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10 Methods to Thoroughly Master the Art of Subtle Sexiness

Exposed breasts and legs, while sexy, aren’t subtle. Although there is nothing wrong with blatant sexiness, subtle sexiness is an art to be envied.

subtle sexiness

Seduction is an age-old art. Many women have mastered this ancient art form and have used it to their advantage. There is just something about a woman who exudes sex appeal that draws people to her. Subtle sexiness is something that brings a woman’s level of sexuality to a completely new level.

You are such a tease!

Now, every woman is perfectly capable of being subtly sexy. Men can’t help but be fascinated by the mystery of this nature. They find themselves intrigued by your charms, their passions aroused. Confidence is key to unleashing your inner sensuality. Once you discover this sensuality, you will find your sexual prowess.

In order to be sexy, you do not have to show so much skin, or strip down to the bare essentials. A woman does not need to throw herself in front of a man, just to show that she is attracted to him and available. A sexy and confident woman can seduce a man through the subtlest of gestures. She does not believe in showing much skin; instead, she uses subtleness as her weapon and she wields it well. [Read: What men want in a woman to be drawn to her]

Wielding your sensuality

Remember that there is a fine line between “that girl is trying too hard,” which makes a man shift his attention to someone else, and “that woman is unbelievably sexy,” which keeps a man staring in awe.

A subtly sexy woman loves the art of the tease. She seduces a man with the sense of her presence, her touch, her voice, and her flowing movements. These gestures may be subtle, but they are provocative. A woman could very much benefit from learning the art of subtle sexiness. Once this becomes part of her arsenal, she can identify herself as a powerful woman of the world.

#1 Exude confidence. A woman who is confident and comfortable in her own skin emits a fierce kind of sexiness. Once she is aware of her sensuality, she can channel her own fire and use it to her advantage. A woman who is confident in her own skin can look a man straight in the eyes and disarm him. [Try: 10 subtle body language cues to appear more confident]

#2 Show enthusiasm. Nothing is sexier than a woman who shows enthusiasm to even the most mundane things. The light that shines in these women’s eyes make them all the more appealing. The way you demonstrate genuine interest in listening to what your lover has to say is a powerful gesture in itself.

#3 Humility is the new sexy. Humility, these days, seems to be tossed aside, much like the proverbial old shoe. A woman who knows her strengths and weaknesses is known to be altruistic. Such women know how to treat their romantic partners well, and how to strengthen their bond.

#4 Never underestimate the power of touch. As human beings, we crave touch. It is in our nature. Offer to give your man a massage after a long day at work. He will certainly appreciate you taking the weight off his shoulders. A simple touch when he is feeling down can also go a long way. When he is having a particularly bad day, let him know that you have his back by giving him a light touch on his arm or shoulder. Whenever you are teasing him, show your enthusiasm by lightly punching his arm. Touch is a powerful gesture, and you must take advantage of it. [Check out: 16 non-sexual touches to feel connected and loved]

#5 Undress yourself with intelligent conversation. There is nothing sexier than an intelligent woman. Engage in a stimulating conversation that will have the both of you talking for hours. Go beyond the usual topics, like politics or work. Talk about deeper things, like your philosophies in life, your beliefs about the world, and your deepest fears. Show him what’s going on in your mind, however turbulent it might be. A truly sexy woman has an equally beautiful mind.

#6 Share your favorite books with him. Lisa Kleypas said, “A well-read woman is a dangerous creature.” As someone who has been fascinated by books all her life, I whole-heartedly agree with this. There is nothing more intimate than sharing your favorite books with your partner. It is like allowing them to open a deeper part of your psyche. Books have a way of revealing our deeper selves. It is for this very reason why our souls will always be drawn to books: we somehow see a fraction of our lives between the beloved pages.

#7 Show genuine appreciation. Men love women who show appreciation for what they do, even if it is just for the little things. When he washes your car or makes your favorite sandwich for you, a sincere “thank you” will certainly go a long way. [Read: 16 ways to show your appreciation for someone you love]

#8 Show him you trust him. Trust is always essential in a relationship. Show him the degree of trust that you put in him. Give him the freedom he needs, but show him you trust him implicitly.

#9 Be genuine. When you are with someone you love, there is no need for pretentious behavior. A truly sexy woman is genuine, and there is no duplicity in her. Sexy women have a zest for life, and are genuine when it comes to their thoughts and feelings. Men appreciate a woman who is genuine—one who does not hold any pretenses. She knows what she wants and she says what she wants. That is sexy. [Read: How to feel sexy and desirable all the time]

#10 Always leave an air of mystery. There is nothing quite as alluring as a woman who leaves an air of mystery. She is someone who always leaves people guessing. She is an enigma: there is always something about her that she keeps hidden. Men love mysteries because they long to solve them. Like the ocean, a woman’s heart is full of mysteries and being mysterious is unbearably sexy. [Read: How to be a mysterious girl without being too distant]

Showing someone your sexy side doesn’t necessarily mean shedding your clothes or adorning yourself in expensive lingerie. True sexiness does not equal being a slut, but there is a thin line that separates the two. True sexiness comes from a woman who knows what she wants and has an air of confidence about her. She is not overpowering and knows how to seduce her partner with just the bat of an eyelash.

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The true art of seduction is more than just a woman being sexual. It is the ability to hold her own, and carry on intelligent conversations. When you have mastered the art of subtle sexiness, you will surely be able to have the man of your dreams knocking at your door, eager and grateful to spend his life with you.

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