26 Very Obvious Signs a Man Is Attracted to You Sexually & Wants You

Do you ever wonder if a guy thinks you’re hot? Well, here are all the super obvious signs a man is attracted to you sexually that you MUST know!

Signs a Man Is Attracted to You Sexually

If there’s one thing guys are worst at hiding, it’s how attracted they are to you. But if you know the right signs a man is attracted to you sexually, you’d see just how easy and painfully obvious it can be to know if a guy is aroused by you.

Men aren’t exactly reserved when it comes to showing a woman they think she’s attractive. They may think they’re aloof, but their facial expression and body language always end up giving them away. If you know what to look for, you’ll be able to read the signs a man likes you and is attracted to you sexually in the blink of an eye.

Why is it important to read the signs of sexual attraction from a guy?

Now, there are many reasons you’d want to have this skill. For one, you’ll be able to tell if he’s only attracted to you sexually, or if he likes you for more than just your appearance. You’ll also be able to tell who you can approach with confidence and avoid rejection.

Sometimes, a guy may be sexually attracted to you, and he may be very interested in dating you as well. Other times, he may just be interested in a fling.

To know the real differences, you first need to understand the signs a man is attracted to you sexually. If you want to know for sure if he’s sexually attracted and emotionally invested, use these adorable signs a man wants to be with you AND date you to read his mind.

Why sexual attraction matters in a relationship

Some people argue that being sexually attracted to someone isn’t important.

However, experts disagree.

They say it’s vital for a healthy, functional relationship, and it has more to do with science than with anything else. Sure, it’s nice to be able to look at someone and think they look hot, but sexual attraction is more about genetics than you might think.

When we seek a partner in life, our body chemistry works around the clock to assess their pheromones, bone structure, and even their voice. This is all sorted out in our brains – without our conscious knowledge – in order to determine if they’re someone we would produce healthy offspring with. [Read: The 12 rules of attraction as explained by science]

The most obvious signs a man is attracted to you sexually

Thankfully for us ladies, it’s not too difficult to tell if a man wants to hop in bed with us. While it may take some getting used to at first, reading the signs a guy is sexually attracted to you can be really easy. Here are some painfully obvious signs he wants to get with you.

1. His eyes are all over you

When a man is sexually attracted to you, he won’t always be able to control his own wandering eyes. You will probably end up catching him checking you out.

Your boobs, your butt, your lips. Or even your hair, or your hips. All of those are things a guy fantasizes about when he’s sexually attracted to you. Therefore, when you catch a man staring at any of those places for an extended period of time – and especially if it happens more than a few times – he’s totally thinking about you in a naughty way.

If he’s eyeing you up and down and can’t seem to keep his eyes off of you, that’s definitely a sign he’s sexually attracted to you. [Read: 18 physical turn ons for guys that arouse all men in seconds]

2. You notice his friends acting as if they could be talking about you

If a man is attracted to you, he will most definitely let his friends know. A very clear sign that he is into you, is when you have the feeling he is talking about you with his group of friends – say if you’re in the same room. It can also happen that one of his friends is suddenly more friendly or curious about you.

Guys like to gossip just as much as women. So if he is interested, he will probably let his friends know.

3. He gets – and stays – really close to you

Another thing we do subconsciously is to move closer to someone we visually think is attractive. Yes, this is something we choose to do from time to time. But besides that, our bodies also feel called to do it for a different reason.

When our minds assess that someone is physically compatible with us – a.k.a., they look good – we then move in so we can inhale their pheromones. This helps our body do a chemical assessment of whether or not they’d be good for us. So if he’s moving in close, just know that he sees and feels how hot you are. [Read: What are pheromones? The scent of sex and the role they play in seduction]

4. He stands facing you the whole time

Something we do when we’re attracted to someone is turning our entire body to face them. We do it because it gives us a better view of the person we’re attracted to as a whole.

If you observe this reaction in him, know that it’s subconscious. This is amazing, because it allows you to know he is sexually attracted to you just through his behavior, before he even makes a bigger move.

5. He keeps the conversation going

A great way to know whether a man is sexually interested in you or not is by just how much effort he puts into keeping the conversation alive.

It is said that men use on average 7 times fewer words in a day than women. There is a reason for that – in general, men just don’t like to talk as much. So if you notice he is coming out of the woodworks with new topics of conversation each time, he is probably interested. [Read: How to talk to a guy – 34 tips to sweet talk him and get him to like you]

6. He is very interested in your stories

When it comes to him holding a conversation with you, notice just how much interest he shows in your stories, anecdotes, and experiences.

The first motivation behind a man who seems particularly interested in hearing about you and your life, is most likely, sexual attraction. So, that’s an obvious tell.

7. It seems like he is trying to impress you

It is human nature that the male gender feels the need or desire to impress their sexual interest counterpart.

If he is sexually attracted to you, rest assured that he will do his best to let you see his best side, and advertise his top accomplishments.

Now, naturally, all men are different. You could be dealing with someone who’s more discreet, or someone who is cockier. Regardless, he will probably be sharing some of the highlights of his life when you first meet him. [Read: How guys text when they like you – 28 things they do differently]

8. He compliments you every chance he gets

This is when he will start to make his move. If you want to know if a man is attracted to you sexually, keep an eye on the kind of compliments he gives you.

When a man thinks you’re hot, he will definitely offer compliments – even if they are moderate in tone. He will probably compliment something about your physical appearance – like your outfit, or even your perfume.

And the main reason why he does this is to, first of all, show his interest, and secondly, to gauge your reaction. So if you’re looking for the signs a man is attracted to you sexually, be ready for a few compliments coming your way!

9. He tries to make you laugh

If a way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, the way to a woman’s heart is through humor. Laughing together creates a bond and an overall positive feeling between the two of you.

You will catch him trying to make you laugh all the time. If he is really attracted to you, he will want to get on your good side. And he will know that making you happy will make it easier for you to want to hang out with him.

10. He touches you

Touch is another one of the obvious signs a man is attracted to you sexually. If he seems to find any excuse in the book to get close to you and touch you, he wants you. And if he’s doing this often, he really finds you appealing.

Notice if, during a conversation, he casually touches your arm. Or perhaps if your arms “casually” touch whenever you’re standing next to each other. Some men even try to fix your hair, or to catch a falling eyelash. All of these are clues for you. [Read: When a guy touches you on a body part – How to decode his intentions]

11. He makes great eye contact

People who find you sexually attractive are going to want to connect with you.

One way we humans do that is by making eye contact. It’s a way to get your attention and show that they’re interested. Any man who finds you fine as hell will definitely be looking you in the eyes – for the most part.

12. His breathing gets deeper

This is a clear sign of arousal, and it’s probably an indication that he was just having some sexy thoughts involving you. So whenever you notice he needs a deeper breath during your interaction, you know things could get steamy. [Read: How to tell if someone is thinking about you sexually and desires you]

13. Major flirting

Flirting is by far the most obvious of the signs a man is attracted to you. If he’s engaging with you in a really fun and flirty way, he definitely thinks you’re desirable.

There are a lot of different ways of flirting. But ultimately, his goal behind flirting will always be to get a reaction out of you, and to see if it’s safe to “cross the line.”

How you react will tell him if the attraction is mutual or not, and if he should continue trying to pursue you.

14. He will tease you

Perhaps, he’s a bit shy, or he’s really not sure how you would react if he tries a flirtatious move on you. So instead of flirting, you may find that he teases you a lot.

Teasing is usually a more subtle form of flirting, and also a great excuse for an interaction. So if he is repeatedly teasing you and trying to get a reaction out of you, he is probably hot for you. [Read: 18 easy ways to tease a friend and get him interested without making things weird]

15. He will interfere when other men try talking to you

This is by far the funniest tell you will observe. Men are very territorial. And if he has thoughts about getting with you, he will definitely be jealous and bothered when he sees other men checking you out.

In fact, sometimes, that’s what it takes to get a man to really show his interest in you. Having other men giving you attention will likely make you seem more interesting. And if he feels threatened, you will probably notice.

Whenever this happens, there are two types of behavior that you can expect: he will either retract *the typical jealous and proud type*, or he will react and try to interfere in your conversation with this other guy.

Whatever happens after this, you can relish in knowing that there is no doubt that he wants you. [Read: How to make a guy jealous – 30 wicked ways to win his attention]

16. He wants to make 1 on 1 plans

If he is attracted to you, it is only a matter of time until he tries to make plans that don’t include other people. Wanting to get you alone is a very clear sign that he is into you.

Whenever you two are alone, it is also the best time for you to notice his genuine attitude towards you. This is true, especially if he is a bit shy and perhaps tends to hold back a bit more of his flirtatious side around other people.

17. He invites you to hang out at home

Making one on one plans is one thing. But if he seems particularly interested in hanging out at home, or in making plans that don’t involve going out, then there is absolutely no doubt about his intentions.

Perhaps he suggests you coming over to cook something nice together, or maybe he asks if you want to watch the latest episode of your favorite series on Netflix…

Trust us, he would not ask someone he is not attracted to for a one on one date at home. That is all you need to know at this point. [Read: 16 hush-hush signs your guy friend wants to have sex with you]

18. He double-texts you

Wanting to be in frequent contact with you can be a big tell. Many men are not too much into texting, which is why texting a lot can be a major sign he is into you. And this is especially true if he double-texts you.

19. He fidgets and seems restless

A.k.a., you make him nervous as hell! When a man is attracted to you sexually, he’ll want to make sure he behaves a certain way to get your attraction back.

The thing is, many guys feel pressured by this, and it makes them really nervous. If you see a guy who can’t sit still around you, then he thinks you’re really hot. [Read: How to make a guy really horny and rock hard just by casually sitting next to him]

20. You catch him staring

Maybe you didn’t catch him checking you out per se. But perhaps you catch him staring at you from across the room *or the bar*. Catching him staring means that first of all, he probably sat or stood in a position where he could possibly catch your eye – which shows interest on its own.

If he goes on to do it repeatedly, it shows you that he often stops to admire you, and is maybe even hoping for a steamy eyelock.

21. Talking deeply

This is meant literally. When a guy finds a woman attractive, he’ll subconsciously try to make himself sound “manlier.”

In order to do this, he’ll lower his voice and talk much deeper than he would if he didn’t think you were sexually attractive. Therefore, if you notice a guy dip his voice down when he talks to you only, he’s into you.

22. Parting or licking his lips

Something that we all – including women – do when we’re sexually attracted to someone, is to part our lips. It’s as if we’re getting our mouths ready for something to come. Men do this just as much as women, and it happens at first glance. Therefore, if you see his jaw seemingly “drop,” it means his mind is definitely in a naughty place.

It is also the case if you catch him licking his lips, seemingly unintentionally. Feeling your mouth dry is also an involuntary reaction that results from sexual attraction. So even if he would rather be discreet, this can give him away. [Read: How to tell if a guy wants to kiss you and it’s time for you to make a move]

23. Lots of smiles

A guy can’t help but smile at a woman he thinks is attractive. It’s all about drawing her into him, too. And humans are automatically drawn to smiling. If he’s nothing but a smiley mess around you, it’s safe to assume he’s definitely into you.

24. He sits with his legs wide open

Men don’t even realize they’re doing this, but it definitely means he’s thinking about sex in the back of his mind. This is done as a way of “showing off” what he has to offer. A.k.a., his package.

If you notice a man sitting with his legs spread open and facing you, he thinks you’re sexy. [Read: How to tell if a guy is turned on by you – 22 signs he’s clearly aroused AF!]

25. “Fixing” himself

Everyone does this when they find someone attractive. They’ll see you and then automatically pat themselves down, fix their hair, or adjust their clothes. This is done so they’ll look better for you. It’ll up their odds of getting you to be interested in them, too.

26. His face flushes

When we get turned on, our heart rate increases, and our blood pressure goes up. The physical tell of this is when our faces go red.

Men are the same as us ladies in this sense, and this is one of those obvious signs a man is attracted to you sexually. If you see him blushing majorly whenever you come around, he thinks you’re sexually attractive.

Sexual attraction is a spark. It’ll ignite between the two of you, and you’ll simply be able to feel how much he’s into you. This doesn’t always go both ways. But even if you’re not into him, you’ll still be able to feel a sort of tension build between you two when a man is attracted to you sexually.

[Read: 20 strong signs of sexual tension to know if you make someone horny!]

Sexual attraction is very different than being attracted to someone emotionally. If you’re unsure how to tell if a guy thinks you’re downright hot, these signs a man is attracted to you sexually will be sure to help.

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