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How to Please Your Man in Bed: 20 Sexy Ways to Arouse Him 24/7

Wondering how to please your man in bed? Use these sexy, flirty tips on teasing and pleasing and you’ll make him desire you and want you more than ever!

how to please your man in bed

Want to know how to ignite and maintain the spark inside and outside of the bedroom in your relationship? Thinking about how to please your man in bed in the best ways possible? 

Why is it important to keep sex interesting and exciting in a relationship?

At the beginning, guys are pretty easy to please, and they’ll be turned on by the simplest touch. However, when you’ve been in a relationship for a while, it’s hard to keep the enthusiasm up even if you’re really attractive and sexy.

And no matter how you see it, sexual intimacy is a healthy requirement in keeping the spark alive in every relationship in any stage.

When it comes to perking your man’s attention and keeping it, different men like different things. However, most men follow a fairly similar pattern and can be pleased by a combination of a couple of things. And pleasing your man in bed can be simple, as long as you remember to keep things interesting.

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The best starting point for reigniting or maintaining a spark with your partner is to look for ways to bring the excitement of the earlier days into your day to day relationship.

If you’re wondering how to please your man in bed, and everywhere else, we’re going to explore the most simple ways to get your man excited inside and outside of the bedroom. 

How to please your man in bed: Keeping the spark

To turn a man on or keep him on a sexual high, you need to do more than just give him a good blowjob. These top tips of ours will help you keep your man’s eyes focused on you in the bedroom, but they will also have positive effects on the rest of your relationship.

Learning how to please your man in bed will make him desire you no matter whether you are in bed or on different sides of the world. Learn to capture his imagination and stimulate his mind and body, and you will *both* reap the rewards.

Find out how to please your man in bed, and watch his face and body react and reveal just how pleased he really is!

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1. Dress to impress

The pleasure of sex may be in the sensation, but arousal and initial attraction also depends on many other things. It is important to dress well, not only in and around the bedroom *or when you know you’re going to get lucky*, but also in normal, random situations.

The more your man is turned on by the way you are dressed, the bigger the spark will be when you and your man do have sex.

Dress well in bed all the time, and not just on the nights when you decide to have sex. Wear flimsy, soft nightwear that flows over your body. If your man loves the way you look when you walk away in a negligee that’s cute and yet sexy, he’ll have a hard time keeping his hands off you.

Ask him what he likes and get his opinion on what you wear sometimes, and craft what you wear around that. [Read: How to look sexy, feel sexy and be sexy without ever trying too hard]

2. Step out of your innocence

Innocence is something that may draw a guy in at first, and it is something that fascinates some men. However, this is not a long-lasting strategy. Innocence and ‘virgin behavior’ as a social construct only fascinates a guy for so long.

Although the innocent act is fun at first, guys love a girl that knows exactly what she wants and likes in the bedroom.

The best thing to do is use innocence as an act and then when the bedroom door closes; show him what you’re really about. If you feel like you don’t know enough about what you like, explore your sexuality and learn about what you like. Bring this to him and watch his eyes light up with passion. [Read: 16 must-know sex tips for women to make sex so much more exciting]

3. Work out and put effort into your appearance

It’s not news, guys are attracted to what they look at. If you haven’t got that initial attraction, there will be no chance of anything physical happening. Whether you like it or not, guys are visual beings.

It is important to have an emotional connection, of course! However, it is so important to keep yourself together and not let yourself go. Take care of your appearance, do your nails, do some cardio and love yourself for who you are.

Keeping yourself looking fit will most definitely keep your man attracted and keep that bedroom spark alive. And funnily enough, when you look better, you’ll feel better about yourself and feel more confident, and sex will feel a lot better too. [Read: 18 physical turn ons for guys that arouse all men in seconds]

4. Tease him and keep him on his toes

Teasing makes life interesting and fun. One of the best ways to keep your man on his toes and keep him pleased in bed is by getting him excited. Play some fun games with him, have fun, and extend your physical connection beyond the bedroom.

Some of the best things to do is send him sexy pictures while he’s at work, send him a flirty text to get him excited when he’s on his way home, or tease him with what could possibly be waiting for him at the end of the day. [Read: The best sexy selfie poses to show yourself off to your man]

When you’re out at dinner with his friends, run your hand over him and look him in the eye when you do so. Grind on him when you’re on a dance floor, and keep him in awe of you *all the time*.

5. Shed your inhibitions and be confident

Everyone has their own insecurities, of course, but you have to see past your own worries to act sexy for your man.

Men love confidence. A confident girl is a sexy girl. Period.

Men love girls that are confident in their looks and themselves as a whole. Feel confident when you take your clothes off, and don’t act awkward. Be happy in your own skin and watch it rub off on how well you please your man. [Read: How to feel more confident in your body and fall in love with YOU]

6. Get creative and explore sex

Sex is a fun activity, and should be enjoyable for everyone involved. It is so important to try new things, explore your boundaries as a couple, and keep things fun and interesting.

If the two of you only keep it PG or basic when it comes to sex positions, explore what else and other things you might enjoy together. If you haven’t done things like that before, do it together. It can actually be a bonding experience for you both as a couple.

If you want to please your man in bed *and yourself too!*, try watching porn together and see if something piques both of your interests. Try out some toys, see if you might be into something different as a couple. Keep it fun, fresh, and exciting. It is important to always be looking for new and exciting ways to please your man. [Read: The top 50 kinky sex ideas worth trying at least once in your lifetime]

7. Try foreplay in a way he likes

In an overarching assumption and generalization, most women believe men do not typically enjoy foreplay. While this may be partly true, foreplay is usually more naturally tended to be enjoyed by women overall.

But because sex should be enjoyed by the both of you, it is important that foreplay does take place. Talk to your man about what he prefers and enjoys during foreplay and figure out what you both like and want.

Foreplay is nibbles, massages, and a lot of touching and licking. Do some research when it comes to foreplay and find out what would turn the both of you on. [Read: 17 unique and sexy foreplay moves that’ll get anyone hot and horny]

8. Try out dirty talk

Dirty talk is always fun, but it can be difficult to get into at the beginning or if you haven’t dived into it as a couple yet. Guys absolutely love a girl who tells them exactly what they want to do to them and what they want done to them.

Confidence is key when it comes to talking dirty, so make sure you back yourself when it comes down to it.

Be imaginative and think about what you want from your man, and what he wants from you. Explore the limits of your sex life as a couple. Talking about it can be the first step to expanding what you two do as a couple. Talk dirty to him and watch his pleasure levels increase even before you get started in the bedroom. [Read: 60 dirty and sexy things to say to your man + the art of dirty talk all women should know]

9. Moan and make the right kind of noise

Guys love to see reactions in the bedroom. As much as guys love to be pleased, they also love seeing their girl being pleased. As a man, he’d want to know that what he’s doing is having a positive and pleasurable effect on you. As much as you want to please your man, he would want to please you too!

When you moan and make noises, your man will get excited thinking about the fact that he’s making you orgasm and enjoying your sexual experience.

Moan softly when he’s doing something that feels good to you, and watch his face light up. Sex should be enjoyed by both parties, and the expression of this is so important. [Read: How to moan and look & sound way more sexy in bed]

10. Communication is sexy

Communication is so sexy. Tell your man you like something he’s doing, ask him what he likes you to wear, moan in his ear and tell him you love it when he does certain things to you. Communicate!

Communication is important in any relationship inside and outside the bedroom. However, it can often be forgotten when it comes to sex.

How is your partner going to know how to make sex better for the both of you if you don’t communicate? If you want to know how to please your man in bed, and give him a chance to please you, everything starts with communication. [Read: How to talk about sex without sounding or feeling like a pervert]

11. Pull something unexpected out of the bag

This is such an important tip when it comes to knowing how to please your man in bed. Especially if you are in a long-term relationship or have known your man for a long time. After all, everyone knows sex can sometimes get repetitive and even boring with time.

To ensure that this doesn’t happen, surprise him with things in the bedroom that you know he likes. Do something unexpected.

One of the most interesting things to do is to surprise him when he’s least expecting it. Pull a different position out or pull some toys out when he doesn’t see its coming. 

12. Surprise him with sex

Similar to what we’ve said above, the key is in the surprise. Especially when it comes to long term relationships or situations when people may have become complacent, surprise sex is so important.

Try not to schedule sex or have stunted and stilted encounters. Find out when he’s coming home from work and lay on the bed with lingerie on to take him by surprise when he walks in the door. That is something he definitely will not forget. [Read: Surprise sex – The best ways to shock and awe him with the easiest moves]

13. Crave his body, obviously!

If you want to know how to please your man in bed, start with appreciation. Spend time admiring your man. Women love it when men admire every inch of their body, and it is the exact same thing for a lot of men.

Don’t jump straight into the middle of sexy times even if your man is getting excited. Men love feeling admired and craved during sex. Spend time on every inch of his body, run your fingers down his back, and get him excited by the way you look at him and behave around him.

14. Be active and participating

There are certain positions when it comes to sex that women don’t have to do a lot of work or put in a lot of effort if they do not want to.

As much as men are generally very sexual beings, they enjoy watching women be active and participate during sex as well. It’s not all about the orgasm for a guy.

Don’t just simply lay back and take it. The enjoyment of sex is in the joint enjoyment of the act itself. Be active. [Read: The reverse cowgirl sex position and how to use it to blow your man’s mind]

15. Keep yourself prim and proper

Every man has a different preference when it comes to what they like hair wise and self-care wise, on a girl. Some men don’t mind however it looks, some like it completely shaved and hairless, and some just want a short trim.

Everyone has their own preferences. Talk to your man and communicate, ask him what he likes you to look like. The overall general consensus is that trimmed is good, but keep yourself trimmed the way he wants. [Read: The perfect pretty pussy – 22 ways to make your vagina look way more beautiful]

16. Enjoy oral sex and let him know it

Guys love oral sex being performed on them. There is no man on earth that does not love their women putting in the effort to just make them feel amazing.

A lot of women find it unenjoyable to perform and steer away from it. Try to swerve past anything putting you off and make him happy by getting on your knees. And as an added bonus, most men like it when you swallow. Just a word to remember here, this MUST be mutual. If your man doesn’t want to go down on you, you most definitely do not have to go down on a guy! [Read: How to give good head – The ultimate guide and 50+ blowjob tips]

17. Jump on him

Men love it when women make the first move. If you want to please your man sexually, jump on him and get excited about having sex with him.

Guys love a girl that takes charge and seeing their woman show them that they want them is a first class ticket to pleasing them. Tell your man to take your clothes off or start unbuttoning his shirt and taking his trousers off. He’ll love the extra effort.

18. Affirmation in and out of the bedroom

Women love to be affirmed of how attractive they are; and often, we think that men do not feel the same way. Men have feelings too!

They love to be told that they are hot and that you fancy the pants off of them. Men are not simple sexual beings, they have emotional needs too. Return compliments and make your man feel affirmed. [Read: 25 unique compliments for guys they’ll never ever forget]

19. Let him feel you

Let him feel you up. Let him appreciate every nook and cranny of your body. Let him memorize every inch of your skin.

Try not to get embarrassed and shy away from letting him love every single part of you *even your insecurities*. Letting him love every part of you will make him feel close to you and make your sex sessions even better every time.

20. Don’t stop flirting

Once you have been in a relationship with your man for quite a while, it is easy to tone down the initial spark you had and stop flirting as much as you did at the beginning.

Do not stop flirting with your man! Continuously give him ‘the eyes’ when you’re out, let him smack your bum when you’re in public, and flutter your eyelids at him when he looks extra sexy. Keep the spark alive with extra flirtation.

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Use these top tips of ours on how to please your man in bed. And as long as you play your sexy cards right, you’ll definitely arouse him and learn how to please your man both inside and outside the bedroom!

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