12 Hot Topics to Talk About With a Guy to Hold His Attention On You

Do you run out of things to say to your crush? Learn about the best topics to talk about with a guy and you’ll never deal with an awkward silence!

Topics to Talk About With a Guy

We’re not all born conversationalists. But even if you find yourself brimming with things to say around your friends, it’s totally normal to suddenly dry up on the conversation front when you’re with a guy you like – especially when you’re not sure about the topics to talk about with a guy to keep him interested in you.

Surely you’ve been in this situation before? I know I have, many times! You try your best to keep the conversation ticking over, and then suddenly it just goes quiet and you’re forced to live through the famous awkward silence. It’s horrible, it’s more than awkward in fact, and it’s enough to make you want to never attempt social experimentation ever again!

The good news is that you’re not alone. Every single person on the planet has been in this situation and there are many ways you can side-step it and get around the entire issue.

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The best topics to talk about with a guy and avoid those awkward silences

It comes down to research, and because I’ve found myself totally without things to say around guys I’ve liked in the past, let me pass on my pearls of wisdom. Here are the best topics to talk about with a guy, which will give you plenty of conversation ammo!

#1 Ask him about the things he’s interested in. If you’ve ever been asked about your own interest in the past, you’ll know how good it feels. It means the other person wants to get to know you and they want to know about the things you like and what you spend your time doing.

So, surely is this is one of the best topics to talk about with a guy, because it will open up a whole host of new topics that lead from there. Instant and lasting conversation! [Read: 14 easy tips to learn to talk to a guy without being a total wallflower]

#2 Ask about his sporting preferences. Okay, so not all guys love sports but the majority do, so it’s a definite conversation starter if you ask him about his favorite sport and his allegiances within that sport.

If he’s a soccer fan, who does he support? If he loves tennis, who is his favorite player and why? This doesn’t mean you have to start supporting that particular team and learning all about them, but it does give you plenty of things to talk about.

#3 ‘Would you rather’ is always an ice breaker. If you’re really struggling for things to talk about and the conversation is starting to dry up, it’s time to get creative with a game of ‘would you rather.’ We’ve all done this at some point, but it shows that you’re quirky and fun and it also helps you get to know him a little better. [Read: 30 dirty, naughty would you rather questions to steam up the flirting]

#4 Ask about his job or what he wants out of his career. If he’s working, ask about his job and if he’s studying, ask him what he wants to do when he graduates and starts on the career ladder. This is another of the perfect topics to talk about with a guy because it helps you learn about his dreams and aims, and gives him an opportunity to toot his own horn *now why wouldn’t he love that?*.

#5 Find out about his ultimate dreams. Everyone has dreams, whether they want to admit it or not. But when someone asks you about them, it’s a great conversation starter to go with. So, ask him what his dreams are and what he wants to achieve in his life. You can learn a lot about a guy by what he wants to aim for!

#6 Talk about music or favorite films. This is one of the safest topics to talk about with a guy because there are very few guys on the planet who don’t like music and/or films!

So, talk about your favorite singers, bands and songs and talk about what your favorite films are together. This will probably lead to a “have you seen this film” or “have you heard this song” and will help you move closer to one another. [Read: 40 flirty questions to ask a guy and leave him thinking of you]

#7 Talk about food. Everyone loves food, right? So it makes sense that this is one of the best topics to talk about with a guy too. Talk about your favorite foods and ask him about his. Talk about the best restaurant you’ve ever been to and the things you like to eat when you’re craving comfort foods. This will lead to an exchange of culinary delights, with a lot to talk about!

#8 Talk about dream travel destinations. This could be about places he’s been and places you’ve been, or the places you both want to go to in the future. This is another of the best topics to talk about with a guy because it will lead to memories and dreams being shared. And if you’re trying to get things moving with this guy, what better type of conversation is there? [Read: 10 innocent questions to help you read a guy like a book instantly]

#9 Talk about a hot topic on the news. Make sure that you don’t choose something which is overly political or heavy. But a fun new story which you saw on the news or on social media is a great conversation starter and could lead you to other fun stories that he has seen or heard too. [Read: 12 meaningful topics that ignite an intellectual conversation every single time]

#10 Ask him to share his funniest childhood memory. We all have a range of memories from our childhoods and it’s likely that there are a few funny or cringe-worthy ones in there that you can talk about together! It’s a fun way to get to know one another and it’s a great way to avoid one of those awkward silences too.

#11 If you could have any super power, what would it be? The ultimate! This is one of the best topics to talk about with a guy hands down, because it shows your creativity and it allows you to be a little silly together too. When you have to share your super power, make sure you think a little outside of the box and don’t just go down the line of the one of the most common – this will make you stand out. [Read: 40 things to ask a guy that’ll leave him crazy about you]

#12 What would you do if you won the lottery? Again, this is a creative question and one of the best topics to talk about with a guy if you want to get to know what he’s really about. If you ask someone what they would do if they were suddenly handed a lot of money, their answer will show you their true personality and their values too. [Read: 20 good questions to ask a guy and find out who he really is]

It can be really hard to think of things to say on the spot when you’re with a guy you like or someone you want to get to know better. You’re so focused on making a good impression that you get brain freeze and suddenly you can’t even remember your own name. It’s horrible, right? We’ve all been there.

The key is to think about things you can talk about beforehand and to have a range of topics to jump towards when things start to move towards the awkward side of the scale. This doesn’t mean firing questions at the poor guy, but it means having the odd conversation starter to keep things flowing when you might start to feel a little like the conversation is drying up. [Read: 35 flirty questions to ask a guy and find out if he’s interested in you]

A good conversation is two-sided, so make sure that you don’t suddenly start babbling about yourself out of nervousness! If you can do that, you’ll easily be able to get to know the guy a little better.

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The best topics to talk about with a guy aren’t focused on ‘yes’ or ‘no’ questions, they’re designed to instigate a further conversation and to keep things flowing. Be creative, be a little flirty, have some fun, and remember to give your input too.

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