What to Do When a Guy Friend Acts Weird *Or Weirder Than Normal*

Guys can be strange sometimes. What are you supposed to do when a guy friend acts weird out of the blue? First thing—don’t panic!

When a Guy Friend Acts Weird

When your guy friend acts weird around you, there are a few potential reasons why. However, it’s also possible that he’s simply got something on his mind and he’s distracted with everyone.

Think back to times when you’ve been under stress at work or you’ve got a million essays that are due in a few days. It’s easy to become a little less available, distant and even weird in some cases. Being distracted can do that to you.

When a close friend becomes a little distant or they act a little out of character, it’s normal to suddenly panic and wonder whether it’s something you’ve done. Thankfully, it’s not necessarily the case.

When your guy friend acts weird, there is another potential reason why. In fact, there are two reasons.

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When a guy friend acts weird: Two possible reasons why

Firstly, have you done something to upset him? Have you been less available recently? Have you said something offhand without realizing it? Sure, guys aren’t generally as emotional as girls when it comes to comments, but the dude still has feelings. If you’ve said something which he found hurtful, whether you meant it or not, that could be a reason why your guy friend acts weird all of a sudden.

Look back and think carefully. Of course, the chances are that this isn’t the case, because you’re a good friend and wouldn’t hurt your friend, right?

However, remember that we’re all human. Sometimes we are flippant without meaning anything by it. If that is the case, sit him down, apologize, buy him his favorite chocolate or snack to say ‘sorry.’ Then let it go.

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So, what is the second option?

This is an altogether more worrying reason.

Brace yourself.

His feelings have changed.

When your guy friend acts weird, sure, it might not be for this reason. But, could it be that he’s started to develop a bit of a crush on you?

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With that in mind, his behavior has changed a little because he’s feeling awkward. He’s not sure what to do with this new development.

Do you remember that episode of Friends when Joey suddenly started to develop feelings for Rachel? He told himself it was nothing, it would go away, but it affected the way he acted around her. In the end, he had to come clean.

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Now, I’m in no way suggesting that this is the definite reason why your dude has started acting a little strange, but it’s a possible reason. Don’t jump straight in there and tell him that you know his big secret. Can you imagine if you’re wrong? Oh, the horror! But, it is something to be mindful of and see as a possibility.

Of course, this totally depends on how long he’s been acting this way and the way in which he’s acting weird. Does he avoid touching you suddenly, when he was quite touchy-feely before? Does he make more excuses to touch you? Is his behavior flirty or has he gone cold?

Of course, he could just be totally oblivious too

I’ve just dropped a bombshell on you. You’re now examining your friendship in your mind and looking for clues, but it could also be simply that he has no idea that he’s acting a little out of character.

This development really doesn’t make this conundrum any easier to solve, does it? You see, humans are complex and guys are especially. Guys in general *although I don’t want to generalize completely* aren’t as open with their feelings as most women are. As a result you might have to do a little guess work as to what’s really going on beneath the surface. [Read: How to tell if a friend likes you romantically even if he’s hiding it]

The likelihood is that there is zero untoward feelings going on beneath the surface. It could be as simple as his team losing a few games on the bounce and he’s not happy about it, or that his PlayStation broke and he’s wondering how he’s going to pay for it to be fixed.

Again, I’m generalizing, but these are definite possibilities.

If you’re genuinely concerned about what’s going on and you’ve noticed that your guy friend has acted weird for a long time now, sit him down for a chat. Now, don’t do the whole “we need to talk” announcement, because that will just freak him out.

Instead, wait until a time when you’re both chilling and the atmosphere is relaxed. Then, just say something like “hey, tell me to mind my own business if you want, but is everything okay with you?” He’s likely to say he’s fine. Then just add that you’ve noticed he’s acting a little differently lately and wanted to check in with him. [Read: How to get someone to open up so you can really connect]

If he says he’s fine again, leave it. The seed has been sown. You’ve put it out there that you’ve noticed. In that case, he will either find it within himself to come clean on whatever is bothering him, or he’ll make an effort to stop being weird. You’ve done your bit. Guys don’t generally *there’s that word again* like being pushed.

Just let him know that you’re there if he needs anything. That’s really all you need to do. However, if it does turn out to be that he’s developed a little crush, what are you going to do about it? Again, don’t jump to conclusions. If you really do suspect this, think about how you feel in advance, so you’re not caught in the moment if a confession comes your way.

Is it something you’re open to, or is that crossing a friendship line you’re not happy to cross in your own mind? It’s something worth examining at least.

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The important thing to remember: Don’t panic

When a guy friend acts weird, don’t panic. Really. It’s easy to say it. When a friend of any type starts to send strange vibes your way, you will naturally question it, but just go with the flow for now. As long as you’ve let him know that you’ve noticed and you’re there for him, that’s really all you can do. The likelihood is that he will snap himself out of it. Then everything will go back to normal, or as normal as life can ever be at least.

There are likely to be times in your friendship when you go a bit strange without realizing it. Again, this is down to stress or simply being distracted by something else. Don’t go looking for huge reasons when there isn’t likely to be one. However, I had to mention that potential crush because it’s something that COULD be the reason; not necessarily THE reason.

It’s normal to want to be there for your friend. BUT if he doesn’t want to open up about what is wrong and you simply get the “I’m fine” line all the time, as difficult as it is, accept it.

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When your guy friend acts weird, you’re probably going to overanalyze. While it’s possible there is a deeper reason, the chances of it being anything drastic are low.

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