23 Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend He’ll Love More Than You Know!

Guys can seem so simple, but shopping for them is brutal. Here are some awesome gift ideas for your boyfriend that are sure to impress.

Gift Ideas For Your Boyfriend

I have always had a special talent for gift giving. I can pick the perfect gift for everyone on my list. But when shopping for a boyfriend I seem to come up short. Let’s face it, sometimes, thinking of the perfect gift ideas for your boyfriend isn’t the easiest thing to do!

Guys seem to have so much less stuff. They buy themselves stuff when they need it and don’t want extras sitting around.

So, where do you start? You don’t want to buy a gift card because it’s impersonal. You don’t want to buy them socks or underwear like you do every single year. And a sweater says, “Here is a Christmas gift that I thought about too much for you to only wear once.”

Clearly, the perfect gift ideas for your boyfriend are tough. And it’s not just me. I mean you’ve come to the internet for some ideas. And my friends and I are always trading ideas at the holidays!

With all that, in the last few years, I have devised a list of gift ideas for your boyfriend, that will not disappoint. Some are budget-friendly while others are more splurge-worthy. But, no matter your budget or your guy’s taste, one if not more of these will surely work for him.

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The perfect gift ideas for your boyfriend

Take notes because you’ll want to put these in your cart and save some ideas for next year.

#1 Jerky. Not to stereotype but a lot of guys are meat lovers. I have something for the vegans too, just you wait, but jerky is a commonly adored snack. This is a pretty versatile gift too. You can get a premade variety, you can get him a subscription, or just pick up different kinds he’d like.

It isn’t just beef jerky, there is turkey jerky, bacon jerky, venison and more.

#2 Toys. Just because he’s all grown up doesn’t mean he doesn’t want to play. Get him a Lego set for something he’s obsessed with. They have sets like this of Friends, The Office, Star Wars, and more.

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#3 An adult print. By adult, I don’t been X-rated. Get your mind out of the gutter, I mean help him replace his movie posters with more mature art. It can still be themed from his favorite saga or movie, but just not so poster-like.

You can find canvases or prints of scenes from TV shows, movies, and more on Etsy. I also got my boyfriend blueprints of the Star Wars ships that are still exciting for a fan but look sophisticated.

#4 Flannel-lined pants. This sounds silly, but guys like being cozy too. He may not want a fuzzy robe, but cargo pants and jeans come fleece-lined so he can look rugged on the outside while being nice and toasty inside.

#5 An air fryer. I know everyone is telling you to buy one, but there is a reason for that. With a lot more at-home cooking, an air fryer takes your recipes up a notch. You can get the crispy goodness of fast food without the grease, the expense, or the stink of oil.

Whether he is into cooking or not an air fryer is user friendly and is a gift for you as well!

#6 Grooming kit. I know this is basic, but hear me out. Instead of getting him an overpriced aftershave he’ll never use, get him a razor with different settings and lengths so not only can he trim up his beard but he can even cut his own hair at home in case barbershops and salons close again.

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#7 Hot sauce. Another male cliche, but I have given hot sauce taster, hot honey, and hot truffle sauce as gifts to the men in my life multiple times and it is always a success. Sure, he can pick up what he likes at the store, but this is what makes it a gift.

Instead of getting him a practical gift, it is new and exciting while also being useful.

#8 Package-free gift set. Whether he’s into living a more sustainable lifestyle or you’d like him to try it out, a package-free start set makes a great gift.

A set of tin or glass food storage containers, a reusable water bottle and straws, cloth grocery bags, and even a bamboo toothbrush and solid shampoo bar are great introductions to living a less wasteful life.

#9 Something custom. Etsy is full of custom products for your guy. It is also nice to support small businesses, so you get a win-win. Last year I got my boyfriend a hand-made wooden box with a scene from Star Wars on the front and a carved note from me inside.

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#10 All-in-one tool. A utility knife at one point was a common gift for men to get from their dads, but that seems to have died down. No reason you can’t start it up. There are tons of tools out there with multiple uses, just pick what you think he would use most.

#11 Record player. We all know vinyl is back, but most people won’t go out and buy themselves a record player, especially with digital music access. But, if you get one as a gift, you’ll be grateful.

#12 A model. No, not a human model. A model airplane, boat, building, etc. Think about what he’s into. Would he want a model car, a train, some sort of equipment from WWII?

#13 Pet gifts. Men, just like us love their pets more than themselves, so a gift for their pet is a gift for them. A cat tree, dog toys, a pet sweater, pet treats, or a blanket with their pet’s face will have them feeling so thankful for you. [Read: 15 corny things a couple in love does at least once]

#14 Sheets. This may just be my experience but a lot of guys have old sheets. It’s like they don’t even realize that they need to be replaced. And some guys only have one set. Do him and yourself a favor when you stay at his place and buy him a nice set of sheets with a high thread count. Based on his preference, you can buy cooling sheets, flannel, or even a heated blanket.

#15 A game. With all the time spent at home recently, you cannot go wrong with a game. A card game, a board game, or even a video game will be a great idea. Just go off his interests. Would he like a crime-solving game or something funny? Would be like a competitive game or something more about the experience?

#16 Coffee subscription. Coffee isn’t just the most important meal of the day for many, but it is an essential. If your guy drinks coffee, he may have been making it himself recently to avoid going out. If so, get him a coffee subscription. This way, he can try different flavors, brands, and strengths regularly.

#17 Back roller. With all the sitting we’ve been doing lately, I’ll bet he’s complaining about back pain. We know sitting is the new smoking, so he probably needs some good movement and stretching. Next to a massage, which you can always add in a coupon for one from you, the Chirp wheel is amazing.

This back roller is not a foam roller. It cradles your spine and actually helps to relieve pain and aches. [Read: 13 sensual massage techniques that’ll leave anyone wanting more]

#18 Firestick. If he doesn’t already have one, that is. With all the streaming services available now, a Firestick is a must-have for all the latest in movies and TV.

#19 At-home desk. You don’t have to buy him an all-new desk, but anything for his work-from-home office will help him tremendously. An adjustable standing desk can be put on top of his current desk to transform it into a standing desk throughout the day.

Or, if he is struggling with back pain, try an exercise ball chair to help his posture and build his core.

#20 Meal subscription. I’m sure you’ve seen ads for Hello Fresh and all the other meal services, but stop overlooking them. They really make life easy, improve your cooking skills, and introduce you to new recipes. Get your guy a plan that suits his dietary needs and help him make it. It’s not just a gift for him but a date night for both of you. [Read: 15 happy and naughty ways to keep your relationship fresh forever]

#21 Bidet. Okay, this isn’t the sexiest gift but hear me out. A bidet will be the gift he never knew he always wanted. They run for under $50 online and are easily installed by your boo.

Who wants to wipe their booty with dry toilet paper? A bidet gets you way cleaner, is better for the environment and if we have another TP shortage, it will surely come in handy.

#22 Something from their childhood. Nostalgia is so addictive. No matter what decade your boyfriend grew up in, he will love getting something that reminds him of the good old days.

Depending on his age, you can get a modern version of a SEGA, vintage toys, or something else popular from his golden years. If you need help, ask his family.

#23 A bike. This is a big-ticket item but with the lack of traveling and lack of exercise, a bike is the perfect gift. He can get around locally, get some exercise, or go for a leisure ride for fresh air.

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See, coming up with gift ideas for your boyfriends isn’t too hard, as long as you have help.

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