What Does It Mean When a Guy Calls You Cute? These 25 Things!

When a guy calls you cute, it’s possible to have questions running through your mind. Keep reading to find out what does it mean when a guy calls you cute.

what does it mean when a guy calls you cute

If you like a guy, and he describes you as “cute,” is that really something you should be flattered about? What does it mean when a guy calls you cute?

Being called cute is normally reserved for people and things that are adorable, so is he referring to your physical features? Or, does he maybe find your personality cute?

As a woman, you want to hear words that describe you like hot, gorgeous, delicious. Being called cute? It just doesn’t fall in the desirable category. Cute is what you’d describe a cute puppy video or maybe a friend, but maybe not someone you’re attracted to. Right?

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What does it mean when a guy calls you cute?

Cute is something more than just the way that you look. Cute is an adjective that is more about the total package than simply how pretty you are. Every guy thinks they want a gorgeous woman wrapped around their arm, but what they don’t understand is that cute girls are the most attractive women on earth!

There’s just something unique when a guy calls you cute, and he’s not just referring to your physical looks. If you’re asking what does it mean when a guy calls you cute, it’s often a compliment. He’s trying to say he appreciates your personality more than anything else. *which you should be blushing at if you like him!*

Another possible reason he called you cute is that he finds you really attractive, but generally wants to tone it down because he doesn’t want to sound overly sexual or perverted!

Maybe he’s shy or doesn’t want to seem too direct about his compliment, so using cute is a very subtle way of doing that.

It’s highly possible he doesn’t want to come off too strong and offend you, so instead of using words like hot or sexy, he uses cute instead.

Lastly, maybe you look good but he’s at a loss for words, so he opted for cute instead! The bottom line is, being called cute really isn’t a bad thing! [Read: 25 things guys say when they like you – Lines that really mean a lot more]

What’s the difference between being called cute vs gorgeous?

Between both of these, cute is a much better compliment as it can refer to both your personality and physical appearance. On the other hand, if you’re called gorgeous, they’re only referring to the way you look.

Being called cute is a much better compliment as they’re also acknowledging the beauty of your personality as well as your outer beauty. The reason why cute isn’t often used as a compliment is that people often focus on your physical appearance.

After all, it’s the first thing you often see when you meet someone. However, when someone interacts with you and finds you cute, they’re complimenting you as a whole.

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25 advantages that cute has over gorgeous

Cute girls rule! They are not only pretty, but kind and smart too. When a guy is looking for a girl to be in a relationship with, the cute girls are the ones who last. In this feature, we’ll be discussing 25 things on what does it mean when a guy calls you cute.

1. You don’t always have to be perfect

By definition, cute things are not perfect. It is in their imperfection where the “cuteness” is found. If you’re wondering what does it mean when a guy calls you cute, it’s your imperfection they find adorable.

This means they find your imperfections endearing! [Read: 13 charming ways to be more approachable to guys]

2. You know you’re fun to be around

Cute girls are the ones always having fun. They’re not stiff or boring to be around. They’re the opposite of wallflowers or posers, but they’re the life of the party.

This is why when you’re asking what does it mean when a guy calls you cute, it’s genuinely a compliment than anything else!

3. You have a cheerful attitude

There’s nothing cute or admirable about someone who’s bitchy and stiff. If someone says you’re cute, it means you have a cheery attitude, not a stuck-up one. Your optimism and positivity are your most defining traits so being called cute is really a matter of noticing those traits.

It just means he really admires your cheerful outlook on the world. [Read: 10 sure signs you’re a bitch and don’t even know it]

4. Your personality is likely chill

Cute girls are not high-strung, and they don’t get upset about every little thing. You go with the flow of the world and you don’t find the need to control everything and everyone around you.

Even if something goes against your wishes, you accept it with grace. That’s honestly a cute personality! Your attitude is just right, and every guy wants to be around you.

5. You’re not high maintenance

When you’re high-maintenance, guys tend to get exhausted eventually because let’s admit it, who wants a high-maintenance woman?

If you’re wondering what does it mean when a guy calls you cute, he means you know how just to roll with it, don’t take things too seriously, and can just go with the flow. [Read: 30 signs of a low maintenance girl that separates her from a snooty diva]

6. You can go from makeup-free to heels and be a totally different person

If a guy calls you cute, he has probably only seen the casual side of you. This is your window of opportunity to show you’re also full of surprises and can rock both a casual and hot look!

This means you can go from a t-shirt and sweatpants look to a full make-up, bodycon dress, and heels kind of look. Now, how cute is that?

Cute girls have a wide range of personality styles and looks and are way more textured than someone who is just there to look at. [Read: 15 signs you’re a high maintenance woman]

7. You have a wonderful smile

Do you know what isn’t cute? A girl who never smiles or knows how to have fun. A smile is a cute girl’s best feature so if you’re asking what does it mean when a guy calls you cute, he’s referring to your smile! This is a much better compliment than being called gorgeous.

8. You get along with people

Girls who can’t get along with other people, especially other girls, are anything but cute. There’s nothing admirable about not knowing how to socialize or interact with others.

Typically, a girl who’s labeled as cute can get along with anyone because they aren’t jealous, trying to prove anything, or putting others down to feel good about themselves.

Even with a guy you like, you know how to be likable and to connect with his group of friends. That’s really cute!

9. You aren’t a Debby Downer

There is nothing cute about someone who’s never happy. This is why happy girls are perceived as more admirable than those who are always miserable or constantly feel sorry for themselves. Even in a bad situation, you don’t make those around you miserable just because you are.

Cuteness is choosing to be happy, regardless of your situation! This is why other people are drawn to you – because of that admirable personality of yours. [Read: How to be happy in life and live life to the fullest]

10. Cute can be hot, but hot girls are rarely cute

Cute does not negate that you are hot. You can be hot AND cute. However, when you’re called hot, that’s all you ever are. Hotness is focused on your body and physical appearance, while cuteness is everything you are.

So if someone is calling you cute, don’t assume he doesn’t also think that you’re hot.

11. You are the girl that mother-in-laws dream of

Cute girls get along with mother-in-laws. Why? They are respectful and roll with it. As a cute girl, you’re generally likable by mother-in-laws and even if they don’t like you, your charm is often enough to deal with that situation.

You see, cute girls don’t need to please everyone and that’s the beauty of who they are.

12. You’re more marriage material

Do you know the real reason why guys rarely use the word ‘cute’ as a compliment? Most likely, when he calls you cute, it means you’re marriage material! A cute girl is real and really someone you want to spend the rest of your life with.

She’s everything you could dream of and possibly more. Being cute isn’t just having an admirable face and body, but it’s having the whole package. [Read: Are you wifey material? 25 signs that prove it instantly]

13. You will age with grace

A cute girl is naturally pretty and doesn’t have to go to great lengths to make herself appear to be someone she’s not. If you’re wondering what does it mean when a guy calls you cute, he’s complimenting your natural beauty.

This means you don’t have to try too hard to look beautiful or gorgeous – because you already are! As the years progress, one of the common compliments a cute girl will get is how it’s like she hasn’t aged at all.

14. No one expects you to be someone you aren’t

Everyone loves the cute girl because of who she really is, not someone she is pretending to be. As a cute girl, you’re nothing less than authentic and real.

In a world trying to pretend to be someone else, this is a very attractive trait. Guys date the cute girl because they know there’s no hidden agenda with her.

15. You are independent

Being cute also means being sassy, independent, sarcastic, and witty. Basically, the entire package! You don’t need to be with someone 24/7, as you’re independent like that.

Even as you appreciate being with others, you’re also incredibly independent. Cute can have a bit of the spunk that you aren’t expecting, but love, to see. [Read: 25 things guys find sexy and attractive about a girl]

16. You have your own style and aren’t defined by trendy

Cute girls wear what they want and look good in what they wear. They’re not defined by whatever fashion trend is on the rise lately nor do they try their hardest to engage in that trend.

They have their own authentic style, and it’s one of the admirable things about cute girls. As a cute girl, this means you can completely rock a simple top and sweatpants without a problem!

17. You look as beautiful waking up as you do going to bed

A natural beauty, you wake up looking as beautiful as when you go to bed. You save a lot of shock from guys by not looking completely different when you got into bed with them versus waking up in the morning.

Again, cute girls are authentic and you shouldn’t expect otherwise! You are just you: beautiful, charming, and sweet. [Read: 20 sexy things that turn guys on every single time]

18. You don’t take yourself too seriously

Cute girls aren’t likely to set the world on fire nor are they likely to wage war. They live life the best way they can, which is to not take themselves too seriously.

They thrive in living in the moment instead of destroying themselves changing the world. Not that there’s anything wrong with standing up for a change, but balance is really everything!

19. You can be one of the guys and totally hang

A cute girl throws on a jersey and pretends to watch any game or be any team’s fan. Comfortable in jeans and a t-shirt, a cute girl can be one of the guys with no problem.

This is mainly what makes cute girls the best company to be around! They aren’t trying to impress anyone or seem awkward because they don’t fit in. [Read: Hotness decoder – How to know for sure if someone finds you attractive]

20. You aren’t worried about breaking a nail

Cute girls are in the mix. They aren’t concerned about skinny dipping because of ruining their makeup or not wanting to hike because they’ll perspire.

The last thing they’re worried about is ruining their physical appearance. It’s what makes them so substantial and meaningful!

21. You’ve got a sense of humor

Whether it’s sarcasm or one-liners, you always manage to make guys laugh. There’s never a boring moment when hanging out with you.

If you’re wondering what does it mean when a guy calls you cute, he’s complimenting your sense of humor! Compared to girls who try too hard to act proper, cute girls just don’t care! It’s also why they’re the life of the party most times. [Read: How to be funny around guys and make them crave your company]

22. You’re highly ambitious

The best thing about cute girls? They can balance living in the moment and going after their goals – at the same time. This is why cute girls are so unique and admirable.

When a guy calls you cute, he’s also complimenting your sense of ambition! [Read: How to be successful in life]

23. You don’t mind drinking with the boys

Believe it or not, some girls are very picky with who they drink with! As a cute girl, you aren’t like that at all.

Even if it’s drinking beer after beer with the guys, you really don’t mind! In fact, you find it really fun and amusing to spend your time drinking with them.

24. You’re enthusiastic and passionate

Cute girls are all about finding the perfect balance. While you’re very chill about things, you can also be highly passionate about the things you love. Whether it’s the people you love or your hobbies, your passion clearly shows.

When wondering what does it mean when a guy calls you cute, he’s complimenting your passion and enthusiasm for the things you love!

25. You’re spontaneous

We all know those girls who are so rigid and stiff that they need to have everything planned. Spontaneous moments? That’s their nightmare. With cute girls, this isn’t a problem!

In fact, spontaneity and adventure are in their nature and they highly enjoy unplanned trips to wherever life leads them. It’s how they get the most experiences out of life.

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So, what does it mean when a guy calls you cute?

If a guy calls you cute, take it as a compliment rather than being offended by it! It might be a rare compliment, but that’s what makes this so meaningful. When a guy calls you cute, he’s admiring the whole package of what makes you who you really are.

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If some guy recently called you cute, and you think that is just a hot downgrade, think again. Being cute isn’t like being called gorgeous where the focus is on how you look. Rather, being cute is being complimented for everything you are!

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