How to Get a Man to Marry You: 10 Steps to Get that Sparkler

Getting a guy to totally commit can be tough, but these great tips on how to get a man to marry you will have you walking down the aisle in no time!

how to get a man to marry you

So you’ve been in your relationship for a while, you are deeply in love, and everything is going great. No doubt your thoughts have turned to marriage, and just how long you’ll need to wait to get that ring on your finger. And most importantly, the thought about how to get a man to marry you is at the top of your mind.

Every girl’s dream includes that perfect white wedding and celebrating your love with all your family and friends around you. But sometimes it proves difficult to convince your man to take that next step, get down on one knee, and propose.

Unfortunately, it is not as easy as just being in a stable and committed relationship. Some guys happily go along for years thinking this is great, but you want more, and why not?!

Here are 10 important tips to get your guy to propose

A guy needs to feel ready and to be able to totally accept who you are, along with all your imperfections. He also wants to be sure he can be the man he wants to be as a husband. Getting him to think like this can be tricky, but not impossible. [Read: 11 reasons why your boyfriend hasn’t proposed yet]

Sometimes it just takes a bit of clever psychology to make it happen!

#1 Be the perfect girlfriend. So you and your man get on great. You have loads of fun together, your sex life is awesome, and you feel like you can tell him anything. But take a minute and think about what more you can do.
Making him feel wanted, secure, and special is what it is all about. You probably know him better than anyone. What he loves, what he hates, and what is going to make him think you are even more amazing.

Do everything and more to be the perfect woman for your man. Show him you are all he needs, and he’ll no doubt start thinking about making that forever commitment, probably sooner than you think. [Read: How to be the best girlfriend: 25 ways to leave him addicted]

#2 Take care of him. If a man feels as though he can’t live without you, he’s going to want to lock that down as soon as possible.

Take care of him and make him rely on you for certain things, whether it’s silly stuff like doing his laundry or just being there to support him whenever he needs it. Having you by his side through life suddenly becomes seriously important, and something he couldn’t bear to be without.

#3 Be his biggest fan. Be your man’s personal cheerleader. Whatever he wants to do, whatever his passions are, however crazy his ideas may seem, be there to tell him how awesome he is and encourage him every step of the way.

When he realizes the reason he got to where he is now was because you were there, always encouraging, and never letting him give up, he is going to want to make sure you know how special you are to him. [Read: How to be a better girlfriend: 30 relationship changers]

#4 Treat him. Men sometimes get tired of being the ones who have to take the girl out. Surprise him with a thoughtful day out, doing all the things he loves to do.

Taking him out to romantic places, wining and dining him, and showing him how wonderful romance can be gets him all loved up, and with romance on his mind he may well be moved to pop the question himself!

#5 Be honest about what you want. Most guys are not mind readers. Crazy, we know! Sometimes you can let a relationship go on for years, constantly fretting about why he hasn’t proposed. Chances are he isn’t at all adverse to the idea, it simply hasn’t occurred to him yet!

If you have a frank conversation with your man, and make it obvious how much you love him, and where you see the relationship heading he may well be prompted to do something about it. Even if he is a little unsure about marriage, at least you planted the idea in his head, and if he has any concerns about it you can talk them through together. [Read: How to get through the most common commitment issues]

#6 Don’t become too comfortable. Getting too comfortable can be disastrous for relationships. Particularly if you want your man to take things to the next level. It’s so easy to get used to the way thing are, to fall into a routine, and to get lazy. Make sure you have your own life, your own interests, and friends.

There is nothing more attractive then an independent woman. Make him realize you have your own thing going on, that you have your own life outside of the relationship. He’ll soon see how easy it could be for you to walk away, and therefore want to make sure that won’t happen!

#7 Don’t frighten him. Scaring a guy into a marriage proposal is definitely not the way forward. It’s fine to talk about it, and to state your case. If you constantly pressure a guy into it, always bring it up, or getting teary every time you walk past a bridal store, it’s going to wear pretty thin, pretty fast, and probably scare him off.

Going into too much detail about your fantasy wedding when he hasn’t even proposed is probably going to freak him out as well. Suddenly, instead of thinking about the beautiful commitment you make to one another, he’ll just be thinking about his woeful bank balance at the end of it all. [Read: How to get him to propose by reading his mind]

#8 Show why you’ll make a fantastic wife. When a guy decides you are ‘the one,’ it’s because he imagines spending the rest of his life with you.

If you want him to put a ring on your finger, show him you’ll make an amazing wife. Be caring, loving, loyal, and sweet. He’ll soon see there is no other woman he could possible want to be with apart from you.

#9 Step back. If it’s been a while and you’ve tried all the above, the last thing to try is holding back a little. Giving your man a little space to think and breathe is not a bad thing. You don’t have to do anything drastic. By cooling off a little, he’ll suddenly feel your absence and realize life without you just ain’t worth living!

He’ll realize he’s miserable without you and suddenly want you more than ever! [Read: How to be independent even if you’re in a relationship]

#10 Propose to him. Sometimes being blatant is best. If you are tired of waiting, why not just take matters into your own hands and propose to him yourself?

You never know, doing this means not only can you make sure the proposal is exactly as romantic and amazing as you want it to be, but taking all the pressure and hassle away from him might be exactly what he was hoping for!

[Read: 13 signs he wants to marry and spend his life with you]

If you are having a great time, and feel you trust your man, you don’t need to rush into anything. Just enjoy where it is going and know that you’ll get there eventually!

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