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Intense Orgasm Checklist: 10 Tiny Fixes for a Jaw Dropping Orgasm

Who wouldn’t want an intense orgasm? I mean, what’s the point of sex if no one is going to experience a jaw dropping orgasm? Exactly.

Intense Orgasm

Most men, when ejaculating, have an orgasm. In fact, for men, it’s almost 9/10 times that they’ll orgasm during an ejaculation. However, for women, that’s a whole different story.

When I mean a whole different story, I mean, it’s basically the opposite. Many women never experience an orgasm. Scary, right? That used to be my fear until I became determined to have an orgasm. Luckily, the partner I was with was also determined to make me orgasm.

How to have an intense orgasm

Now, once you orgasm, you’re going to wake up the next day feeling like a completely different person, almost as if you were reborn.

It’s like, what the fuck were you doing before this? If you can have an orgasm, congrats, you are shockingly a rare percentage of the female population. Now, let’s amp that up and make it an intense orgasm. [Read: How to make a woman orgasm – 15 secrets to master the art]

Go big or go home.

#1 Breathing is everything. We all know that you’ll be breathing while having sex, that’s a given. But, you’ll be surprised by how changing your breathing can affect your sexual experience.

While having sex, try to switch up your breathing. Go for short breaths to increase arousal. On the other hand, you can try deep, slow breaths to decrease your arousal, making you more sensitive.

#2 Work on your pelvic floor. Ah yes, the pelvic floor. This is an extremely important muscle in the female body. What you want to do is squeeze your PC by tightening your genitals. It’s a similar sensation to when you stop peeing or hold in a bowel movement.

You want to squeeze it when you’re aroused, this will intensify your orgasm, stop it, or prolong it. You’ll want to practice this a couple times a day using different durations of time. [Read: Kegel and how to strengthen your pelvic floor muscles in under two minutes]

#3 Tease yourself. I know you want to orgasm right now, but don’t. Instead, tease yourself. This will intensify the orgasm. What you need to do is delay gratification, so, just before you’re about to climax, stop. You’re probably thinking that this is stupid, but it’s not, it’ll build up the intensity for when you’re about to orgasm. [Read: Edging and the art of explosive delayed orgasms]

#4 Switch up the way you masturbate. Like with anything, eventually, you get used to similar patterns. This is the same thing for masturbation. Your body becomes used to the way you masturbate. So, what you need to do is keeping your body surprised.

Try out different methods when it comes to masturbation. Maybe use a toy instead, or use your fingers instead of a toy. Showing your body all these different methods relaxes your body and allows you to orgasm using different methods. [Read: How to finger yourself – 15 moves to bring yourself to ecstasy]

#5 Get the oxytocin flowing. You want to get that “love hormone,” oxytocin, flowing through your veins. You may not think about it, but this hormone is strongly correlated to orgasms.

Now, how to get this hormone activated? Through cuddling, hugging and other acts of affection towards your partner. You’ll be surprised at how this will positively affect your relationship as well.

#6 Go heavy on the foreplay. I’m an advocate for foreplay, I think people have forgotten the importance of it. Plus, it’s so much fun. Everyone nowadays is all about just sticking it in and getting it done with, but that’s not sex.

By focusing your time on foreplay, you can increase the chances of orgasming significantly, so, foreplay is there for a reason. Don’t forget the foreplay. [Read: How to foreplay – The key for the best sex of your life]

#7 Focus on the clit. The clit is where it’s at, people. That’s where your partner should be focusing their attention, on that little puppy.

If you’re unable to orgasm during intercourse or when you’re alone, it’s because you’re not giving your clitoris enough attention. And believe me, she needs a more attention than you think. [Read: Clitoris stimulation – All the sexy ways to please the clitoris]

#8 Experiment with toys. You’ll have to fiddle around and find a sex toy that actually suits you and fits. Sometimes to get an intense orgasm, you don’t need a penis inside you. In fact, sometimes you don’t even need a man.

Instead, that battery operated penis can do it for you. Plus, if you’re solo, you’ll be able to try these things out on your own, so there’s no pressure.

#9 Eat wisely. I’m not saying you need to go on a diet in order to orgasm. But, you should be eating clean. If fast food is the only thing that’s landing in your stomach, you’re slowing your body down and filling it with shit.

This affects your sex life greatly. Plus, if you eat foods like peaches and oatmeal, they’ll help boost your libido – which means hello, intense orgasm! [Read: Nom-nom no-nos – 17 foods to avoid for great sex]

#10 Sweat… outside the bedroom. I had to clarify. Yes, sweat outside the bedroom. What I’m trying to say is, work out. You don’t have to do the hamster wheel at the gym, but you have to do something.

You need to sweat. Sure, it’ll make you feel more sexy and confident, but more importantly, exercising helps regulate your hormones. Maybe you’ve been in a slump lately and haven’t been able to orgasm. Work out, and you’ll see the difference.

[Read: Tantric sex – The beginners guide to the most explosive orgasms of your life]

Now that you know what you have to do in order to have an intense orgasm, it’s time you put this into practice. Orgasming is amazing, but having an intense one will blow your mind.

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