20 Christmas Gifts Your Boyfriend Will Absolutely Love

Tis’ the season to be jolly and to be extremely stressed out about what to give your man. Here are 20 Christmas gifts your guy will surely love!


It’s really difficult to give guys gifts because their tastes are a paradox. They love the simple things in life, yet they have expensive tastes. There are a lot of things to shop for, but only a few of those will satisfy a guy. So how can you pick the right one without breaking the bank, or worse, disappointing them? Well, we’ll show you how!

20 Christmas gifts that are just perfect for men

It’s true that it’s the thought that counts, but it is also true that guys are like kids who are more excited about presents than sex. Weeell, most of the time. So, what exactly should you give the man in your life, aside from yourself, this Christmas?

#1 Toys. Look around your home. What sort of toys does your guy keep? If he has none, try to get a clue from his favorite movies. If there’s a monster or a superhero in it, it’s an easy win. A collector’s item would be the perfect choice, since it’s not something he’s likely to play with and it can easily be displayed somewhere in the house that you feel is appropriate. [Read: 15 little tips to make your boyfriend feel really loved and cared for]

#2 Shoes. Guys who are into shoes are easy to give gifts to because they will tell you what they want. But if your guy doesn’t really care, you’re better off buying a pair that is sturdy, looks good and can be worn almost anywhere. Yes, you may have to prevent him from wearing it at a formal get-together.

#3 Books. Check his bookshelf and see what type of books he likes to read. Take a look around and see which ones have the most dog eared or worn out pages and you can rest assured that that is his favorite genre. Now that you know what it is, it’s time to do some research. See what’s new on the best-seller’s list or add a missing piece from a series that he might be reading.

#4 Videogames. The tricky part about buying video games for a guy who likes to play is that he may already have a copy of his own. In order to give him a meaningful gift in this category, you should look for limited edition releases like themed consoles or video game packages. [Read: 25 surprisingly great reasons to date a gamer]

#5 A care package. This could be anything that you think he needs to make all his troubles go away. Is he stressed out? Is he worried about an interview? Is he going on a trip? A care package consists of things that are both useful and thoughtful. Make a list of things that your boyfriend might need for a situation he’s experiencing and make a care package with a loving note on it.

#6 Treat him and the guys. You’re not just giving your man and his friends a free pass, you’re also showing him that you care about everyone in his life. Buy them tickets to a game, send them on a trip that you planned out, or you can even let them hang out at home and set everything up for them *serving them is optional!*.

#7 Rent a nice car for him to drive. Most car rental companies also carry sports cars. Give your guy the keys to a Ferrari or Lambo and make sure he signs the waiver in case he scratches it. It can carry a hefty price, but some rental companies offer hourly rates.

#8 A trip for two somewhere out of the ordinary. Beach? Nope. Mountain lodge? Nope. How about packing a picnic and visiting a national landmark? Or picking a random spot in the countryside to drive through? Some of the best experiences can be had in places that are not the usual destination for lovers in Christmas. [Read: The 20 best and worst venues for romantic picnic ideas]

#9 12 gifts with a theme. We all know how the song goes, but it can also be fun to put it in action. These 12 gifts can be anything that your partner needs or doesn’t, depending on your sense of humor. The idea is to give 12 gifts just to indulge him with the proud feeling of receiving so many presents all at once.

#10 A well-choreographed or awkwardly adorable dance number. Most men would love to experience a striptease from their girl, but if you’re the shy type, you can always go for an endearing presentation just for him. It could also be accompanied by a song. The effort alone is enough for him to feel loved and appreciated. [Read: Sexy striptease 101: How to strip for your man like a pro]

#11 New underwear for both of you. You can use these at the end of the night. Something sexy and comfy that you and he will both enjoy together *edible undies are also an option*.

#12 A puppy. It may seem like a lot of responsibility, but if your partner is an animal lover, this could be the perfect gift. Or if he’s been feeling down throughout the end of the year, a puppy might just lift his spirits. If you don’t want to own one yet, there are actually puppy rental services that cater to this very need.

#13 A session at the shooting range. Some guys would love to enjoy handling a gun in the safest environment available, but some don’t. It’s up to you to decide whether or not this is something your boyfriend will enjoy. If not, you can always use paintball guns instead.

#14 A fun-filled day at the amusement park. This is the easiest option with significant rewards. It’s fun. It’s exciting. And your man will get to act like a kid for one whole day, which is something we all need now and again. Lots of amusement parks are open around and on Christmas. [Read: 20 fun, unconventional date ideas that are definitely worth trying]

#15 A shopping spree at any store he wants. It is believed that women are the ones who are more into shopping, but that’s just not true. Your guy just wants to shop in places that you don’t. They don’t go to the mall. They go to a specific store. The mall is irrelevant. Now, take him there and let him go crazy.

#16 An adult coloring book. We just needed to sneak this in here because it is an extremely valid option. So much fun coloring!

#17 A high-end shaving kit. This way, he won’t have to buy razors over and over again. A nice kit will also keep him from nicking himself all the time. The equipment in these types of shaving kits is designed to be sleek and efficient for any man that shaves every day.

#18 The perfect armchair. If you can afford a new La-Z-Boy, go for it. If not, there are more affordable alternatives in the market that are just as good and sturdy. The only difference may be the engineering in the design, but the main idea is to give your guy something to rest in at the end of the day while he watches TV or plays video games. [Read: 16 sweet ways to show your appreciation for someone you love]

#19 Gadgets. These are pretty easy to acquire and you have hundreds of different quality brands to choose from. You can get him a smartwatch, a new pair of headphones or even a camera. This depends on what your boyfriend needs or would want to have for his daily use.

#20 You, in a box, with a big red bow on and nothing else. I know we said “gifts, aside from you” but there’s no better gift than the love that you are willing to give 365 days of the year. You can always add another gift to the mix, but this one could be the pià¨ce de résistance.

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We hope you like the gifts we suggested and we hope that your boyfriend loves them more. Whichever you choose, always remember that it’s the thought that counts. Merry Christmas!

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