How to Tell if a Guy Wants to Date You: 15 Signs You Keep Missing

Some guys are bad at showing how they feel. If you want to know how to tell if a guy wants to date you, we’ve got the obvious signs you’re missing.

how to tell if a guy wants to date you

I think we can all agree that guys aren’t all that great about showing their feelings. They may have just as many feelings on the inside as us ladies do, but they suck at showing them. And that means you’ll need to figure out how to tell if a guy wants to date you if you ever hope on finding love.

Because otherwise, you might never realize that the person you like also really likes you. If you can’t tell how they feel you might just dismiss them as an option altogether. Luckily, guys do give certain signs that they totally want to make you theirs. We just happen to overlook them sometimes.

Why are guys so bad at showing emotions?

You know it’s true. They just suck at it. But it’s not because they lack emotion altogether. It’s been proven that men feel just as much – if not more – than women do. But society tells them they can’t show it.

If a guy is hurting to the point of tears, he’ll never usually breakdown, at least not in front of anyone. And that suppression of feelings, it’s hardwired into him from a very young age. Men are told they need to act “tough” and “manly,” which means they can’t show how they truly feel.

While this might help them avoid teasing in school, it certainly does them no favors when it comes to the ladies. You can’t tell how they’re feeling since they always shove their feelings away. However, they can’t hide every single sign that allows you to know how to tell if a guy wants to date you. [Read: 3 big reasons men feel emasculated]

How to tell if a guy wants to date you

If won’t be easy at first. After a while, however, you’ll pick up on these hints super easily. Once you know what to look for, they’ll be really obvious and you’ll see just how many guys actually want to date you.

#1 He tells a lot of jokes around you. Guys will always try to make the girl they like laugh. It’s probably the biggest sign to watch out for if you think a guy might like you. Sure, some guys are just funny people.

Pay attention to when his behavior started becoming more about jokes and making you laugh than anything else. That means he’s into you. [Read: 14 ways to know for sure if a guy is flirting with you]

#2 He talks about himself often. Be careful how you react to guys like this because, at first, it might seem like they’re being selfish but if you look a little closer you’ll realize they only want you to get to know them. Guys who share information about who they are as a person are the ones who want to date you.

#3 He tries to talk about you. Guys aren’t just being creeps when they ask you a lot about yourself. Some of they really think you’re interesting and actually like you. In order to know how to tell if a guy wants to date you, you’ll have to get really good at differentiating between creepy, excessive questions and questions that show their interest. [Read: 6 subtle flirty questions your crush could ask you]

#4 He texts you first. Guys aren’t typically the type to spend hours texting someone if they don’t like them. In fact, they definitely don’t text you first for no reason. If he’s sending you a text first more often than not with just a, “hi, how are you?” he definitely wants to date you.

#5 He suggests you tag along with him to hang out. This isn’t necessarily him suggesting you two hang out alone, but rather he’s asking you to accompany him to hang out with a group. He’s basically using this as a test run to see if he likes the idea of showing up with you somewhere. And that’s because he likes you.

#6 He compliments your personality and interests. This is way more telling than any compliment about your looks. Guys don’t just give you a compliment about your personality or interests unless they really mean it. How odd would it be to say, “you have great taste in music,” if they hated that type of music? They do this because they want to date you. [Read: 25 things guys say when they like you]

#7 He brings you around his friends. A guy’s friends are basically everything to them. If he’s suggesting you two go hang out with his friends, it’s like a test. He wants to make sure you’ll get along well with them.

#8 He tries to spend time with your friends. Does he try to tag along when you go hang out with your friends when you’re in a group? If so, it’s probably because he’s trying to get on their good side. He knows you’ll go to them for their opinions about him so he wants to make a good impression.

#9 He teases you. We never quite outgrow teasing to show people we like them. Guys don’t, at least. In order to know how to tell if a guy wants to date you, just look at the way they make fun of you. If it’s light, heartfelt teasing, he totally likes you.

#10 He tries to pay for your food or drinks. Some friends just do this because they’re nice but usually, it means there are deeper feelings at play. He’s basically trying to date you already but you just can’t tell. [Read: Teach your man to be chivalrous]

#11 He leans in close to talk to you. This is really noticeable if you’re in a group together. Does he lean in closer to you so you two are the only people who can hear? If so, it’s because he likes you and probably wants to date you.

#12 He’s noticeably been dressing better. If you’ve been friends for some time and have noticed that he’s definitely upped his wardrobe game, it’s because he probably likes you. You’ll be able to notice this for sure if you two are the only people hanging out and he still dresses up.

#13 He “joke” flirts with you. A lot of guys try to hide their feelings behind joking and that can manifest in some playful, “joke” flirting. He’ll probably drop really cheesy lines and you’ll both laugh at how ridiculous that type of flirting is. But really, he’s actually flirting with you. [Read: 12 signs that reveal he’s flirting with you]

#14 He suggests hanging out alone. If he’s the one to make the suggestion that just you two see a movie or go to dinner, he definitely likes you. In fact, this would basically be like a date. You’ll be able to know for sure if he shows up looking and smelling great.

#15 He tells you how he feels. Some guys are so bad at signs that, after a while, they’ll give in and just tell you. Obviously, that’s a pretty big sign a guy wants to date you. If he says it, he means it and believe me, he’s probably felt that way for a while if he’s actually telling you about it.

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Some guys will be really upfront about how they feel while others hide almost every ounce of feeling they have for you. Knowing how to tell if a guy wants to date you regardless of those things will help you find love.

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