Do Guys Like to Cuddle? 19 Truths You Never Before Knew

It’s a fact that women love cuddling as it’s a great sign of affection. It also makes you think what does cuddling mean to guys? Is it love or just casual?

do guys like to cuddle

Maybe it’s society or men’s ego, but they never seem to admit they like cuddling. It really leaves you wondering – what does cuddling mean to guy? Do they do it just to make women happy, or because they genuinely want to? The answer to this might surprise you, or maybe it’s something you’ve known all along.

No matter what a guy says when you ask, do guys like to cuddle, they all like cuddling when it’s with someone they care about and want to be around. They can act as tough and manly as they want, but at the end of the day, they love nothing more than for you to curl up in their arms and rest your head on their shoulder.

They might not say it often, but they appreciate the feeling of being cuddled, especially with someone they love. In fact, sometimes they even love cuddling more than women. *but they’d never say this, of course!*

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The benefits of cuddling

There are so many benefits you get from cuddling alone. It doesn’t just feel good, but it seriously benefits your physical, emotional, and even mental health. After reading this, you’d really want to cuddle with someone!

Cuddling relaxes you, deepens the bond you have with your significant other, and even reduces stress and blood pressure. Not to mention, it helps you cope with difficult emotions like anxiety and depression.

When you’re having a bad day or you feel your mental health declining, don’t hesitate to cuddle your favorite person! This must also be why men *secretly* love to cuddle as well. [Read: How to spoon right – 11 tips to make spooning more intimate]

Where did the notion of men not liking cuddling come from?

Men are generally perceived as individuals who don’t like showing or even feeling their emotions. When they show vulnerability *even in an affectionate gesture like cuddling,* it can affect their reputation of being masculine.

Society thinks that when men admit they like cuddling, they’re weak, pathetic, or feminine, when this isn’t true at all. Men are allowed to like cuddling just as much as women do, especially with the several benefits it gives your body. [Read: The very surprising benefits of cuddling and how it makes your life better]

Also, when you cuddle your partner more often, you make them feel loved, which is one of the keys to a long-lasting relationship. In answering the question, what does cuddling mean to guys, it’s as simple as an act of love.

For men, cuddling gives them a space to be themselves without any judgment or criticism in being vulnerable – that’s what it really means.

The truths you never knew about why guys like to cuddle

We’ve established the fact that guys like to cuddle with someone they really like. But why is it they actually enjoy cuddling? Do they just like having someone hold them? Do they feel more loved? These are questions you’ll get more answers to as we read this feature on what does cuddling mean to guys.

1. It allows them to be vulnerable

Guys really like to appear like a solid piece of man handling anything life throws at them. It seems that guys will do everything as to not be or appear vulnerable, but they’re human and they have their moments.

What cuddling mean for guys is that it’s a space to become their vulnerable selves without judgment. They like the sense of peace they have during a good cuddle session. [Read: 16 non-sexual touches that make two people feel connected and loved]

2. They like making you feel safe

Part of the masculinity of men is wanting to protect you and keep you safe. When they cuddle with you, they know you feel safe and secure in their arms.

Even if there aren’t any real dangers, guys perceive cuddling as a way to protect you. In addition, they also know it makes you feel loved, so when they cuddle you, it’s also a sign of affection and warmth.

3. It makes them feel important

If you’re curious on what does cuddling mean to guys, it gives them a sense of importance. When you cuddle someone, it’s one of the most intimate acts you can engage in with your partner that isn’t about sex – it’s just about being there.

Although it isn’t obvious, it makes them feel important and as if they’re the only person that matters in that moment. This is one of the most underrated reasons why guys are lowkey fond of cuddling. [Read: 15 sweet ways to make a man feel needed and wanted]

4. They like close contact

When you cuddle with someone, you’re making direct skin-to-skin contact with them. This is the reason why cuddling is such an intimate act, not just enjoyed by women, but men as well. There’s actually a scientific reason for this, too.

Cuddling releases a chemical called oxytocin *the feel-good hormone* making them feel happy. After all, would you miss out on the chance on being filled with these happy hormones? [Read: The health benefits of hugging thta’ll make you want to cuddle more]

5. Men even sleep better when they cuddle!

It’s not just coincidence that you fall asleep faster when you’re cuddling someone, but it’s actually proven by studies. Especially when you fall asleep next to someone you love, even better!

6. There’s no pressure involved with cuddling

Cuddling is literally the simplest and most innocent thing you can do with someone without worrying about your insecurities and flaws. If wondering what does cuddling mean to guys, they don’t have to feel pressured to perform their best *unlike sex*.

They can’t do it wrong, they can’t be bad at it, and there’s no one to judge their cuddles like there can be in any other aspect in dating you. [Read: How to feel more confident in your body and fall in love with you]

7. They like the level of intimacy it offers without sex

Contrary to popular belief, not all guys want sex all the time. Sometimes, they just want to be intimate with you without sex – which is basically what cuddling can provide.

They like the closeness they get without having to take each other’s clothes off. [Read: Skin hunger and the human need to touch someone so badly]

8. They like the comfort

When asking what does cuddling mean to guys, it’s the most comfortable you can do with someone. There’s just something so relaxing and comfortable about a mundane act like cuddling.

It might not look much, but it feels like everything! Cuddling relaxes guys. They find it really comfortable to be tangled up with you on the couch watching their favorite show.

9. They feel manly

Not much makes a guy feel manlier than supporting the weight of their woman as she lies on top of them—other than her being naked, we suppose.

As mentioned earlier, it makes a man feel like he’s protecting her as he has his arms wrapped around her. It couldn’t possibly get any more manly than that. [Read: How to attract men though his manliness – The secrets no one ever talks about]

10. They like making you happy

It’s not exactly a secret that women are huge cuddlers so when a guy loves you, he’ll naturally want to cuddle with you. When you’re happy, then he’s also happy – and this is what love is all about. Love is about making your partner as happy as they can possibly be, whatever it takes. [Read: 15 what-if questions to ask your boyfriend to grow closer]

11. They love you

It doesn’t get any more real than this, but a guy cuddles with you because he loves you. Unlike sex, you really don’t get anything out of cuddling. So if he does this with you, then he loves you! You can now stop doubting what does cuddling mean to guys, especially when he does this out of love.

12. It’s an incomparable feeling

Even if it’s not as intimate as sex, it’s really something that nothing else can compare. This is why when they’re cuddling with you and you maybe rub his back or just play with his hair, it’s so satisfying yet underrated. It’s probably why guys love cuddling so much.

13. They can share everything

When asking what does cuddling mean to guys, it’s not just something you do in silence. Oftentimes *especially when you love the person*, you can’t help but cuddle and talk to them about everything.

Whether it’s deep conversations or laughing about the silliest things, this is definitely what makes cuddling so exceptional. Maybe that’s why guys feel so safe when cuddling – they can share everything and won’t be judged for it. [Read: How to get a guy to open up and share more with you]

Reasons he might not like to cuddle

If you don’t think these reasons apply to the guy you’re currently seeing, there are a lot of reasons why guys don’t like to cuddle.

1. They don’t actually like you that much

We know this stings, but it’s the harsh truth. When you’re asking what cuddling mean to guys because they keeps avoiding it with you, it might be caused by a lack of feelings.

If a guy doesn’t like to cuddle, it could have to do with his feelings for you and not the actual cuddling itself. Guys would be crazy to turn down cuddling, after all! [Read: 12 science-backed clues to know if a guy likes you for sure]

2. They’re too hot

There’s literally a time and place for everything. It’s completely understandable when they don’t want to cuddle when the sun is practically raging with heat.

Cuddling already warms you up by combining body heat, but when they’re already really hot, they’re not going to want your 98.6-degree body all over them. It’s probably why cuddling is best done in a hotel room and maybe not at the beach.

3. Their limbs are falling asleep

As much as you want to stay in a cuddling position forever, you really can’t. Girls have the luxury of usually getting to lay on top of their boyfriend because they’re smaller. But this also means a guy’s limbs bear the brunt of the weight and end up falling asleep.

Don’t take it against them when they puts their arms off your head – maybe their arms just hurt *but they adore you too much to say so!*

4. They’re guarding themselves because of something that happened

When asking what does cuddling mean to guys, maybe they do have feelings for you – but they’re still traumatized by the past. Some guys have serious intimacy issues because of a past relationship or a traumatic life experience.

Most probably, it’s because of an ex who made them think that every relationship is going to turn to flames. After all, it’s really easy to get attached to someone after cuddling *which is probably why people avoid doing it after casual sex*. [Read: 13 weird, unique ways to build intimacy with your partner]

5. They’re just not a fan of close contact

Some guys, actually, many people in general, have issues with being in close contact and staying attached to each other during intimate moments. Maybe they get claustrophobic or they just don’t like being touched constantly, but don’t take it personally.

They can still have feelings for you, but not be a fan of cuddling. There’s nothing wrong with them. It’s just a personal preference changing with time, but oftentimes it won’t. [Read: How to cuddle: Cuddling positions to be a loving cuddler]

6. They don’t want a relationship

Cuddling is often seen in relationships, and if they’re just not ready for that kind of commitment, they’ll do everything to avoid this. It’s a pretty direct and straightforward message.

If they refuse to cuddle with you, they’re avoiding any complications such as you becoming attached or developing any unwanted feelings. Their intentions are purely casual and they don’t want things to be more than that. [Read: He likes you but doesn’t want a relationship?! How to deal with this]

So, what does cuddling mean to guys?

More often than not, guys cuddle with you because they love you and they want to enjoy a mundane yet intimate connection with you.

When they cuddle with you, it’s a safe space to be vulnerable and be themselves without fear that society’s going to judge them. It’s also a way for them to make you happy in a simple manner.

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The big, grand mystery of the question “what does cuddling mean to guys?” has finally been answered. So, did you know the answer all along or did what you find actually surprise you this time?

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