8 Little Secrets Women Should Know About Men

There are some secrets within a man’s mind that we wish were out in the open. Here are some of those little secrets to help you handle your man! By Bennett O’Brien

8 Little Secrets Women Should Know About Men

At times, trying to understand the opposite sex can be like reading a book in a foreign language. After all, men and women have many differences. However, gaining a better understanding of men can help you learn more about them, and about the deeper workings of their personalities.

This is a good thing because the better you understand men, the more compatible the partner you can find for yourself, or the better the relationship you can build for yourself. Understanding men and the secrets they keep can help you communicate, and solve problems together. Without a maze of mystery between you and your man, you can connect on a deeper and more satisfying level!

What we wish you knew about us

Despite the fact that men are big and strong, and oftentimes have dominant personalities, there are still some secrets that a lot of men have. But despite calling it a “secret” we sometimes wish you knew this about us. So, just what are these secrets that we want you to know?

#1 Men do like cuddling. Although the chances are that your man probably won’t like cuddling quite as much as you do, many men still do like cuddling. It can be hard for men to admit this because cuddling is often seen as “girly” or “feminine,” but many men still like to cuddle.

Cuddling is a chance to connect on a physical level that isn’t purely sexual. It’s a chance to touch you without the intent of actually having sex. This can be satisfying for the man as well as the woman. Sometimes men just want to connect in this way as well. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches to feel loved and connected]

#2 Men don’t want to have to be the strong ones all the time. Men may enjoy being big and tough, and going to the gym to get as jacked as possible or participating in sports where their testosterone and adrenaline can flourish, but part of the appeal of relationships for them is that they have someone to support them too.

Even though they are usually the physically stronger ones in the relationship, they can still feel vulnerable and crave emotional support. So if you’re in a relationship, you might want to keep in mind that part of your appeal to your man is potentially your ability to support him emotionally.

Even if he doesn’t say this directly, if you can tell that he seems to respond well to it, it could be something that he secretly really values about you. [Read: 15 little tips to make your guy feel loved]

#3 Men like so many things about women that women don’t even realize. This is a secret about men that many women don’t really understand. Everything from the way you wear your hair, to your handwriting, to your reaction to movies, to the flowers you put on the kitchen table, there is a good chance that your man appreciates you in many different ways that you could not have possibly anticipated.

Men often just find women adorable. Even though women are just doing what feels natural for them. This often means being gentle, understanding and intuitive. Men can appreciate these things because they can be absent in their lives if they don’t have a girlfriend. [Read: 35 not-so-obvious things your guy loves about you]

#4 Men sometimes will like the same girly shows and movies that you are obsessed with. Whether it’s Keeping up With the Kardashians, Sex and the City, or The Notebook, there is a chance that your man may like some aspects of these shows and movies.

He may never admit it to his male friends, but your man may have shed a tear while watching The Notebook. He may also find Samantha Jones hilarious, or be particularly fond of Khloe Kardashian. Whatever the case may be, if you catch your man watching one of these shows, or at least not changing the channel when it comes on, he may secretly be a fan.

#5 Men often dread the “time of the month” just as much as you do. Even though men don’t have to endure the cramping, headaches and general malaise that accompany premenstrual syndrome for women, that doesn’t mean he has nothing to fear. The reason is because he often has to undergo a set of symptoms himself.

Some of these symptoms include everything he does is wrong, he is forced to undergo excessive arguments which he can never win, he has to buy lots of chocolate, he is blamed for random problems, or he becomes the emotional punching bag of an extremely hormonal woman. [Read: 10 things guys can do to deal with your period]

#6 Men like to be complimented on their appearance too. Because men have a tendency to act tough and oftentimes even arrogant or cocky, women may get the impression that many men aren’t particularly insecure, or that they don’t need or want compliments on their appearance.

However, men probably like and value these compliments as much as women do. Telling a guy that you like his hair, or that you think he looks handsome is probably something that will give him a self-esteem boost. [Read: 25 sweet compliments guys will never forget]

#7 A lot of the things men do are to impress you. You may not realize it, but if your boyfriend is acting tough in a bar, or getting you expensive gifts, or doing other things to put on a show, he is probably trying to impress you.

You may just think that this is how he behaves naturally, but the chances are that he wouldn’t go through so much effort if he wasn’t trying to at least get your approval. You can see this in action when you mention something you like, and your guy suddenly tries to show you what he knows about that particular topic. [Read: 13 ways to impress your guy in return]

#8 If he is upset, he may be hiding deep emotional wounds. Men oftentimes express themselves differently than women do. It is often harder for guys to be vulnerable because they are trained to be strong and tough. So if you suspect that something is really bothering your man, but he isn’t talking about it, there’s a good chance that you are right.

He may just seem sullen or different somehow. In this case, he probably has a lot on his mind, but he just doesn’t know how to get it out. You can help him with this by asking him what’s wrong or by simply being caring and willing to listen. [Read: 14 things women do that emasculate their men]

Gaining an increased understanding of how men’s minds work, and what drives their behavior can help you deal with them better. Hopefully this can help increase your ability to communicate and connect with them. 

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