8 Romantic Moves that Women Can Use on Their Boyfriends

Just because you’re a girl, doesn’t mean you can’t up the ante on romance with your guy. Here are some moves that he’s sure to love.

romantic things girls can do

As women, we tend to wait for the guy to be the one who makes the first move or come up with romantic ideas when it comes to relationships and dating. But it’s time that you stop waiting on your man to be romantic and time you start making the moves.

Of course, what’s romantic to women may not be romantic to men. Giving him flowers or stuffed toys as a romantic gesture may just go over his head. But that doesn’t mean you should give up on the whole notion of romance with your guy. After all, what man wouldn’t want to feel appreciated by the woman he’s with?

Romantic gestures your guy will love

Whether you’re looking to add some romance to your relationship or you’re looking to reward your guy or you just want him to feel loved, here are some ways to make him feel like the luckiest man on earth.

#1 Lingerie. You might think this one is pretty obvious, and it is. Victoria’s Secret wouldn’t be in business, if lingerie weren’t a sure way to be romantic and get the mojo flowing in your relationship. Finding some sexy lingerie and surprising your man one night randomly after work is absolutely a romantic move that you should be using on your man!

#2 Massage. Everyone loves massages, especially when they are sensual and given by your partner. Sure, people spend a lot of money to go get massages and spend time at the spa, but wouldn’t it be super romantic if you gave your man a romantic spa-type of evening, involving a long, romantic, sensual massage?

You could light some candles, get a nice bottle of wine, turn on some relaxing music, and rub him all over with aromatic oils. If you want to make it even more romantic, be naked while doing so. He will love this. Trust me!

#3 Dress to impress. Just because your man tells you he loves you no matter what, and that he finds you just as sexy in your sweats as he does in your normal clothes, doesn’t mean you should let yourself go, and it certainly doesn’t mean you should stop trying to be the sexy woman that you are.

Make it a priority to dress up for your man, and remind him as much as possible just how sexy you are. During one of your dates, dress up in your sexiest outfit and remind him of the sexy vixen he fell for.

#4 Let him explore. How many times have you stopped your man from trying to go down on you, or given excuse after excuse as to why you don’t or “can’t” currently give him a blowjob, or a hand job even? Probably more than you can count. If you want to be romantic, then it’s time you let your man explore in all those ways he’s wanted to that you’ve told him not to.

So the next time you’re feeling frisky and wanting to be romantic, lead the way and make sure your man knows that this time, he can explore all the places he’s wanted to that you’ve kept closed off from him for so long. Let him go all the way down on you, surprise him with a blowjob, just be sure that you don’t close that door on him. He’ll not only be in heaven, he’ll be so turned on that he will want to eat every inch of you up! [Read: 50 kinky ideas to try with your guy]

#5 Compliment him. There is nothing like a compliment to make someone feel like a million bucks. How many times have you smiled and had an extra pep in your step after someone tells you how beautiful you look, or if they like your shirt, or ask you if you’ve been working out?

Men like to hear compliments too, especially when it’s from their girl. It’s imperative that you never stop complimenting each other, and remembering to make the other person feel like they are the bees’ knees. Let him know how hot he looks in his new outfit or how strong he is or how you can always count on him for anything. If this doesn’t make him swoon, we don’t know what will! [Read: 25 compliments he’ll never ever forget]

#6 Touch him. Just because your guy always wants to touch you and do things to you, doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to be touched just as much. In relationships, it’s important to remember to give and take, and not just take. If you’re usually the one who gets spoiled, and your guy is always the one touching you, turning you on, doing the moves you like, that’s wonderful.

But it’s time you treat him the way he deserves to be treated, and touch him just as romantically and sensually as he touches you. Feel those big arms of his, grab his member randomly from time to time, rub his scalp and touch him like you can’t live without him. Remind him just how sexy you think he is. He’ll fall in love with you all over again, and again, and again.

#7 Learn a striptease. There is probably nothing sexier than surprising your man with a striptease, especially if it’s totally out of the norm for you. Even if you think you don’t have what it takes, you do, trust me. A striptease can be as simple as literally putting on some high-heels and lingerie, and shaking your hips back and forth.

Your guy won’t even know the difference anyway, because he’ll be so entranced with what’s in front of him, which is you, being super sexy. If you have a pole to dance around, even better, but if not, use props like a chair or light some candles and put on some sexy music. [Read: 18 physical turn ons that will arouse him instantly]

#8 Be spontaneous. Start saying yes to all the things you’ve said no to. One way you can be romantic for your man is to surprise him with spontaneity. Being spontaneous, especially when it comes to romance, is more than romantic. It makes you feel like kids again, and the whole carefree attitude and mentality will make you two feel like you just met for the first time all over again.

Now I don’t mean get so crazy and surprise him by suggesting to have sex in every public park and place you possibly can. You can be spontaneous as easily as sending him a text asking to meet you at home for lunch, only to surprise him with a quickie. Or you can meet him at his office and give him a quick blowjob.

It can be something just as simple as making him dinner, but lying on the kitchen table in a sexy outfit and getting it on, the second he gets home from work. Try doing something that you two haven’t done before. By you suggesting any of these things, it’ll already turn him on more than you can imagine. Good news for you is that you won’t have to imagine much longer!

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Stop going through the motions, and stop waiting on the guy to lead the way. You can be the romantic one in your relationship, and your guy will thank his lucky stars that he’s with a woman who showers him with love.

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