Mixed Signals from a Guy: The Guide to Interpret His Intentions

You’re probably analyzing every single thing he’s been doing, right? Trying to put the pieces together—relax, mixed signals from a guy happen.

mixed signals from a guy

I should have my PhD in analyzing mixed signals from a guy. I would invest hours, I still do, to sit and think about why he didn’t call me or why he put his arm on my shoulder and then took it off. Though I can laugh at my craziness, knowing I’m not the only one doing this.

I know you’re sitting up at night thinking about mixed signals from a guy too. I know you’re decoding every move he makes and every text he sends you. I know.

The mixed signals from a guy to keep your eye on

Listen, I know you want to figure out the mixed signals and I’m going to help you decode them. There’s something you need to know. The mixed signals, well, they’re called mixed signals for a reason. He’s not sure. I mean, he may like you but he’s not 100% in on the idea.

So, this is the first thing to accept. He’s not as into you as you think he is. That, or he’s just scared. I know you’ll choose the latter, it’s easier on the ego. Men these days, can’t live with them, can’t live without them.

#1 He’s not there. Listen, I know you like him or at least the idea of him, but he’s not around. If he was around, he’d be into you. I know you probably think, “Oh, he’s busy, he works a lot.” Listen, no matter how busy our schedules are, we always make time for people we love. Sending you a text but not seeing you is a mixed signal. He isn’t showing his interest. [Read: How to avoid getting friendzoned]

#2 He randomly texts you. But when I say randomly, I mean randomly. There’s no pattern with him, he just writes you whenever he feels like it. Why? Well, he’s looking for attention, trying to see if you’ll still catch the bait he left out in front of you. Sending a text message isn’t hard, don’t forget that. If he’s sending you texts which consist of two words, he’s bored. [Read: 12 clues the guy you like is just teasing and playing you]

#3 He doesn’t ask you out. There are these men out there that simply enjoy to write women and play with their emotions without actually ever planning on asking them out on a date. Don’t ask me why it’s linked to their inflating ego. If he’s only ever texting you but never asking you out, he’s sending you major mixed signals and getting you emotionally involved for no reason.

#4 He’s hot and cold. If he’s really into you and then all of a sudden he goes cold, well, he’s playing with you. I mean, he may have commitment issues or he could be seeing other people. But the point isn’t why he’s acting this way, the point is that he’s playing with you. You’re not acting crazy, don’t put his behavior on you, this is him. [Read: 13 signs he’s just not that into you]

#5 He says he wants to be friends. This one is my favorite. I love when a guy, who clearly shows that he’s interested in you, says that he wants to be friends. The best part is when they continue to flirt with you even after you agreed to be friends with him. He wants it all. He wants no strings attached and to be able to flirt with you but keep you in the friend zone. Not cool.

#6 He’s not there when you need him. Maybe it’s your birthday or you’ve had a stressful job interview that he knew about. Well, you haven’t heard from him all day and you’re not going to. Why? Because he’s not seeing you and him as something serious. If he’s really into you, he would be wishing you a happy birthday or texting you to see how your interview went.

#7 He only calls you late at night. Well, this one is pretty obvious, no? If the guy is only texting you late at night, I mean, come on ladies, this is a booty call. If he wants to spend quality time with you, he would invest the time in seeing you before the hours of 10 pm to 3 am. Come on, you know this. This isn’t even a mixed signal, this is a clear “sex only” relationship. [Read: 12 signs you’re just being manipulated by your booty call]

#8 He’s around after he sees you with a guy. You may have thought that he was not overly interested and thus, you started to move on *and good for you!*. But you ran into him on a date you were on and all of a sudden, he’s texting you. You may think that he realized what he was going to lose you and has to fight for you. But listen, it’s bullshit. Here’s what happened, he saw you with another guy, became jealous and wants what he can’t have.

#9 He hangs out with you… only at your place. You guys hang out a lot and everything seems to be good, but you actually never leave the house… or bed. He may be showing you that he’s into you, but he doesn’t want to connect on a deeper level. Think of this as a classier version of a booty call.

#10 He tells you he’s not ready but to give him time. Well, we’ve all heard this sentence. When you say this to someone, what does it mean? You actually don’t want to be with them. This is the same thing that they tell you.

They actually don’t want to be with you, in fact, they like it just the way it is, ominous and convenient. He’s just throwing in the “I just need some time” basically means, “give me some time to find someone else while we continue to have sex.” [Read: 10 booty call moves that trick you into thinking it is true love]

#11 He starts conversations but doesn’t end them. This is another favorite. Guys who give mixed signals tend to do this. They’re not actually interested, rather, they just want to see if you’re there as an option. If he really wanted to finish the conversation with you, he would have.

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Now that you know what the mixed signals from a guy are, you’ll be able to have a clearer idea of what you think goes on in his head. But if you’re not sure, the best thing to do is to ask him.

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