What Makes a Man Fall in Love? 15 Things You Might Not Expect

It can be hard to know for sure what men fall for. But there are some things that stand out in particular. Here’s what makes a man fall in love.

what makes a man fall in love

Even though every man is different, there are specific qualities the large majority tends to like in their women. It may seem impossible to figure out what makes a man fall in love, but it can actually be very, very simple.

But we do have to take the actual person into account when determining what makes a man fall in love. Obviously, men will value different traits based on their own morals and values. Meaning, if a guy isn’t a good person, he probably won’t appreciate these qualities to the same extent as great guys.

Why it’s good to know what makes a man fall in love

You may be wondering why the hell you even want to know what guys like. You’re probably thinking, “Who cares?” Truthfully, you have a point. You can’t overthink what a guy might love about you because then you won’t fully be yourself.

On the other hand, it’s always great to know what guys are looking for specifically. That way, you’ll be able to show those true qualities of yours without feeling the need to hide anything. [Read: 10 ways to make a man fall in love with you]

The unexpected things that make a man fall in love

You may have already realized a few of these things but you’ll also see that there are some things that make a man fall in love that you might not even think about. If you want to know what makes a man fall in love deeply, these are definitely among the top reasons he’d fall for you.

#1 Intelligence. Anyone who says men don’t value intelligence is just plain wrong. Being smart is the sexiest thing about anyone and guys value that. They know it and if you show them your intelligence, they will only fall harder for you.

Some women think they’ll seem intimidating if they show their true intelligence. But this mindset is harmful both to you and your future partner. It’ll hold you back and you’ll never find someone who can appreciate that about you. Not to mention that only insecure men don’t like intelligence. [Read: How to become an intellectual who can outsmart anyone]

#2 Kindness. Never ever underestimate the value of kindness. Men eat this shit up. But it really has to be genuine. Practicing kindness and being a good person will not go unnoticed by the men around you.

#3 A nurturing nature. The simple truth is that men always look to someone who is motherly. Even if you don’t ever plan to be a mom, having a nurturing and caring nature when it comes to taking care of your man is definitely what makes a man fall in love.

#4 A sense of humor. Preferably of the dirty variety. If you can make a guy laugh and take a joke with ease, he’ll definitely fall for you. It’s less about being dirty and loose in the bedroom and more about knowing how to make those types of jokes. Since men typically have a naughty sense of humor, it makes them fall hard when they snag a woman who does, too. [Read: 12 types of humor and how it affects relationships]

#5 An easy-going nature. Guys don’t like drama and they especially don’t like when a girl is involved with drama all the time. For that reason, guys tend to fall for women who are a little more laid back. Obviously, they don’t want you to be a pushover. They just like someone who is understanding and can go with the flow.

#6 The ability to get along with his friends. One thing that makes a man fall in love like crazy is when you get along well with his friends. For some reason, a man’s friends are precious to him. If you can fit right in, he’ll melt. [Read: How to get your BF’s friends to accept you as one of their own]

#7 Someone who bonds with his mom. Typically, men hold their mother up on a pedestal. She’s the woman who raised him and taught him how to be a man. If you can bond with her and become close, he will fall for you easily.

#8 Allowing him to be himself. There are far too many women who just want to change their boyfriend. They want to mold their men into the person they want instead of finding a man who is already what they want.

And men can’t be perfect. They can’t check off all the things on your list of a perfect guy. So when men meet a woman who accepts and likes them for who they really are, it makes them fall in love.

#9 Being up for anything. Having an attitude where you’re up for anything and will try everything is something men love. They’ll fall really hard for this type of person. And this is simply because men are adventurous. They want to know their partner will be down to try something new with them. [Read: 15 qualities men secretly crave in their women]

#10 Passion. This is a given, but so many women only associate passion with the bedroom. That’s not the only place men want to see it. They love women who are passionate about their family, their jobs, their interests, and their hobbies.

#11 Having your own life. This is just something every woman needs to remember. What makes a man fall in love is when their woman has her own life. She has her own friends and has something that’s separate from him. Men like this because it shows she can be happy with just her life.

#12 Vulnerability. If a girl is always holding a man at arm’s length, he’ll never be able to fall in love. What makes a man fall in love is when a woman gets vulnerable with him. Spilling your secrets and opening up to him will definitely help him fall in love with you. [Read: 12 reasons to open up and be vulnerable]

#13 Seeking advice from him. One thing a man really likes from their woman is when she asks for his advice. Men like to feel as though they’re being useful. They want to feel helpful. And that means they’ll fall in love faster when their woman is asking for their opinions and advice.

#14 Appreciative actions. This is something that often goes overlooked and needs to be brought to light. Men – and women – love appreciate actions. When you show how much you appreciate someone, your relationships grows stronger, which means a man will fall in love. [Read: 25 ways to make your guy feel appreciate and cared for]

#15 Being a genuinely good person. This is something that will make anyone fall in love. Being a genuinely good person is one of the most attractive qualities there is. It’s definitely what makes a man fall in love with a woman. And it’s also something that everyone should strive for. Be a good person and you’ll attract anyone.

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All men are completely different and while you may not be able to form an exact recipe for what makes a man fall in love, you can get pretty damn close with these reasons men fall in love.

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