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15 Sex Moves He Will Love and Then Beg You For More

If you’re looking for a way to surprise your man and leave him wanting more of you, try some of these sex moves he will love.

sex moves he will love

When it comes to pleasing your man and leaving him speechless, you need more than the run-of-the-mill sex moves. After a while with the same person, sex can get boring and repetitive. Sure, it still feels good, but adding in some new sex moves he will love will be sure to drive him wild.
Guys tend to enjoy pretty much any sex they can get. It feels good to them no matter what, but even they can get bored by it. You may think that your typical moves are what he loves – and that may be true. However, if you add some new moves into the mix, he just won’t be able to get enough of you.
The importance of spicing up your sex life
As I said before, sex with the same person can be boring after you’ve been doing it the same way for a while. You usually have your go-to moves and your partner will predict that, and it makes the sex less exciting.
When you add in some new sex moves he will love, it not only makes the sex more spontaneous, but he’ll always be wondering what you have up your sleeve for the next time you hook up. And THAT is sure to keep him hooked for good. The anticipation will become addicting.
Sex moves he will love
Keep in mind that every guy is different, and they like much different things in the bedroom. The key to finding the sex moves he will love is to pay close attention to how he reacts when you try something new.
If he seems to enjoy it a whole lot, keep that move in the back of your mind to use again in the future. But if he’s not really showing any more interest than usual, ditch that move and try something else. Using some of these moves will be sure to leave him wanting more.
#1 Do foreplay yourself… and let him watch. Something that the large majority of men have in common is the enjoyment they get out of watching a girl pleasure herself. The fact that they’re touching themselves so sensually and allowing them to watch just puts them over the edge.
So, the next time you want to get hot and heavy with your man, get started on the foreplay yourself and let him sit back and watch. This is one of the sex moves he will love and it’ll drive him crazy. [Read: How to finger yourself in front of your man – 15 moves to bring yourself to ecstasy]
#2 Surprise blow job. It’s a pretty widely known fact that men love when women go down on them. Maybe it’s because it seems to be such a rarity for them, or maybe it’s just because they love watching it. Either way, if you surprise them and do this when they least expect it, you’ll rock their world.
#3 Take control. Who says that guys have to be the ones to take control during sex all the time? This is one of the sex moves he will love and definitely want more of.
So, you should stop him, force him to keep his hands off of you, and then control the entire sex for a little while. It takes the pressure off of him, and it’s hot as hell to see his woman be controlling in that situation. [Read: Everything you need to know about riding a man and looking sexy doing it]
#4 Close-legged doggy. Want to take a normal sex position up a notch? Then get in doggy style but this time, keep your legs together and have him put his on the outsides of yours. This creates a different angle AND makes it even tighter for him. He’ll go nuts with pleasure with this sex move.
#5 Go down on him mid-sex. We’ve all seen this in porn, but I think very few women actually do this for their men. There’s a reason guys love watching this so much when they turn on the porn.
When you’re having sex, pause between positions and just go down on him for a few minutes. It’s even hotter than when you normally do this because he’s focused on the fact that you’re giving him special attention, and he was just inside you. Trust me, he’ll go crazy for this. [Read: 10 seductive bad girl sex tricks that’ll drive your man crazy in bed]
#6 Let him do anything. Obviously, this has to be done within reason, but if you give up your control to him completely, it’s SUPER arousing for him. If you just sit back and tell him to do whatever he wants to you, he’ll jump at the chance to do so.
#7 Dirty talk. If you’re someone who’s normally very quiet during sex, aside from your sounds of pleasure, then upping your dirty talk could be incredible for your man. Just be sure you know how to do it right, and that he’s actually into that type of thing. [Read: How to talk dirty to a guy and sound really sexy]
#8 Bring the toys into the bedroom and let him watch. Some guys are intimidated by toys, but others think they’re a huge turn on. Introduce him to your toys, and then tell him to sit back while you use them. Who knows? He may even want to use them on you.
#9 Surprise him in the shower. Spontaneous sex is always the best. This is one of the sex moves he will love. So wait until he gets in the shower, and then sneak in after him. Don’t say a word, but just start going down on him. This will be the best shower sex he’s ever had. [Read: Slippery when wet – Make shower sex sizzle with these tips]
#10 Let him walk in on you watching porn. This could go either way, so just make sure your man is cool with the whole porn thing. But if he is, let him walk in on you enjoying some of it. It’ll be such a turn on that his girl is into that sort of thing and he’ll want to watch it with you – which is a complete game changer. [Read: 20 hot sex ideas to blow your lover’s mind in bed]
#11 Tell him, in detail, exactly what you want. Be very descriptive. This is something not many women do, but a lot of men really want from them. When you’re with him, just tell him step by step what you want him to do to you. You’ll be surprised just how much he’ll love this sex move.
#12 Strip for him unexpectedly. Men love seeing a naked woman. They love watching said woman get naked even more. If you’re just watching a movie and you want to get in the mood, surprise him by stripping very slowly. Make sure not to break eye contact with him. This will make him want so much more.
#13 Get a little rough with him. You don’t have to be a delicate flower just because you’re a woman. Instead, rough him up a little bit. Grab him and shove him down on the bed. Getting rough is a very primal thing for us to do, and he’ll react to those instincts immediately – in a great way. [Read: Top 50 kinky ideas for sexy relationship]
#14 Bring out the blindfolds. When you can’t see, your senses are so much more sensitive. So, blindfolding your man will make everything you do to him feel that much better. Next time you want to try a new sex move, this is the one to go for.
#15 Do kegels mid-sex. Have you ever tried doing kegels in the middle of having sex? If not, you definitely need to try it because this is another one of the sex moves he will love.
All you have to do is squeeze the muscles in your pelvis region when he’s in you and watch his reaction. They can actually feel it contracting and it’s like no other feeling for them.
[Read: What men want and like in bed – 22 things they lust after]
There are so many reasons to spice up your sex life. If you want to impress your man and leave him wanting more, trying these sex moves he will love is the first step to getting there.

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