How to Make Your Man Happy: 30 Ways to Leave Him Smitten & Hooked

You love him, and you want to keep him forever. But how do you become the perfect girl? Here’s what you need to know about how to make your man happy.

How to Make Your Man Happy

A happy relationship is a great thing to share, and you may share the perfect romance with your man. But sometimes, it takes more than just romantic gestures to keep him interested. So, you need to know how to make your man happy.

Love is an experience shared between two lovers, but your behavior around him can also impact his state of mind and the happiness of the relationship.

On the other hand, you may be a great lover. But you also need to be a great companion to enjoy the pleasures of a happy romance.

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How to make your man happy and feel lucky to be with you

First of all, being selfless and unconditional should never be one-sided.

If you use these tips to make your man happy but his behavior borders on selfishness or he takes you for granted, you may have to talk to him about it or reevaluate the relationship for the sake of your own happiness. [Read: 19 powerful ways to pull back in a relationship when you’re giving too much]

Just use these tips on how to make your man happy, and you’d definitely be playing your part in keeping the relationship happy down to the tee.

1. Praise him in front of others

When the woman in his life shows her appreciation for him in front of others, he’ll be grateful and glad to have someone who supports him and stands by him. It always feels good when someone goes public with our affection for us. So, your man will really appreciate this.

2. Make him feel secure

While men may have epic egos, they’re also extremely fragile when it comes to matters of the heart. They feel threatened easily, and go into an insecure shell. Avoid making him feel insecure in the right way and he’ll love you more. [Read: 12 very common insecurities of men that most women don’t even realize]

3. Take the lead in bed

Experiment. Be willing to try new things with your partner. One of the biggest reasons why couples start getting bored in bed is because of the monotony and boredom of repetition.

Keep things sexy and he’ll always be awed by you. [Read: Top 50 naughty, kinky things worth experimenting at least once with your man]

4. Motivate him in his endeavors

You can pick flaws in your man and his ideas, but don’t oppose them without rational judgment. If you want to know how to make your man happy, bring out the best in him and help him *achieve his destiny* by motivating him and complimenting his achievements.

5. Surprise him by buying something he really likes

Did you find something your man will really appreciate when you were out shopping alone? Pick it up for him. Surprise him now and then with little, thoughtful gifts and gestures, and he’ll think he’s the luckiest guy in the world.

6. Be a great cook

Food truly is the best way to a man’s heart. He may say he doesn’t care if you don’t know to cook, but try cooking him a fabulous dish and he’ll experience a gastronomical orgasm! [Read: How to be a good girlfriend – 27 ways to make him love you more]

7. Make him feel lucky to have you

Be a charmer and a graceful woman who’s the cynosure of everyone’s attention. Awe others wherever you are, and he’ll truly thank the one above to be with a woman who can take the air out of any room she walks into! [Read: How to feel sexy, look sexy, and be sexy without ever trying too hard]

8. Special gestures out of the blue

If you want to know how to make a man happy, the secret lies in not making special gestures a routine, but by being extra nice now and then. Men have a tendency of taking things for granted, so don’t turn your gestures into routine. [Read: 25 sweet romantic gestures for everyday life]

9. Don’t forget your inner child

As you grow older, don’t forget the inner, happy fun child within you. Most women take on the role of a mother and forget to behave like a child now and then. Instead of feeling jealous or annoyed when your man acts like a child, join him and have fun!

10. Make him think you need him

Men are the instinctive protectors. Make him feel like a man by making him believe you’re dependent on him. When he truly believes you need him, he’ll cling to you because it makes him feel good inside. [Read: Why men love a damsel in distress]

11. Give him his space

Men are different from women when it comes to space. Most women are fine with having people around all the time. Men, on the other hand, get annoyed when they don’t get some alone time by themselves. Give each other space, and you’ll see that love will blossom better. [Read: Does he need space? The subtle hints guys give when they want space]

12. Support him when he’s down without criticizing him

An “I told you so” is ego-shattering. When your man is down on the ground, don’t kick him in the groin.

It may seem like the perfect time to criticize him and his bad decisions, but hold that thought. You’ll only make him hate himself and you.

13. Ask his help now and then

All men think they’re intellectuals with exceptional problem-solving abilities. As long as you’re listening to his opinion with your eyes wide, he’ll swell with pride and love.

It makes him feel really good about himself when he thinks he has helped you with something.

14. Get helpless in his arms when you’re hurt

Feeling down and helpless? Walk up to your man without saying a word and just hold him tight. Your man will be overwhelmed with love and affection, and not to mention, delirious happiness because he’s the one that makes you feel better.

15. Look like a million bucks around him

Another way to make your man happy is to look sexy when you’re with him. Getting naked should still be a treat, not a regular occurrence around the house. Dress well and make sure eyes turn when you’re in his arms. [Read: How to look hot – 18 sexy tips to go from boring to flawless overnight]

16. Compliment him

Men love compliments, they just pretend like they don’t. Compliment your man for his physique and his intellect. He’ll be happy to know you notice.

17. Don’t emasculate your man

Don’t shrivel your man’s ball bag by making him feel less like a man when he’s done something wrong. Don’t yell at him in public or put him down when he takes a few decisions.

If you keep cutting him down from under, he’ll just end up looking for an affair to feel more like a man. [Read: Do you ever emasculate your man? 14 things women do that break a man]

18. Don’t hit him below the belt unless you really have to

Don’t bring up his exes, his mother, or his lousy job when you’re trying to pick a fight with him or trying to hurt him for hurting you.

19. Stand up for your man

If your man is cornered or helpless, step into the warzone and fight his fight for him. Don’t be surprised if you see your man’s eyes well up with happy tears for finding a woman as awesome as you.

20. Respect him

All of us need respect. When you’re in love, it’s easy to talk stupid or put down your man in jest, but be careful where to draw the line. If you want to know how to keep your man happy, never ridicule him or put him down in public. Let him know you respect him, even if you pull his leg now and then. [Read: How to think like a man and impress your guy]

21. Don’t be a drama queen

Yes, girls are emotional. But that doesn’t mean you need to go overboard with the drama in your life. Guys hate drama. They just want everything to be peaceful.

So, when you go on and on about your latest fight with your girlfriend or cry about how much weight you’ve gained, guys just want to tune you out. Putting the brakes on the drama will make your man happy.

22. Fight fairly

Every relationship will have conflict – it’s just inevitable when two people are together. But just because you have disagreements doesn’t mean you need to fight down and dirty.

Don’t call him names or even try to “win” just to put him down. When you are a couple, there should be no winners or losers. You should be a team, so learn to fight fairly with him. [Read: The right way to fight fair in a relationship]

23. Let him watch his games

Most guys like their “guy” things like watching ball games. That’s probably where the term “man cave” came from. They like to be left alone sometimes to do what they want.

It could be watching a football game or playing his favorite video game. Don’t complain to him about it *unless he is doing it to extremes*.

24. Don’t nag him

Many women like to have things done the way they want – when they want it. That means things like having the house clean, the laundry done, or the car washed. Chances are that your man will not see these kinds of things with the same urgency as you.

When that makes you frustrated, try not to nag him about it. This just makes you feel like his mom, and that’s not very romantic, is it? [Read: How to stop nagging your man and let go of the partner pestering]

25. Have self-confidence

Men don’t like women who don’t feel good about themselves.

As a matter of fact, if you ask a lot of guys if they would prefer to go out with an average-looking, but self-confident woman over a supermodel who has low self-esteem, most would choose the average-looking one.

That is contrary to what a lot of women think. But self-confidence is very sexy to a man. He doesn’t want to go around pumping up your self-esteem all the time, because that can be very exhausting. [Read: Signs of low self-esteem in a woman – 19 clues you need some self-love]

26. Use your logical side

Many women tend to look at the world through the lens of their emotions. It’s always about their feelings, and less about what they think. Men use logic more than their emotions.

So, if you have a problem or if the two of you are fighting about something, make sure you try to use your logical side, not just your emotions. This will make your man very happy.

27. Don’t give him ultimatums

Men don’t always do things on your timeline. Because of this, many women have the tendency to give the man an ultimatum in order to make him do what she wants in a timely manner.

One of the biggest things women tend to do is give him an ultimatum about marrying her. But do you really want him to do it just because you told him to? Well, you shouldn’t. So, stay away from any time of ultimatum with your man. [Read: Ultimatums in a relationship – Why they don’t work and what to do instead]

28. Watch your words

As your mother always told you, “once you say it, you can’t take it back.” When women get emotional, they tend to say things that could be hurtful. Emotions can shut down the logical part of your brain, and then you say things you might not mean.

Your man doesn’t want to be talked to in a negative way all the time. So, make sure you watch what you say to him.

29. Have your own life

Sure, you love him and might even want to spend 24/7 with him. But that’s not always healthy! So, if you want to know how to make a man happy, it’s important to have your own life. Go out with your friends without him, and get some hobbies that will keep you busy.

Many men don’t want to be attached at the hip to you. Therefore, the more you can keep yourself happy without him, the more he will want to be around you. [Read: Am I codependent? 14 signs you’re clingy and overstepping boundaries]

30. Don’t tell him what to do

Men can be very hard-headed sometimes. They like to “be the man,” and part of this means that they can do what they want. Now, that doesn’t mean he can do ANYTHING he wants. It has to be within reason.

But as we mentioned above, the more you tell him what to do or nag him, the more he will resent you. So it’s best not to do that. [Read: When does a man start to miss you? The art of making him crave you]

The things that count in making your man happy

Happiness in love comes from the inside, and unless both of you chose to be happy, no amount of gestures can make a difference.

So, if you really want to be happy in the relationship, both of you have to make a conscious effort to fill the relationship with love and happiness.

But if you want to play your perfect part in keeping your man happy, these tips are all you need.

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Now that you know these tips on how to keep your man happy, try a few moves and watch your man’s eyes sparkle with happy delight in no time!

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