really well but there a few man thoughts he would never ever share with you. By Ray Kenzo

what men think about

If you could read what men think about, that would be a gift worth having, don’t you think?

It may seem like fun to begin with.

But once you do read the thoughts floating in your man’s mind, you’d probably be startled.

Men don’t think like women, and even a truly committed guy has several thoughts that can give enough reasons to his girlfriend to dump him.

But that’s just the way his mind works, and he can’t think otherwise even if he tried.

So what do men really think?

What men think about

How many times have you seen your man just looking at you with that strange look on his face, or just sit by himself gazing at nothing in particular?

Do you catch him staring into space and smiling now and then?

He may just grin, even kiss you, smile, and say “nothing, sweetheart, nothing at all…”

Actually, it is nothing, nothing that you should know about anyways.

What’s the point in him explaining his thoughts to you, especially when you’d only get the wrong impression or jump to conclusions?

If you do want to know what men think, almost always, there are just a few things running around in his mind.

Most of the times, there’s women, women and more women in his mind, especially when he’s just relaxing by himself. Of course, he’d think about you too!

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Now really, this isn’t a bad sign, it’s just that men have been designed, modified and let’s say, ‘evolutionized’ to become what they are today. There’s nothing to worry about, because he still loves you, and he still thinks of making love to you all the time, with a few exceptions now and then.

He would still remember the anniversaries, the special things both of you did together, and everything nice. What happens in his head is his mess, right? Just as long as it doesn’t come in between the both of you, things are just perfect.

The different thoughts on a man’s mind

The next time you watch your sweet bloke sitting by himself, you can rest assured that he would be thinking of something. He may be planning your next birthday party. He may be contemplating over a few strategic decisions or deciding a plan of action to move on to the next level. On his PlayStation game, of course.

He may also be thinking about that woman he saw at the coffee shop, the same one who kept sneaking looks at him every now and then, and the way he was able to sneak back looks without catching your attention. Or he may just be relaxing after a hard day’s work.

There are so many things, so let’s get into the details here to understand what men think better.

Men think about their girlfriends

Now let’s talk about you. He does think about you quite often, and at times, maybe a lot. He does love you and he wants you to be happy, so he thinks about how he can please you again. He looks at you and feels warm and sappy.

He knows he loves you more than he loves anyone else in the whole world, and he thinks about the early days, the later days and the present days of your romance. Fondly, of course, unless you’ve tried gunning him down at one point of time, either in the early or the later days.

He thinks about getting married someday, you may even be his bride in that dream, and he thinks of having a couple of sweet kids. There may be a possibility of this being a happy thought. And whatever other thought comes in his mind, this one thought about you drives them all away, and he feels happiest thinking about you and the last date when he had a great time with you. It’s when he gets thoughts like these that he walks up to you unexpectedly and gives you a warm hug and kisses you passionately. You like it when he gets these thoughts, and he likes it too.

Your man thinks about women too

This is probably the most exhaustive collection in a man’s mind. At times, he may even need to spend a while in the bathroom to take a few thoughts off, before his head gets too big! The fact is, men like women, and if a woman is beautiful, they would absolutely adore her and really like her, a lot.

Now, thoughts about women are the only thoughts in a man’s head that needs extensive diversifying. He splits the thoughts about women into the women he never wants to see again, the ugly women, the woman who stared back at him, the woman whose cleavage is oh-so-good, the smutty woman, the flirty woman, his crush, and tons of other women which goes into explicit detailing. All men think of women, whether they want to or not. It’s just inevitable. [Read: Is he cheating on you already?]

Men think about their crush list

Yep, your man does have a crush list too. Now, there’s no need to push the panic button here. He may have a crush on many other girls, but that doesn’t mean he’s going to try hooking up with them.

My lady, he loves YOU, did you forget that? He just appreciates these women because they are beautiful, sweet and exciting.

And maybe he knows he’s never going to have a chance to hook up with them. He thinks about these women now and then, and these are happy thoughts. He’s not obsessed with these thoughts, he may even speak about these nice women to you, of course, he might just forget to mention the ‘crush’ part of it, but, sweetheart, seriously, there’s nothing to worry about. [Read: What men like in women more than anything else]

Everybody appreciates somebody, so what if he appreciates another girl. It’s no big deal, so get over it. Or hey, deal with it!

A man’s thoughts on the street

“Omigawd, she is so hot I could eat her!” “Man, are those boobs or what?” “Gosh, I wish I could lay my hands on that!” “Thank youuu God!”

Sounds familiar? Nope, you would never have heard that before. Tap into your man’s head and you’d hear these comments every two minutes or less when he’s walking on a crowded street. A man can’t help appreciating women and he definitely can’t stop rating them and complimenting them, even if it’s only in his own little head. He even thinks about these women long after they’re out of his sight and at times, these women come back in his mind when he’s sitting by himself, lost in emptiness.

Men dream of stealing glances

This is the top of the line for men. Men go weak in their knees when they are able to get this going, even if you’re around. Men like women, a lot, and if they find one fanciable woman who reciprocates when they look at them, they feel like they’re on top of the world. Their pussy cat ego growls into a tiger. They can’t stop grinning about it, and they can’t wait to catch the pretty maiden’s eyes again.

This can look pretty sad and annoying at times, because the guy may just push himself overboard with the eye contact. Nevertheless, even if it’s just a one off look or a penetrating stare from both sides, a man would remember that one moment of glory for days to come. [Read: Men who stare at women]

During those days, a man thinks about this over and over again, and mostly, this is the only thought that runs in his mind. And he wishes for another opportunity to see her again. Not to go out with her, but to get another turbo boost of adrenalin and ego.

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Now that you know a small part of what men think, it may surprise you or humor you, but no matter what you think or say, there’s nothing that can stop a man’s mind from drifting along these thoughts. Click here to read about how to understand a man and his mind and a few other secret thoughts.

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