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How to Lead a Guy On: 15 Shitty Ways to Play Dirty & Get Revenge

There are all sorts of reasons why you might want to learn how to lead a guy on. Be careful, if you pick up a lost puppy, it isn’t easy finding it a new home.

how to lead a guy on

There are very specific reasons why a girl would want to know how to lead a guy on. Okay, so I hate to give people advice about how to be shitty, but there are times when guys beg to be treated badly. Maybe you have revenge on your mind because some guy wronged you. Sometimes leading him on is an excellent way to get back at him.

Whether it is a guy from high school who teased you and wouldn’t give you the time of day who now begs for your attention or the guy who screwed over your bestie, leading a guy on to watch him fall, can be, well… for lack of a better word, fulfilling.

How to lead a guy on for revenge – 15 ways that really work

There are many ways to lead a guy on. But, if you really want to watch him fall for you and then fall off a cliff, these are the best ways to toy with him, f*ck with his head just a little, and have him eating out of the palm of your hands.

Just be careful. Sometimes what goes around comes around. So, unless he really deserves it, remember that it might happen to you someday. Karma is a bitch, and if you behave like one, then karma just might be back to kick you in the ass. [Read: 10 signs you’re stuck in a karma smackdown]

#1 Answer everything with maybe. The best way to lead a guy on is to answer his questions with maybe. Yes is a commitment, no is a no. Maybe, that is the thing to keep him guessing and making him think he has a snowball’s chance in hell scoring you, even when he secretly doesn’t. If he asks you out, if he asks if you like him, or even if you want to catch a movie, simply say “Yeah, maybe.”

#2 Flirt with him, but when he gets into it, back off. The best way to lead a guy on is by giving him a little taste of what being with you would taste like, but not going too far. Leading him on is a risky proposition. If you are too overt, then you either must go through with what you are doing, or admit you play him for a fool.

You don’t want to be all over him. Some subtle flirting is all you need to hook him. [Read: Leave a guy weak in the knees and craving you]

#3 Say things like “we” and “us.” One of the perfect ways when it comes to knowing how to lead a guy on is to give him the illusion that there is going to be such a thing as “we” or “us” by using the phrase when it calls for it. If you want to lead him on, then you must make him believe that you will be a part of his world. In a relationship, there is only we and us. When he hears that, it signals he means something to you.

#4 Text him flirtatious messages. Nothing is easier than being cheesy through text messaging. Sometimes we aren’t as good at leading guys on when they stare us in the face. Perhaps our conscience kicks in or we aren’t able to disguise our true disdain for the guy we pretend to like.

If you want to flirt with him and not be discovered, do it through sending him sexy and simple messages to mess with his head. [Read: The subtle art of flirting with a guy over text]

#5 Tell him that you’ll meet him somewhere then bail last minute. Nothing is worse than looking forward to something all day and not to have it happen. If he asks you out, then say yes, even when you mean no. Have no intention of going, but let him blow off any other plans and plan on you. The ending? Bail last minute so he is left with nothing but his damn, lonely self.

#6 Omit the fact that you have a boyfriend. If you want know how to lead a guy on the right way, you can’t tell him that you have your eye on someone else or that you have a boyfriend. That might involve removing rings that are a telltale sign or not talking about some guy the way you normally do. You can’t lead a guy on if they think that your heart already belongs to someone else.

#7 Smile and hang on his every boring word. The best way to make a guy think you are interested when you aren’t is by hanging on his every word and pretending that he says nothing but important things.

Guys like to feel powerful and valuable, so to lead him on make sure to pay close attention to every boring detail. Laugh even when he isn’t a bit funny, and flirt by touching his face to signal that you think he is awesome, even if he isn’t. [Read: 30 subtle, obvious and overly sexual flirting moves for girls]

#8 Compliment him a ton. Guys love nothing more than compliments. If you want him to think that you are into him, then shower him with praise. In fact, make a big deal out of the dumbest things that he says or does.

Tell him he is hot or smart, whatever it is that he thinks is important. For some guys, any old praise will do. [Read: How to compliment a guy: What men love to hear]

#9 Pretend to be impressed by whatever he thinks is so impressive about himself. When he talks, do your “oh” and “ah” voice when you know that he wants you to be impressed.

Think his car is absolutely the best thing ever, his love for motocross is totally cool *even though we all know it isn’t*, and pretend that you think he is the most impressive being alive. The best way to lead a guy on is by being impressed by his unimpressive self.

#10 Show more skin than you usually do. To lead a guy on, dress more provocatively than you normally would. That makes him think that you try to impress him and dress nicely for him. Wear a sexy little halter that says, “I think you’re hot,” even when he is not. [Read: 18 things to do to make guys think you’re an easy lay]

#11 Invite him to dinner at your place. One of the best tricks in how to lead a guy on is to invite him for dinner at your house. Make it sound like it will just be a little intimate affair for the two of you. When he shows up, have ten more people there. He will dream of getting you in bed all day to show up to mingle with everyone you know. Not fun for him!

#12 Invite him to the movies and let him pay. Hey, if you lead him on, at least have a good time and see a movie. The movies are the perfect date. You might have to sit with him, but you don’t have to talk to him, look at him, or even acknowledge him. When the movie is over, home you go. [Read: Cold, calculated revenge to hit back and get even]

#13 When he asks you out say yes, but only when he is going to drive and pay. Again, if you lead a guy on, at least get something good out of it. If you want to see a concert, suggest that maybe you go together.

Have him drive and pick up the tickets too. You can lead him on and get something out of it for you. On the way home, dump his ass, but wait until he pulls into your driveway!

#14 Let him buy you gifts, or even suggest things you want. If you want to lead a guy on, then accept his gifts, I mean it is only fair. It would be rude not to let him spend his money on you. Revenge is sweeter when his pockets are empty, and you have tons of things in exchange. [Read: How to handle a guy who is full of shit]

#15 Send him late night drunk texts. Booty calls without the booty is the best way to lead a guy on. Get him all revved up by your sexy text when you arrive home drunk. When he asks you about it, all you do is claim drunkenness. The perfect way to lead him on.

[Read: 10 things you do that’ll make a guy think you like him]

If revenge is what you seek, play him the way that he played you and learn how to lead a guy on. Just remember, sometimes what we think we want isn’t as great once we get it. Revenge is always best planned and not followed through with.

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