Is He Cheating? 21 Unintentional Behaviors He Just Can’t Hide

No one wants to look like a fool of not seeing the signs of being cheated on. These 21 behaviors may be the clue to knowing, is he cheating or not?

is he cheating

We wouldn’t be human if occasionally we didn’t think about the potential question – is he cheating or not? Typically fleeting, when we feel insecure about ourselves, our imagination runs wild.

Also, during difficult times in a relationship, when things are down more than up, if your man starts to pull away, you may start to wonder if he jumped ship.

Is he cheating? 21 signs to look out for that your man is digging someone else’s chili

There are many signs that a man is cheating. Sometimes those signs are just guys being guys. If you notice your man behaving the following ways, it may be time to investigate. It ordinarily isn’t just one thing, but a series of behaviors that raise your suspicions.

#1 He puts passwords on all his stuff. If he never had passwords on his mobile device and computer before and suddenly there is a strict “lock out” policy, he may be talking to someone he doesn’t want you to know about.
Not that you should ever go through his things anyway, but if you try to peek, and a red alarm goes off, he is hiding something. [Read: 20 veiled signs your boyfriend is cheating already]

#2 He can’t recount for his time. If he can’t remember where he was last week on Wednesday or even last night, it may be a sign he was somewhere he shouldn’t have been. It isn’t that abnormal to forget about things that you do. But if he can’t remember four hours of his life, then that it is a sign something’s up.

#3 He is suddenly working late. There will be times in certain occupations where overtime is required. But, if he never worked late before, or isn’t coming home with more cash on hand or a promotion, then you may start to consider the fact that he is staying late on purpose to be with someone. Or he isn’t staying at work at all.

#4 He smells like women’s perfume. The only way to smell like a woman’s perfume is if she gets up close and personal.

Is he cheating? Really, it isn’t as if a woman’s perfume is going to be flying in the air and stick to him. So, if he comes home with a familiar scent that isn’t yours, you may want to consider who is rubbing on him. [Read: 12 signs your partner’s work spouse is way too close]

#5 He hides his text messages. If a text message comes through, he runs to his phone knocking everything out of the way, there is likely something he doesn’t want you to see.

If your birthday isn’t around the corner and your anniversary is way off, there is probably some other surprise he doesn’t want you to catch a glimpse of. That may give you cause to think he is cheating.

#6 He starts accusing you of cheating. When you come home five minutes late, and he jumps all over you, that may be something called projection.

A psychological term for projecting your own behaviors onto someone else, his guilt drives him to accuse you of doing the very thing he is. If he hasn’t ever been jealous in the past, and you haven’t given him any reason to believe things have changed, then he just may be cheating on you. [Read: Why do men cheat? 3 big reasons and 27 more]

#7 There are strange charges on your credit card. If you notice on your joint credit card or bank statement that there are charges that don’t make sense, then he may be taking someone else to expensive dinners or buying them expensive things to woo their heart.

Is he cheating for sure? Well, unexplained charges usually indicate something might be going on in your relationship that you don’t know about.

#8 He lies about where he has been. If you know he wasn’t at his friend Matt’s, but he insists he was there, then he was somewhere he shouldn’t have been. Lying is a good indication that he is cheating. When you aren’t doing anything wrong, you don’t have a reason to lie. [Read: Avoid them like the plague: 16 types of guys not to date]

#9 He started working out and bettering himself. The guy you met and fell in love with is totally okay with his love handles, but suddenly hits the gym after work and worries about his calorie count.

It means he either is cheating on you or someone is turning his eye. He hopes to do the same with her. Is he cheating? Well, this is not always a sign of cheating, because sometimes guys just get into kicks about wanting to get in shape.

#10 He opens new financial accounts. If you have always used a joint account, but suddenly he has his own credit card and bank account you didn’t know about, he’s hiding something.

It is never a good idea in a relationship to hide things from one another. Although the possibility is he’s saving up some money to bring you on a sweet vacation, proceed with caution.

#11 He gets moody. If he has always been a pretty even-keeled guy, but suddenly seems to lose his temper and fly off the handle, it can either be a sign things are stressful at work, or that he has been cheating on you.

Guilt is a very ugly thing. It makes us behave in unpredictable ways. Needing to absolve himself from his bad behavior, he likely gets angry and upset with you to justify what he does on the side. [Read: 22 big early warning signs of a bad boyfriend]

#12 He’s not interested in sex anymore. If you had a pretty healthy sex life before and now he barely glances your way, it may be a sign he is cheating on you. Getting his sexual needs met somewhere else, he isn’t going to be in the mood for sex like he used to.

#13 Immediately must shower when he gets home. If he makes a bee-line for the shower after walking through the door and avoids you, that is never a good sign. If a man cheats, he wants to wash away the evidence before you can get a whiff.

Sure, he may just be washing off the sweat of a stressful day, but if he runs to the shower, there is probably something he doesn’t want you to know. [Read: Is he accidentally cheating? 8 ways people cheat without realizing it]

#14 He is never around. If he suddenly goes out all the time and never invites you along, there is something he doesn’t want you to interrupt. You two have always wanted to go out and hang together, but now he wants to spend his time without you. Something is up. He may just be cheating on you.

#15 He showers you with gifts. The guy who suddenly starts to shower his mate with gifts, treat her better than he ever did before, or just attends to her every need, may be having an affair. [Read: Unfaithfully yours: 30 signs your husband may be cheating]

The exact opposite of what women think, if a guy is attentive out of the blue, he might be cheating on you.

#16 He has a hard time sleeping. A heavy sleeper, you suddenly notice your man paces the room at night, can’t sleep, or is up for hours at a time. It may be stress, but it also could be guilt about what he is doing. It is robbing him of his z’s.

#17 When you ask questions, he freaks out. When you ask him things like “what did you do for lunch” he becomes enraged. Asking why you constantly check up on him. This is not a good sign. Guys who cheat make you feel like you have no right to ask them questions about their day or what they have been doing when you’re not around.

#18 He starts calling out someone else’s name in bed. Once is probably a random dream, but if your mate continually calls out another girl’s name in his dreams he just may be cheating on you. [Read: 18 emotional affair signs you probably didn’t notice]

#19 He stops saying “I love you.” Even if he was never a mushy guy, if you tell him you love him, and he can’t say it back, then he is probably cheating on you. If he can’t tell you he is in love with you, there is a reason, and typically not a good one for you.

#20 He starts to close doors when he is exposed. If your man is having an affair, you may notice him closing the door when he gets in the shower or when he is about to change his clothes.

When starting a secret affair, a man tries to separate himself from his current relationship, both physically and emotionally. [Read: 18 ingenious ways to catch a cheating partner]

#21 He stops talking to you. If you notice the silence between you keeps growing, there is a chance he may be having an affair. If a couple has nothing to talk about, and he shows no interest in wanting to be with you or having a conversation, either he is into someone else, or he just isn’t into you. Neither is a good thing.

[Read: Practical ways to rebuild trust in a cheating after one partner cheats]

There are times when stress or internal emotions make a man pull away, behave differently, or create distance. But is he cheating? Well, if your man has suddenly changed his tune, you may want to make sure he isn’t playing someone else’s record.

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