How to Make a Guy Like You: 17 Sweet Ways to Catch His Eye and Heart

You can’t force someone to have feelings for you, but there are sneaky ways to learn how to make a guy like you. Give them a try and he’ll come your way!

How to Make a Guy Like You

Do you have your eye on a guy but you’re pretty sure he doesn’t see you that way? Or, do you think you’ve been friend-zoned? The good news? Learning how to make a guy like you isn’t that hard. Whether he falls for you is an altogether different subject, but it’s progress, right?

Of course, the first thing to ask is what are you doing about it?

Are you looking at him wistfully and expecting him to read your mind? Or, do you think you’re making your flirty feelings obvious yet nothing is happening?

The truth is that what you’re trying to somehow telepathically communicate to him, isn’t being read by him in the same way. Taking a leap of faith when it comes to getting a guy to want you may be worth the effort.

But nothing beats making a guy you like fall head over heels in love with you without ever mentioning that you like him in the first place.

Is it possible? Well, you can’t force someone to fall in love with you, but you can use a few handy tricks to make him see you in your very best light. Then, surely nothing will stop him from being totally smitten!

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Remember, guys and girls are totally different

The problem with romance and crushes is that guys and girls think in completely different ways. You’re frustrated because you can’t figure out why he’s not getting the message.

But, he thinks you’re just being friendly and he’s totally oblivious to the fact that you like him. [Read: How to subtly show a guy you like him and still be a tease]

The key is to make him like you first. Then, you can start showing that you reciprocate those feelings. It’s far easier that way and cuts out the confusion.

If you just do what you think is going to work and then become stressed when it doesn’t, you’re setting yourself up for failure from the start. You need to think like a guy, and that means making him think that the whole thing was his idea, to begin with! [Read: How to make him want you – 20 secrets to leave a guy smitten silly]

Believe you’re a girl worth chasing

When a guy starts to like a girl at first sight, it’s not because of her personality or her sweet behavior. Almost always, it’s because of the way she looks and behaves.

You don’t need to be a perfect 10 to hook any guy you like, but you need to believe you’re the perfect 10.

Behave like you’re better than any other girl, and huge chances are, he’ll be convinced of that too! Because let’s be honest, you are a girl worth chasing. You’re a stunningly beautiful, intelligent, kind, funny, and caring girl who any guy would be very lucky to have. Believe that and he won’t fail to notice you.

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How to make a guy like you and catch his eye and heart

If you’re wondering how to make a guy like you, just use these steps to play a safe and easy game that’ll be fun and flirty all the way. And as you’re having fun, you’ll see him fall harder and harder for you, with literally no effort at all!

1. Dress well and look great – but do it for you

Guys fall for appearances more than anything else. While guys also do fall in love with a platonic friend after several interactions based on personality, they almost always make up their minds about a girl’s level of attractiveness in the first few interactions.

Dress well in attire that accentuates your better side, feel confident, and don’t feel negative about yourself. The way you perceive yourself has a lot of impact on how others perceive you.

But, remember that when you’re dressing and showing yourself to the world, you must do it for yourself first of all. For sure, you’re trying to get him to notice you, but the best way to do that is by feeling amazing from within. That comes from dressing for yourself before anyone else. [Read: How to look cute – 25 super cute ways to exude cuteness and melt any guy’s heart]

2. Make his friends fancy you

If his friends think you’re hot stuff, the guy you like will believe you’re hot stuff too. So, if you know a few of his friends well, be warm and fun when you’re talking to them.

If they think you’re a great girl, they’ll have a lot of conversations about you. And the guy you like will actually end up with a positive impression of you even if you haven’t been interacting with him.

3. Don’t isolate yourself

Instead, be popular and liked by everyone. When you’re one of the popular girls around, you’ll seem like a bigger catch because so many people like you and think you’re sweet.

That doesn’t mean being mean or pushing people out of the way to appear more popular. It means getting out and about, spending time with friends, having a good time, and not isolating yourself or shutting yourself away. [Read: How to be nice – 20 easy tips to make everyone love being around you]

4. Seem difficult to get to everyone else but him

Glance at him discreetly now and then. And when you’re walking past him, look at him and flash a small smile discreetly. Be discreet about your affections for him. Even his friends shouldn’t know that you smile at him or exchange glances with him now and then.

If he ever does tell his friends about the flirty eye contact he makes with you, his friends would probably not believe him because they see no visible flirty signs from you.

By doing this, you’ll make the guy you like want your attention even more badly because he’s not sure you like him yet. He’ll also value the fact that you’re not flirting with every guy out there – you only seem to have eyes for him. [Read: How to get a guy’s attention in any circumstance and wow him]

5. Don’t make the first move

Once you get to know him, don’t run up to him to say hi.

Be warm and friendly when you speak to him, but don’t initiate a conversation by walking up to him, at least at the beginning of the friendship.

Make him come up to you, and let him always feel like he’s making the move to impress you, and not the other way around. [Read: 25 things and topics to talk about with a guy to keep him interested]

6. Be cute and flirty

Guys love a girl who knows to be feminine and graceful. Be cute in your behavior and in everything else you do, and you’ll get his attention and affection in no time. That doesn’t mean not being yourself, it simply means showing off your cute flirtatious side and perhaps not being loud and bolshy.

But, if you’re a naturally loud and bolshy person, just make sure you’re flirty with it too! Always be you, regardless of who that is. [Read: How to be feminine and reveal the inner girly personality in you]

7. Make him crave you sexually

This is sneaky, but something that always works. Look for ways to build the sexual tension between the both of you. If you’re standing close to him, find a way to let him graze his hands against you.

Bump into him *accidentally* and make sure your boobs brush his arm. Or bend low to pick something up in front of him so he gets an eyeful. Be discreet, but hook him with your womanly wiles!

The key thing to remember here is that you should be coy – don’t make it obvious what you’re doing, but make it very clear to him that there is something there. It’ll drive him crazy! [Read: 33 sneaky and sexy ways to seduce a guy you like into desiring you]

8. Leave him halfway through a conversation

For a guy, it’s always nice to date a girl who’s easily available. But after a few conversations, the guy may lose interest in trying to impress you or getting you to stay longer.

Every now and then, excuse yourself from the conversation just when it’s getting interesting and walk away. Leave him when he’s excited to talk to you so he can feel the disappointment of not having you around. When you make him miss you, you’ll make him get attracted to you.

Always leave him wanting more. But leave him with a very flirty smile or a cute I’ll-miss-you wink that’ll leave him thinking of you for a long time after you’re gone. [Read: How to talk to a guy – 34 tips to sweet talk him and make him like you]

9. Don’t make it obvious that you like him

Never acknowledge that you like him, not at least until he says he likes you first. Talk to him, flirt with him, compliment him but shy away from telling him that you’re falling for him.

Always make it appear like he likes you more. Even if he asks you whether you like him, deny it or simply be coy.

It may seem like you’re playing hard to get, but you’re only making him fall harder for you. [Read: Why do men like a chase – And how to use this secret in your favor!]

10. Have happy conversations with other guys

Guys like competition. Talk to other guys now and then and have a flirty laugh too. By doing that, you’re making him realize that there are other guys who want your attention too.

He may not approach you when you’re talking to another guy, but he’ll constantly look for opportunities to talk to you when you’re alone. That’ll make him spend a lot of his time plotting ways to get you alone.

11. Let him find you often by yourself

As popular as you may be, make sure you’re by yourself when you see a potential chance to bump into him. Even if you’re with your friends when you’re expecting him to walk by you, excuse yourself to be by yourself. He’ll be excited to get some alone time with you.

12. Make him ask you out

Play hard to get, but always make him feel like you have a special spot for him in your heart. Be really nice to him when you’re with him and talk to him like you’re already in love with him. But never say it out loud.

He’ll love the attention he’s getting, and yet fear the competition when you’re with other guys. It’ll make him work hard to win you over. [Read: How to play hard to get with a guy – 20 secrets to leave him smitten]

13. Make use of social media

Connect with him on social media and then use it to your own ends! Make sure that you tag yourself out regularly and that you post pictures of you and your friends having fun.

This will add to the idea that you’re a great girl to be around, someone who is always with others and enjoying life. Also, avoid posting cryptic, negative quotes and posts. He’s not going to be attracted to your negativity or drama!

14. Get your friends to drop hints

If your friends are also friends with him, get them to drop casual hints that the two of you would be great together. Or, you could get them to say something very subtle about the fact that you like him.

Of course, when he questions you on it, laugh and change the subject. The lack of clarity will drive him crazy.

15. Make him laugh

A girl with a sense of humor is always someone you want to be around. So, while you don’t have to be a stand-up comedian whenever he’s around, don’t be afraid to crack a few jokes or say that witty one-liner in your mind.

He’ll think you’re hilarious and, coupled with the fact that you look great, he won’t be able to stay away. It’s definitely one of the best ways to learn how to make a guy like you. [Read: How to be funny around guys and make them crave your company daily!]

16. Help him out with something

If you get the chance, help him out. That might be with an actual task or with a little advice.

By showing him that you’re a reliable and kind person who he can rely upon, he’s more likely to look upon you with favor. Also, again, if you look great alongside all of this, it’s a truly irresistible combination.

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17. Don’t be a bitch

Bitching about other people behind their backs, talking about people, making fun of anyone, or simply being mean are not behaviors that are going to get a guy to like you.

It just makes you look lacking in confidence and, well, a bit nasty. Instead, be kind. Go with the idea of ‘if you can’t say anything nice, don’t say anything at all.’

And when you feel like he’s interested in you and wants to be with you, use these sneaky and very cute ways to trick a guy into asking you out!

It’s easy to get a guy’s attention and learn to make him like you. Just as long as you remember to play it safe, slow, and cautious while using these tips on how to make a guy like you, he should be falling harder for you with each passing day!

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