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How to Make Your Boyfriend Miss You Every Time You Aren’t Around

Is your guy taking you for granted a little? Do you need to inject a little more closeness in your union? Learn how to make your boyfriend miss you!

how to make your boyfriend miss you

Relationships are great at the start, right? It’s all hearts and flowers, happy times, and wonderful memories, but as time ticks on, it’s normal for some of that shine to rub off. Sometimes, a guy can start to take you for granted a little too. For sure, it’s not ideal, but it happens. However, if you’re looking to put some shine back into your relationship why not learn how to make your boyfriend miss you?

The first thing you need to question is whether this guy actually deserves you to be making an effort. But, if you think it’s just life getting in the way, perhaps both of you need a nudge, then a few interjections could be all it takes to make things much better all-around. [Read: 16 reasons why you’re always being taken for granted]

Don’t worry, all relationships go through it

It’s normal! You settle into a groove, you become comfortable, and sometimes that can mean you show your appreciation of the other person a little less too.

Of course, that doesn’t mean you don’t appreciate them as much, it’s simply that you’ve become comfortable. Now, we all like to be told that we’re appreciated, loved, and how wonderful we are.

If your boyfriend is saying these words or showing you with actions a little less, it might be time to give him a little jolt.

While normal, we’re certainly not saying it’s okay either. You deserve to be told how wonderful you are! Sure, not every single day otherwise it would probably become boring, but we all love to hear it. It helps us feel connected to our partner and keeps the flame alive.

But, you should know the difference between perhaps someone needing a jolt or taking you a little for granted without realizing it, and being totally disrespectful.

If he never has time for you anymore, he’s always putting everyone before you, or he never listens – ever, then you need to start wondering whether it’s more than a jolt he needs. [Read: How to reignite the lost spark in your relationship]

Learn how to make your boyfriend miss you

The jolt we’re talking about is learning how to make your boyfriend miss you when you’re not with him, so he starts to show his appreciation of you a little more when you’re by his side.

Now we’re not a big fan of tactics and games, but sometimes you have to shake things up a little. In that case, let’s look at how to make your boyfriend miss you in a few pretty easy steps. [Read: How to stop being taken for granted in a relationship]

1. Don’t be as available for dates and meet ups

It’s quite likely that you’re used to saying ‘yes’ and dropping most things whenever your boyfriend suggests meeting up. It’s also likely that you’re the one suggesting things to do and places to go. Stop doing it. Seriously.

Let him come up with some suggestions, and don’t be as available when he asks if you want to do something.

It goes a little like this. He calls at the last minute and asks if you want to hang out that night because his friends canceled on him. You’re free, but you say you’re busy. No, you’re not shooting yourself in the foot, you’re teaching him a lesson!

Use that time you’re not doing anything to chill out and relax a little, it won’t hurt him and it might teach him a lesson! [Read: How to pull back in a relationship when you’re giving too much]

2. Don’t pick up the phone or answer messages straightaway

Do you always answer when he calls? Do you reply to messages within minutes? Practice the delay method!

Understanding how to make your boyfriend miss you basically relies upon him thinking you’re doing something more exciting and getting his brain working a little. He’s become complacent and that needs to go.

When he calls, let it go to voicemail and call him back a little while later. When he messages, wait a short while before reading the message. It’s not a good idea to leave him on read, as that is likely to cause an argument, but simply don’t allow the ‘read’ tick to show! [Read: 13 needy signs you’re too available for your partner]

3. Spend more time with your friends

It’s not a bad thing to spend time with your friends. So it’s time to place them as a priority in your life too – if they’re not already. When we’re in relationships, we often let our friendships slide; we’re certainly not saying it’s right, but it does happen.

This is a great way to learn how to make your boyfriend miss you whilst also benefiting yourself and your friends too. But, after you’ve managed to bag the desired effects of making your boyfriend miss you, make sure that you keep your friends on that priority list. They’re important too! [Read: What makes a good friend – 15 traits we desperately seek in a friend]

4. Focus on yourself

Take this opportunity to practice self care! Do something you’ve always wanted to do, rather than dropping everything for him. Have a hot bath and read a book. Play a sport or go to the gym. Go out shopping and enjoy yourself for the day. Learn something new.

Basically, focus on number one. Let him wonder what you’re doing and why for a while. The chances are, he’ll start to show a lot more interest and appreciation because he’s concerned as to why you’re not quite as easily available or focused on him as you normally are! [Read: How to be a strong independent woman that men love]

5. Use social media to highlight what a great time you’re having

Social media is a two-pronged beast. It can be used for good or for bad. However, use it to strengthen your case a little. Whenever you go out with your friends, highlight this on social media. Showcase what a great time you’re having. Update your status with random quirky quotes and things you’re doing and go to town with the selfies.

This doesn’t mean you’re cutting him out of your life by any means. It simply means you’re expanding your life beyond him and creating a better balance for yourself while teaching him a lesson at the same time. [Read: The traits in a woman that draw all men towards her]

6. Encourage him to spend time with his friends too

Of course, it’s only fair if you’re out with your friends that you should be fine with him doing the same. Encourage him to go out with his friends. Show him that you’re perfectly fine with it.

He might wonder why you’re telling him to go out alone and make him realize when he is out how much he misses your presence. This might just jolt him back into super-boyfriend mode.

Simply remember not to call him or message him while he’s out – give him the space that he wants *willingly* and see what happens. [Read: How to give space in a relationship without drifting apart]

7. What is your scent?

If you regularly wear a certain perfume, make sure you leave little hints of it around his house or car. If you use a certain shampoo, rub your hair on his sweater a little. It might sound odd, but our sense of smell is very powerful for memory recall.

When he smells something that is similar to your specific favorite scent, he’s going to remember you and probably come over all nostalgic. [Read: How to be a high value woman he’ll never ever want to leave]

8. Don’t share every single detail with him

Are you guilty of sharing all your thoughts and secrets with your boyfriend? Of course, you shouldn’t have secrets, but that doesn’t mean that you have to spill out every single thought and detail of your day with him either.

Be a little mysterious. Avoid telling him as much as you normally would. He might start to wonder why you’re not sharing as many details.

As a result, his suspicions might cause him to pay a little more attention. This is a great way to learn how to make your boyfriend miss you! [Read: 16 reasons why you may be taken for granted by your boyfriend]

9. Make the times you are together super fun

When you are together, make sure that you have a great time, smile, and show him attention. Then, when you’re not together he’s more likely to miss the fun vibe you have when you’re in the same place.

Don’t be fake. Simply make the most of the time you spend together and make it count. Understanding how to make your boyfriend miss you relies upon you having great memories together in the first place.

10. Reminisce about good times

Jolting your boyfriend into remembering good times isn’t hard. By randomly reminiscing on some of your best memories together, you’ll get his brain ticking over. Then, when he heads off to work or he goes out to see his friends, maybe that memory will enter his mind once more.

It’s a great way to get him thinking back and smiling at your closest memories together and all the fun you had before. It might even make him suggest plans for new memories. [Read: Old love letters and memories – keep or throw them?]

11. Change something about your appearance – if you want to

If you change your hair, your style, or something else about your appearance and it gives you a boost of confidence, it might make your boyfriend take notice yet again. He might also wonder why you’re making an extra effort, even though you’re simply doing it for yourself.

But, don’t go changing how you look just for him – only do it if it’s something you want to do. So, if you’ve always fancied cutting bangs into your hair, go for it. Maybe you want to try leather leggings for the first time – buy some!

You’ll have a boost of confidence and it benefits both of you. [Read: Sense of self – 26 steps to raise it and feel like a million bucks]

12. Surprise him

A great way to get him thinking about you even more? Surprise him in a sexy way and then go about your day. Perhaps wake him up with a blow job in the morning and then smile cheekily and go to work yourself. Or, suggest something you’ve always wanted to try in bed, do it, and carry on as normal.

He’ll wonder where that bout of sexy sass came from and he’ll want more! It’s a great way to learn how to make your boyfriend miss you because he’ll have those new memories firmly in his mind. [Read: Spontaneous sex – 15 reasons you need it and how to do it right]

13. Communicate

If all else fails, what should you do? If you’ve tried all of the above and nothing changes, you should sit down with your boyfriend and talk about how you feel.

It’s not right if you feel like you’re being taken for granted and nothing changes the situation. In that case, it’s more than a jolt he needs but a serious conversation.

Set some boundaries and stick to them. While all relationships need a jolt occasionally, never settle for being ignored or disrespected when you’ve made it obvious how you feel.

[Read: The 9 stages of love all couples go through]

If you need to learn how to make your boyfriend miss you simply because he’s become a little complacent of late, don’t worry. This happens to the best of us. Just remind him of your worth when you’re not around, and he’ll start to understand why he fell in love with you in the first place.

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