10 Ways to Get Your Man in the Mood for Naughty Romance

While most men would go for sex at the drop of a hat, there are times when he needs a little more help in the romance department.

get him in the mood

There are days when you feel particularly frisky, while your partner feels a little distant. With these few simple tips, you are guaranteed to get him in the mood in no time. It’s just a matter of reading your partner well and being attuned to his needs. Your partner’s body is your playground, and it is your time to go exploring. Read him well, and the rewards will be great for the both of you.

While men respond well enough to an outright declaration of wanting sex, there is something fun in the art of being subtle that challenges you to spice up the relationship. After all, why go the easy route when you can prolong the teasing for both your pleasures?

Seduction plays a crucial role in every romance. It keeps the relationship new and exciting. With seduction, passions are kept alive, and desires are rekindled anew. This is the secret to a long-lasting, passionate relationship.

Subtle seduction techniques for women

They say subtlety is what women are great at, but sometimes, being too subtle can end up with your man not noticing your efforts. In this case, let us give you some tips on how to successfully pull off your subtle seduction moves.

#1 Play up on the scents. There is nothing quite like the scent of vanilla to put one in the mood. According to neurologist Alan Hirsch, vanilla is the scent that turns men on the most. Imagine this: vanilla-scented candles surrounding a specially prepared bubble bath, plus a bottle of fine wine. That should be more than enough to get your man in the mood for a romp between the sheets. Let your inner sex kitten come out to play, you know that she wants to take the lead! [Read: 16 signs you’re a sex kitten and loving it]

#2 Set up the mood music. They say that music delights the senses and soothes the heart and mind. Why not put your partner in the mood for sex with some seductive music? Rich tones are always guaranteed to arouse one’s senses. Heat up the room with some soothing mood music, and clothes are guaranteed to come off in just a matter of seconds. [Read: The absolute lovemaking playlist guide]

#3 Treat him to a kinky massage. When your partner is feeling particularly frazzled out, offer to give him a massage. Why not take the massage to a sexual level and strip down to your lingerie? Use calming scents like lavender oils to make your partner relax. Touch him, and make him feel your skin against his. He will surely get the message with the heat of your touches. Using a blindfold is optional, but is recommended for added sensuality.

#4 Tempt him, tease him. Nothing quite like the art of the tease. Kiss him passionately, give light nibbles to his earlobe. This is foreplay leading to THE foreplay, let the games begin!

#5 Talk dirty to me. Nothing puts a man quite in the mood for sex than a woman who knows how to talk dirty. Leave a dirty message for him on his voicemail, talk dirty to him on your next date night when you two are left alone, or whisper seductive words into his ear when you two are behind closed doors. Your partner will certainly get the hint, and it will let him know how much you want him. [Read: 20 naughty and sexy questions to ask your boyfriend]

#6 Play up your sexiest assets. Men are visual creatures by nature, and it will only take him a glance to realize that there’s something sexy going on with your outfit. Is your man seduced by your legs? Draw attention to them by wearing a flattering pair of shorts. Is your man more drawn to your cleavage? Wear a V-neck top on your next date. That will certainly get him in the mood and will make him want to take you into bed later. [Read: How to make a guy horny just by sitting next to him]

#7 Maintain eye contact. A sexy and confident woman knows how to maintain eye contact. Seduce him with your eyes when you two are maintaining a conversation. When he flirts with you, flirt back, and add in a sexy sweep of your lashes with each glance. A man finds a woman who can hold her own extremely attractive. Women who maintain great eye contact are proven to be more aggressive and confident, which are both top turn-ons for men. He will certainly turn into putty in your hands. [Read: The ultimate eye contact guide for women]

#8 Flirt with him. Men love it when their woman still flirts with them despite the duration of the relationship. Even if you think it’s corny, show your sweet side towards him. Flatter him when you can, and leave subtle touches when he doesn’t expect it. Your man will certainly yearn for your touches the whole night through.

#9 Watch an erotic film together. While there are couples who watch porn together, watching an erotic film with your partner can prove to feel a lot more intimate. It’s not overly aggressive in nature like porn, but it can certainly put you both in the mood. Think of porn as a loud announcement of sex, whereas an erotic film is a hushed whisper that you want to get naughty.

There are many erotic films that are guaranteed to arouse your man, despite being more suggestive as opposed to explicit. And even though it may take a while before the racy bits get shown on the screen, you can use that time to give him accidentally-on-purpose touches on his thigh, the small of his back, or near his jawline. [Read: 13 non-porn erotic flicks to turn him on]

#10 Mind f*ck him. Men love intelligent women. They love a woman who knows what she wants and isn’t afraid to get it. When you two are having a conversation, don’t be afraid to voice out your opinions and engage in a healthy debate. He will certainly know that you are particularly aggressive and open-minded, and he won’t be able to resist getting turned on by your wit and charm.

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Keeping your intimacy through subtle means of seduction strengthens your bond and brings you closer together. Sex may be essential in a relationship, but intimacy is key in keeping passions alive. Don’t be afraid to take charge when it comes to initiating sex, as women need sex just as much as men do.

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