Just Being Me: 15 Unexpected Things Guys Like About Girls

If you’ve spent your life convinced guys only like the physical things about girls, you’re so wrong. Here are some unexpected things guys like about girls.

Things Guys Like About Girls

Contrary to popular belief, guys aren’t creatures only attracted to a girl’s physical appearance. They’re actually attracted to a lot more about a girl than simply the way she looks *although that is definitely intriguing to them*. These 15 traits are unexpected things guys like about girls.
Guys like all kinds of things about a girl. Now, this changes from guy to guy. But there are some things the majority of men find alluring you don’t even realize you’re doing.
Men fall in love with who you are
This is just how it is. Some guys like you initially because you’re attractive and like how you look. Eventually he gets used to your appearance and won’t stick around unless he likes a lot of other things about you.
It’s those little quirks and interesting tidbits of your life that makes him want to stay. You may not even realize just how much he likes the weirdest things about you. One thing you may not even realize you’re doing may just be what he likes best. [Read: 12 things guys love in a girl besides her appearance]
Unexpected things guys like about girls
With that being said, guys are kind of strange. Sure, they all like the typical stuff, but there are some strange and unexpected things you’d never expect a guy to like, let alone love, about you. Some guys even like the things you hate most about yourself. That tells you an awful lot about whether or not you’re made for each other.
If you’re curious as to what your man might like about you, these are some of the unexpected things to ask him about. Keep in mind, every guy is different. So, these are an idea of what the majority of guys like about girls.
#1 The excited noises you make. Whenever you get excited and squeal and make ridiculous noises that might make any onlooker raise their eyebrows in surprise, he likes it. He thinks your excitement is contagious and secretly adorable. [Read: What guys notice first about a girl? 1 of these 12 things]
#2 Your overreactions to things people say about you. Even though some guys may pretend to be uninterested in the gossip you have about whatever mean thing a coworker said about you, he probably secretly likes that you act up and get so defensive about it. It’s refreshing to see you get riled up.
#3 Your made up words. Everyone has them. You make up some weird words or nicknames to call him. He might roll his eyes at them at first, but he actually really likes them. They make you unique. He knows he’ll never hear those words from someone else.
#4 Making their friends laugh. This is a big one he REALLY loves that you might not even pay attention to. A guy’s friends mean a lot to him. Your ability to not only get along with them, but to also make them laugh will have him drooling over you. [Read: How to accept your BF’s friends and get them to accept you]
#5 When your hair is a complete mess. You might think he loves your hair all dolled up and fantastic looking after you’ve spent an hour perfecting it, but they honestly prefer you with your hair all messy and tied in a bun at the top of your head. To them, the real and raw you is so cute.
#6 Kissing him when you think he’s sleeping—and he’s not. Raise your hand if you do this, ladies. You look over and he looks to be sleeping so you just lean over and plant a soft kiss on his cheek or forehead before slipping off to sleep yourself. The kicker? He’s not really asleep, and he absolutely loves this. [Read: 25 things guys find really sexy and attractive about a girl]
#7 The silly faces you make doing makeup. I think we can all agree we know exactly what faces we’re talking about here. Your faces when you put on makeup get really intense and WEIRD. The great thing about this is that he totally loves them.
#8 When you stand up for your opinions. If you’re having a conversation with him or even one of his friends and you come across a topic that you get really stubborn on, that’s what guys like about girls. They love seeing you stand up for what you believe in. [Read: How to be a strong independent woman that men love]
#9 When they catch you looking at them lovingly when you’re out and about. When he looks across the room at an event and catches your eye because you’re already looking at him. He loves this because it shows just how much you’re invested in him even with all of those other people around.
#10 When you leave little secretive notes for him. If he’s leaving for the day and you slip a little note into his jacket pocket for him to find later, he really likes it. So long as no one else reads it and makes fun of him for it.
#11 Any little quirks that make you unique. If you have to have the towels adjusted a certain way or you need to have the books set up in a specific way on your coffee table, that’s what guys like about girls. They love your little quirks that make you unique and unlike anyone else.
#12 When you press your freezing toes against their warm skin. Admittedly, many guys act annoyed by this and might even throw a fake fuss about your freezing little toes, but they actually like being the person to warm you up. [Read: Mushy ways to show someone you love them without words]
#13 How you unconsciously play with your hair when you’re nervous/antsy. Even if it means he has hair all over his place, he loves watching you twist, pull, and play with your hair when you’re nervous, concentrated, or antsy. Guys like this about girls because it’s just a natural thing you do that they can’t relate to.
#14 The smell of your hair when you rest your head on his shoulder. This is assuming you wash your hair with great smelling stuff. My boyfriend always comments on how my hair smells. It always makes me smile because it’s something I know he loves even if it’s not a typical thing to like about a girl. [Read: How to attract men in a way they can’t resist]
#15 When you can’t open things and get frustrated. This isn’t only really cute for guys, but it’s also really funny. They like how it makes them feel like they serve a purpose to you because you’ll typically go to them to open something that’s pretty sticky. Plus, they love how you look when you get all frustrated.
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Guys are usually predictable people, but they still surprise us at times. These unexpected things guys like about girls tells you an awful lot about guys and the things they value in their girl.

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