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23 Signs & Why He’s Trying to Get You Pregnant Without Telling You

You’re with this guy, and you like him. But something seems a bit off, and you’re wondering about how to know the signs he’s trying to get you pregnant.

Signs He's Trying to Get You Pregnant

You might not have known that this was an actual thing that happens. Usually it’s the other way around – a girl trying to trap a guy by getting pregnant. So, what guy would try to get his partner pregnant without her knowing? Have you ever seen the signs he’s trying to get you pregnant? Did you realize it was a thing?

Usually, when a couple gets pregnant, it’s either by accident or they sat down and talked about having a baby. But there are some weird trends that pop up out of nowhere, and this, unfortunately, is one of them.

Who knows who came up with this idea, but there’s a trend going on where men are trying to get their partners pregnant. It’s also known as a baby trap. Let’s get one thing straight; this is not the majority of men. But the men who are doing this are making.

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Normal reasons a guy would want to get you pregnant

Usually, when we think of two people creating a baby together, it’s for normal reasons. So, let’s just start by talking about some of these reasons why a guy would want to get you pregnant before we get to the signs he’s trying to get you pregnant.

1. He’s in love with you

This one makes sense, right? When a couple is in love, they think about the future. They think about marriage, a house with a white picket fence, and lots of kids running around in the yard.

So, if he’s in love with you, it’s natural that these thoughts would go through his head. And he’s probably thinking that you feel the same way. [Read: How to tell if you are pregnant – 10 early signs to keep your eye on]

2. He loves kids

Maybe he’s a teacher, or he wants to be. Or he absolutely loves his nieces and nephews. If you have observed him around children, and he just seems like a natural father, then that is a normal reason to want to get you pregnant.

3. He’s ready to settle down

If this guy is approaching 30, or maybe well into his 30s *or even 40s* then he might be at the point in his life where he just wants to settle down with a wife and kids.

Sure, it would make more sense for the marriage to come before the children do, but he could just be a little over-eager. He might not have thought out the timeline well enough.

4. He wants to be a better father than his own

He could have grown up with a crappy father. If that’s the case, he probably wants to prove to himself that he can be a better dad.

He might not want his kids to grow up like he did. So, becoming a father is a chance for him to outdo his own sperm donor. [Read: Can you get pregnant from precum and other answers you must know]

5. He thinks having a baby will make you *or him* happier

Sometimes, people think that having a baby will bond a couple together even tighter than they already are.

Think about it – creating life with another human being is a pretty intimate thing. So, it could just be that he is a romantic and he thinks it will bring you closer.

Alarming reasons a guy would want to get you pregnant

All of the above reasons are nice, normal, and even cute reasons a guy would be trying to get you pregnant.

But not all guys are nice and have good intentions. So, let’s explore some of the alarming reasons a guy would want to get you pregnant.

1. He’s possessive of you or a control freak

On the other side of the coin, instead of being a romantic, he could just be very possessive of you and a jealous control freak.

He might think that if he gets you pregnant, then you will be obligated to stay with him forever. This, of course, is not logical thinking. So, if you think that this could be his motive, this is a huge red flag.

2. He wants to have sex with you when you’re too tired

If he’s wanting to reach out to you in the middle of the night when you are fast asleep to have sex, then this is one of the warning signs that he wants to get you pregnant.

If you’re only half awake, and barely conscious, it’s almost like rape. You should be fully conscious in order to give your consent to having sex.

3. He’s mentally unstable and a control freak

Maybe he’s an alcoholic or just toxic and unstable. He could call you names, pick fights with you, and generally tries to control you.

If that’s the case, then he may want to control you by having his baby. He thinks that will tie him to you forever. This shows that he has absolutely no empathy for you at all. [Read: 22 early warning signs of a bad boyfriend you need to leave ASAP]

The signs he’s trying to get you pregnant without telling you

So, how do you know if the guy you’re with is trying to get you pregnant without telling you about it? Well, first of all, hopefully, you never actually have to question your partner on this. It’s such a crazy concept. [Read: Pregnancy fetish – everything about bumps and sexual arousal]

But, there’s a chance that the guy you’re with doesn’t have the same intentions as you. Stop and make sure that you’re on the same page as your partner. Because having a baby is no easy decision, and it’s definitely not something that should be forced upon you.

If that’s the case, then you probably haven’t found the person you want to be with. So, here are the signs he’s trying to get you pregnant or force you into it.

1. He keeps pushing the topic of kids

If you’re married and in your thirties, it’s understandable why your partner bringing up the topic of children.

But, if you’re just dating and he constantly brings up the topic of children, even after you give him your answer, something isn’t right. He should respect your answer and not force kids on you. [Read: The worrying signs you’re being taken advantage of in a relationship]

2. You’ve tried to break up with him

Many people, men, and women think having a baby will solve their relationship problems. If you broke up with your partner or tried to, this could be a way for him to stay connected to you.

It’s a crazy idea, but sometimes when people feel desperate, they do crazy things.

3. You’ve clearly stated what you want, and he ignores it

This isn’t the first conversation you’ve had with him about kids. It’s the 100th conversation, yet it’s like you’re talking to a doorknob.

He’s not hearing you and ignores your wishes, and even makes you nervous about having sex with him. If that’s how you feel, this isn’t a trusting relationship.

4. He refuses to wear a condom

This is definitely one of the signs he wants to get you pregnant. Many guys dislike the feeling of wearing a condom, but most are willing to sacrifice the sensation to prevent an unwanted pregnancy.

It’s easy math. One condom equals no babies. [Read: 12 things to know about sex – it’s time for a real sex ed class]

But if he refuses to wear a condom after you’ve asked him, then you have a problem. Firstly, it shows he doesn’t respect you or himself. Secondly, he’s not mature enough to understand the consequences. Either way, it’s a bad look for him.

5. He doesn’t want to pull out

Okay, so let’s say you let it slide and have sex without a condom. Things happen, it’s true. When unprotected sex happens, men will pull out to prevent ejaculating inside their partner. But when you have sex, and he’s not willing to pull out, that’s very serious.

Why wouldn’t he pull out? This is a huge warning sign that he either is looking to get you pregnant or reckless. [Read: Why you should never ever trust his pull out game]

6. He conveniently has sex with you when you’re ovulating

Most men have no idea when a woman is ovulating; let’s be honest. But if a guy is really focused on getting you pregnant, they’ll make sure to do the math and see when your eggs are fresh and ready for action. But, you’re not going to really notice this unless you see other signs on this list as well.

7. You are in the honeymoon phase

When you’re at the beginning of the relationship, things are hot and heavy. The attraction is there, and you can’t keep your hands off of each other.

When you’re in the moment, and things are heating up, it’s easy to get out of hand and think you want something when you really don’t.

In this case, it could be having a baby. This is why you wear protection or use conception, for these unexpected moments.

8. He comments about being less than you

If you’re noticing some of these signs like he doesn’t want to wear a condom, or he doesn’t pull out, mixed with him making comments about being “less” than you, this is something to worry about.

It’s crazy to think this, but there are some guys who will do anything to keep a woman with them, especially if they believe the woman is “out of their league.”

9. You aren’t in an actual relationship

You have been played by him since the very beginning, and even though you know he likes you, he doesn’t want to commit.

That being said, no matter how much he likes you, he doesn’t want to be tied down. So, what can he do to make sure you’re always around? Ding, ding, ding. [Read: The surefire signs the guy you’re dating is playing you

10. He pokes holes in the condoms

Well, if you ever catch someone doing this, then it’s a strong sign for you to get out of the relationship immediately.

Who pokes holes in condoms?! Why would you go against your partner like that? If you found out he’s doing this to get you pregnant; this is not someone you can grow honestly with.

11. He talks about what your babies will look like

This is one of the cute signs that he’s trying to get you pregnant. Maybe he’s a romantic and he’s completely in love with you. If you find that he is talking about how he hopes your kids have your eyes and nose, he is definitely thinking about having kids with you.

The more he talks about it, the more he’s thinking about getting you pregnant.

12. He hints that you should stop taking birth control

If he is always asking you about your birth control, you know something is up. Maybe you’re on the pill, and he keeps asking you if you would mind skipping a few days. Or if you’re using a diaphragm, he asks you to not use it “just this one time.”

If he’s doing this, he’s hoping that your birth control will fail so he can get you pregnant. [Read: 14 embarrassing questions about sex that most of us are too shy to ask]

13. He talks about kids’ names he likes

Let’s say you’re watching a movie with him, and all of a sudden he says, “Oh my gosh! That character’s name is Colton. I love that name! What do you think of it? Do you think that if we had kids together that you would want to name our son Colton?” If he talks like that, then he definitely has babies on the brain.

14. He’s asking you to have more sex than usual

If you’ve been together for a while, then you probably have some sort of routine to your sex life.

But if he suddenly wants to have sex a lot more than he normally does, maybe he’s hoping that the frequency could result in a pregnancy.

15. He keeps track of your menstrual cycle

We all know that in order to get someone pregnant, you have to have sex within a window of a couple of days.

So, if he is asking you about your period, or worse yet, he knows and keeps track of your menstrual cycle, then he is definitely plotting and planning on the best days to have sex so you can conceive.

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Many people have never encountered these signs he’s trying to get you pregnant. Honestly, hopefully, you don’t either. But if he is, consider this could be a huge problem. So, make sure you keep the lines of communication open so you both are on the same page.

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