35 Not-So-Obvious Things Your Guy Loves About You!

Your boyfriend loves you for so many obvious reasons. But do you know these 35 not-so-obvious reasons that make you so much more special in his eyes?

things your guy loves about you

Being in love makes a person feel so special and loved.

Sometimes, the reasons are obvious.

You feel like there’s a special person in the world who understands you completely and loves you for who you are.

You have someone to call your own, someone who cares for you and wants to spend the rest of their life with you.

And at other times, it’s the not-so-obvious little things that we don’t really notice and take for granted that makes us feel more loved.

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The little things you do to show your love

In every relationship, the big obvious signs that you love your guy do matter a lot.

But as time goes by and the relationship starts to get stronger and more meaningful, the little not-so-obvious things start to play a bigger part in bringing two lovers together.

Do you ever wonder what makes you so special in your guy’s eyes?

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The 35 not-so-obvious things you do that your guy loves

The next time you’re doing something and you catch your guy staring at you with a big grin on his face, chances are, he loves that thing you do.

Of course, each guy is different and every girl is special in her own ways. But if you want to know a few not-so-obvious things you do that your guy loves about you, read on.

#1 The way the words sound when you call out to him by his name.

#2 Your long hair and how it feels when your guy runs his fingers through it.

#3 When your guy accidentally sees you in sexy lingerie when you’re changing your clothes absentmindedly. [Read: 18 physical turn ons about a girl that arouse a guy instantly!]

#4 He loves you a lot more when he’s feeling weak and lost, and you hold him in your arms and run your hand though his hair or on his back reassuringly. Just your touch makes him feel so much better.

#5 When you tease him and behave sweetly one second and turn into a spoilt, noisy brat the next second!

#6 It’s awesome when you take on a guy in an argument, and stand up for your man or your loved ones.

#7 When you take control of sex by getting on top or initiating sex. [Read: How to get on top, ride your man and look sexy doing it]

#8 When you sweet talk your way out of a fix and gets things done your way.

#9 When you check yourself out in front of the mirror while cupping your breasts in a hand bra.

#10 The way you stretch out to kiss your guy in your sleep or while saying goodbye in a hurry.

#11 The way you look when you come out of the shower, wrapped in a towel. [Read: 9 perfect ideas to have shower sex without hurting yourself]

#12 When your guy sees you playing, with kittens or puppies.

#13 Your kind side, when you show kindness to people or display a random act of kindness with no expectations in return.

#14 When you run up from far and give your boyfriend the biggest bear hug.

#15 The way you take care of him when he’s sick and miserable.

#16 When you touch him gently and run your hands against his body while lying in bed together. [Read: 16 easy tips to make your boyfriend want you more than ever!]

#17 The way you reassure him without words when he’s depressed or sad and rests his head over your chest.

#18 When you try to make up and apologize sheepishly after you yell at him for something.

#19 The way you sing along to your playlist, and don’t realize just how loud you are.

#20 When you make up funny nicknames and pet names and address your boyfriend using those words while laughing at the same time. [Read: 36 sweet and cute things to say to your man and make him smile]

#21 The way you tickle him and act funny out of the blue, just when he’s trying to fall asleep or read a book.

#22 When you beautify things around the house and create a perfect theme. He may pretend like he dislikes it, but on the inside, the new change makes him happy.

#23 The way you look when you squeeze into your jeans or take the time to gracefully slip into an elaborate dress.

#24 When you wear your boyfriend’s shirt and it hangs loosely over your body, just covering your strategic regions. [Read: 12 bad girl traits all guys secretly wish their girlfriend would have!]

#25 When you’re bossy and persistent over something petty. You want what you want and you argue with him, and even wrestle him to have it your way!

#26 Watching your morning or evening makeup ritual.

#27 When you indulge in public display of affection. [Read: 12 sneaky tips to be a happy couple that all other couples envy]

#28 The way you smile after your boyfriend holds you in his arms and kisses you.

#29 When you hug him and reveal your helpless side.

#30 The way you walk clumsily in the mornings as you drowsily slip out of bed.

#31 Your little fingers and toes which are so much smaller than his. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget]

#32 When your guy sees you cozily curled up on the couch, reading a magazine or flipping pages on your tablet.

#33 When you get jealous and ask him a lot of questions about a particular girl from his workplace. [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a great boyfriend]

#34 When you eat something you love and go mmm… mmm…

#35 The way you boost his ego and give him a you’re-the-man pep talk when he’s feeling down and lost.

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These are just a few of the many not-so-obvious things you do that make your guy fall harder for you. But what do you think makes you so special in your guy’s eyes? And what does your boyfriend love most about you that’s not so obvious to anyone else?

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