10 Sweet Things You Should Tell Your Man More Often

Although actions tend to speak louder than words, there are some words you can use on your man to make him feel more loved and appreciated.

10 sweet things you should tell your man more often

It may sound rather odd, but men prefer to be respected rather than loved. This is not to say that they do not want to be loved, it simply means that they want to be treated with respect from their loving partners. Respect is how they know you love, admire, and appreciate them.

Love languages in psychology show that everyone has their own way of knowing they’re loved. Certain things make one person feel loved, although it may not be the same for another person of the same gender.

Some feel loved when they are pampered with gifts, while others crave a host of little seemingly inconsequential yet meaningful actions. But what studies do agree on is that while women need open, honest communication, men are more likely to crave respect.

So what phrases do men want to hear, exactly?

If you feel like you’re groping in the dark for the right words to say to your man, here are 10 things that are sure to put a smile on his face.

#1 “Thank you.” As simple as it may seem, this means you recognize when he’s done something for you. If he’s making you food, handing you your favorite blanket, taking you out on a date anywhere, or watching the movie he hates *but you love*, then guess what? He loves you, and he’s showing it by serving you and giving you what you want. So be nice, and say “thank you,” because that’s how he knows you recognize his effort.

#2 “I’m proud of you.” Everyone likes hearing this, but for men it’s a little different. When you say this phrase, it means he has met your expectations, or even surpassed them. It means he has accomplished something that could potentially be useful in providing for a family in some way, shape, or form.

It’s validation for all their hard work, and it means you respect, love, and admire them. Most importantly, it means you’re proud to be their partner.

#3 “I love you.” This one doesn’t require much explanation. Men also want to be loved. They like hearing it, just like everyone else in the world. However, try not to overuse this phrase as some sort of punctuation at the end of a message. Whenever you say it, look into his eyes and mean every word to really make him feel your love. [Read: 10 adorable ways to say “I love you” to your man]

#4 “I believe in you” or “You can do this.” Men want to hear that their partners are encouraging their endeavors. Men want to know that you have faith in their skill and ability to succeed. Men are often very goal-oriented, so the best way to show you care is by giving him the moral support that drives him forward.

#5 “I’ll let you take care of it.” This works only in certain situations. For instance, say this when you want to remodel your home, but you know that he’s much better at it than you are. This is not something to say when you’re being lazy and handing him the annoying to-do list. This is meant to be used as a sign that you know he excels at something specific, so you’ll put your faith in him to deliver.

#6 “I trust you.” Men work hard to make their partners happy. In fact, men want to go out of their way to do that. Why? Not only because they love us, but because their quest to win you over and make you happy is never over.

Even those who’ve been with the same partner for 50+ years do this. And trust is a big part of that. You need to trust that your partner will make the right choices, handle situations accordingly, solve major life problems, etc. When they feel trusted, they feel like they’ve achieved something they can spend their whole lives maintaining.

#7 “Thank God you’re here.” Used in a moment of crisis, this phrase implies there’s an issue and he’s the only hero that can handle it. It could be a computer virus, or even the back zipper of your dress *hardest thing to reach, ever*. He wants to be your knight in shining armor, so make him feel like one! [Read: 36 sweet and cute things to say to your boyfriend]

#8 “Why are you so good at this?” Sounds cheesy, but gosh, do they love it. When he’s playing a game and making the hardest mission look easy, when he’s fixing a car, when he’s working on his projects at work, or maybe even when you’re between the sheets, say this. Acknowledge his skills in things he enjoys and spends a lot of time on, and you’ll make him smile and act coy. Pretty adorable to watch. [Read: 50 sexy things you should say to your boyfriend]

#9 “Do you see yourself? Look how ___ you are.” Fill in the blank with anything related to his physical attributes. It could be a comment on how muscular he is or on how rugged he is or even on how hot he looks when he’s all dressed up. Just like women like to be checked out by their men, men also want to hear that they’re physically attractive to their partner.

#10 Any sound of their partner having a pleasurable moment because of them, whether it’s a laugh, an excited scream, or a moan. Okay, so it’s not a phrase, but it’s crucial! No words are even needed for this. Never hesitate to make him hear your sounds of approval. Men want to give you an array of emotions and make sure you’re happy. Showing them they’ve accomplished this gives them a sense of reward that can only be summed up as a huge turn-on.

Men are simpler than many women think. Men simply want to be respected, because that’s how they know they’re loved. More than the cute words and flirting, nothing captivates a man more than a partner who recognizes his effort. They are biologically programmed to take care of their partners, and they take pride in being able to do that. Showing you recognize these displays of affection in non-mushy ways is all he’s ever wanted. [Read: 25 compliments he’ll never ever forget]

A simple phrase acknowledging your love, respect and admiration for your man can be enough to brighten his day. Your words mean a lot more to him than you think, so use these phrases whenever you can!

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