What is a Fuckboy? 18 Signs to Recognize Him & Get Away in Time

You might have heard of a fuckboy or fuccboi but could you recognize one? Learn what is a fuckboy, the signs and why you need to get away from him!

Fuckboy - What is a Fuccboi

The chances of you going through life and never even slightly encountering a guy who could be described as a fuckboy or fuccboi are pretty slim. They’re far more common than you might think! It could even be that you’re entangled with one now and you’re not exactly sure what’s going on. The key? Learn what is a fuckboy and then figure out how to quickly extract yourself from his charms!

Listen, maybe if you’re really lucky, you won’t encounter this type of dating creature. But in all honesty, no matter how great of a girl you are, there will be one guy that tries to treat you like shit. This is because they’re a fuccboi.

They’re also a long list of other swear words, but basically, everything can be wrapped up under that one word quite nicely.

Usually, you don’t realize the guy is a fuckboy until after he made you go mentally insane and left you heartbroken with a bunch of unanswered questions.

But don’t let him win. Nuh-uh, come on, we know it’s hard, but when you see the signs, cut it so you keep your heart intact.

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What is a fuckboy – Everything you need to know

When you’ve encountered a few fuckboys in your life, you’ll start to become convinced that they’re the only type of guy that exists. The good news is that isn’t true. There are good guys out there.

You just seem to go after the wrong ones. So, if you’ve heard the word “fuccboi” but don’t really know what it means or how to know if the guy you like is one, well, good thing you came here.

It’s time to get down to serious business. We want to make sure you end up with a good guy, not someone who doesn’t appreciate you. So, pay attention because you need to know what the red flags are when it comes to a fuckboy. Save yourself by knowing the signs!

Of course, before we even start looking at the signs, you need to know what is a fuckboy.

A fuckboy or fuccboi is a guy who is strictly into sexual relationships. Now, that part isn’t a bad thing. However, the difference between a guy who wants casual sex and a fuckboy is that this particular specimen doesn’t tell you what they want. Instead, they lead you on, making you think that you’ll be able to have something more with them just so they can continue having sex with you.

They have no intention of being with you or committing to you, even though they want you to commit to them. They want all the goodies without being honest with you from the beginning. [Read: 15 signs he just wants sex and is only using you for his personal pleasure]

How to tell he’s a fuckboy who wants to play with you

Not sure if the guy you’re “seeing” is only out for sex? Well, if you notice a couple of these signs in his behavior, there’s a solid chance he is one.

1. He’s not interested in deep conversation

He doesn’t want to know how your day was or if you passed your exam. What he cares about is if you’re still going to hang out with him tonight at his place.

If a guy really likes you, he talks to you about everything. The subject isn’t important, what’s important is that he speaks to you. If your conversations are shallow and mostly revolve around sex, he’s a fuckboy. [Read: The biggest booty call moves that may be disguised as true love]

2. He doesn’t make plans to see you

He doesn’t ask you to hang out with him. If he does, he conveniently asks you late at night and always at either your place or his.

If he really liked you, he would be making sure you see each other as soon as possible and not to have sex. He should want to spend quality time with you, not just bang.

3. He’s always texting other people when you’re around him

Yes, you may not think it’s a big deal, but why is he texting other people around you if he’s with the girl he likes? Could it be that he’s trying to hook up with other girls? That would be a yes. Don’t argue with us and make up an excuse.

If he likes you, he wouldn’t care who’s texting him, he won’t be ignoring you and focusing on someone else’s texts. If you want to know what is a fuckboy, this is it. [Read: What is cheating in a relationship? The truth most people ignore]

4. You haven’t been on an actual date with him

Sure, you grabbed pizza with him after the club or watched Netflix together, but that’s not a date. In fact, now that you think about it, you’ve never actually been on a date with him. He has never taken you for dinner or to the movies. Nothing. That’s a huge red flag. [Read: 13 dating rules for the woman tired of terrible dates and games]

5. He isn’t into labels

Oh, this one is a classic. Yeah, he can’t stand labels. If you have been seeing each other for some time, and it’s that weird period where you want to know what’s happening between you, he suddenly says he’s not into labels and likes it how it is.

Of course, he likes it the way it is, he doesn’t want to commit to you. Red flag! [Read: When should you define the relationship? 20 signs it might be right now!]

6. All his exes are crazy

All of them are nuts. Every single one. He never says anything nice about the girls he dated in the past. This is because he’s a fuccboi who doesn’t take any responsibility for his actions. Thus, he blames it on everyone else.

She dumped him because she’s crazy, not because he cheated on her. A fuckboy has a very special talent for twisting everything in his favor. [Read: 34 big relationship red flags almost all people ignore early on]

7. His friends are just like him

Who you hang out with is who you are. It’s true. So, it’s best to see what his friends are like.

If they’re all non-committal and sleeping with ten different women, the odds are he’s not much different. His friends are probably all fuckboys as well. Check it out by meeting them or at least creeping their social media.

8. A fuckboy hits on other women in front of you

This is because you two are not actually together. You get that—right? If he thought you were his girlfriend, he wouldn’t do that. If he was serious about you and respected you, he wouldn’t do that. He just wouldn’t do that!

If he does that though, it’s a clear sign he doesn’t care about you. [Read: 17 signs of disrespect in a relationship that reveal a lack of love]

9. He’s all about the nudes

All he wants are nude photos of you. Yeah, he follows you on Instagram and Facebook, but it’s not enough.

Instead, he wants those naughty photos of you all the time. But if he was really into you, he wouldn’t be asking you for them constantly. [Read: Warning! How to be careful when sending dirty snapchats]

10. He thinks he owns you

He doesn’t like it when you go out or talk to other guys. Also, he thinks he’s entitled to sleep with you whenever he wants.

Yet, when it comes to committing, he’s nowhere to be seen. He doesn’t own you. If he thinks he does, he’s a fuccboi.

11. A fuckboy never says “sorry”

Why would he say sorry for anything when he doesn’t care? Everything you say to him comes off as an attack, and he’s quick to defend himself. But you’re not asking him to defend himself, you just want to talk.

Why would he feel the need to defend himself if he isn’t doing anything wrong? This is classic fuccboi behavior.

12. He loves to talk about himself

It’s all about him. Him, him, him. He doesn’t ask you anything about yourself because he doesn’t care. It’s always about what he’s doing, how he feels, if he’s hungry or bored.

It’s never about you, your dreams, your passions, your wants—nothing. It’s totally one-sided and when you’re honest with yourself, you can see it. [Read: Selfish people – 20 ways to spot and stop them from emptying you]

13. He’s always testing you

He’s doing small things to test you and your loyalty to him. Though, you don’t test him, because why would you? You like him. He always makes sure he’s holding the power, ensuring you’re not going to screw him over.

But, a real relationship has equal power, in fact, it’s not even about power. In this type of situation, you’re experiencing true fuckboy behavior. [Read: 17 answers to why a guy is ignoring you]

14. There’s no evidence of you together

That’s only because he doesn’t want any evidence of you in his life. We know it sounds harsh, but it’s true.

Why would he keep you a secret? Because he has other women. He doesn’t want them to know about you and vice versa. If he likes you, he would have no problem displaying photos of you together on social media.

15. He rarely calls you by your actual name

No, we’re not talking about the unique, cute pet name he occasionally calls you. If he rarely says your actual name, or probably never, then there’s a good reason for that.

He’s worried that he’s going to get your name mixed up with another woman he’s hooking up with and doesn’t want to be caught out. So he uses a generic pet name like “babe” so he never utters the wrong name accidentally. Go on, ask him what your name is and watch him squirm for a second! [Read: What your pet name says about your relationship]

16. You hear rumors about his behavior

Have you heard the odd thing about him but just put it down to jealousy? It’s probably time to re-assess that thought and wonder whether there’s some truth in it.

It’s quite likely that more than one other person has been treated badly by this guy and the utterings you’re hearing are from experience. 

17. Your text sessions often turn into sext sessions

We mentioned before that he’s not really interested in having an actual conversation with you. He doesn’t care to find out about how your day went or how you really are. Instead, he wants to turn every conversation around to sex – texts included.

So, if you notice that every innocent text you send ends up in heavy sexting, you should probably question whether you’re dealing with a fuckboy. [Read: How to sext – 16 flirty tips to learn to text sexy, dirty, & naughty]

18. A fuckboy is keen to tell you what a great lover he is

A fuckboy doesn’t have a problem with sexual confidence. How could he when he’s getting it far more often than the average?

If you’re with a guy who’s extremely confident between the sheets and has no problem bragging about how great he is in that department, you should question why. 

How to deal with a fuckboy

So, what should you do if you find that you have somehow found yourself attached to a fuccboi? Basically, realize what he’s up to and get away. There’s no chance of a deep and meaningful relationship here. He’s not going to change until he wakes up one day and realizes that all the good ones got away from him. 

If you think that you can be the one to change him, you’re wasting your time.

Instead, focus on building your relationship with yourself, and then, when the time is right, a decent guy will come your way. When that happens, you can build a relationship with him and not have to worry about him only wanting one thing. 

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Now that you know what a fuccboi/fuckboy is, it’s time you memorized these signs. Make sure to stay far away from them. ‘Cause they ain’t nothing but heartbreakers!

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