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How to Get What You Want from a Man and Make Him Want to Do It

Constantly giving silent signals to your guy, and it’s not working? Wondering how to get what you want from a man? It’s actually quite easy!

how to get what you want from a man

For centuries, people have struggled to understand each other. This works with romantic relationships, work-based relationships, even family relationships. It doesn’t matter what type of connection you have. Sometimes, getting your guy to understand what you want can be difficult. There is actually one easy answer to how to get what you want from a man?

Be direct and just say it! Seriously, it’s that easy in so many ways.

Telepathic signals don’t work so well

I’m going to ask you a question. Be honest with yourself and me. Do you send out silent signals and expect your guy to know exactly what you’re trying to telepathically communicate to him? Be honest. I’ll be the first to hold up my hands and admit that I do it.

My course of action is the silent treatment. How many of you have tried that? Lots, I bet. And how many of you have found it works? It doesn’t work. I know, I try a lot, and I just end up getting frustrated.

The bottom line is that guys do not have a magic sixth sense which gets them to read your mind and understand what you want. They also do not have a crystal ball which predicts anything. How to get what you want from a man is simple. Communicate your needs! [Read: Mars and Venus? Obvious gender differences in communication]

I completely understand that it sounds simple and you’re probably shaking your head in disagreement, but seriously, try it. Of course there are a few other tricks you need to throw in there; just asking will probably not work all the time, after all. Whether you’re in a romantic relationship with a guy or some other connection completely, the rules are the same. There has to be some kind of communication, be it direct or indirect. Silent treatment and telepathic cues do not work. At all.

Tell him what you want and let him do it

This piece of advice might not work for every man out there, because everyone is different. On the whole however, men still have this random caveman gene which means they want to be the one to do things. It makes them feel like a man, it makes them feel like they’re the one providing for their partner, no matter what it is, whether big or small.

Crazy? Yes, but this is evolution gone wrong in some ways. The fact that we’re still talking about caveman behavior in this day and age is ridiculous, but men still like to be the ones in charge to some degree. But, you can use this little slice of craziness to your own benefit. I do this all the time, and trust me when I say it works!

So, whatever it is that you want, say it. Seriously, just say it. Learning how to get what you want from a man relies on you being direct. For instance, perhaps you want him to do the shopping because you simply can’t be bothered.

Rather than saying ‘I want you to go and do the shopping please,’ you word it in a way which makes him feel like he is rescuing the day if he does it. So, you would say ‘I’m so tired, but the shopping needs to be done.’ enter tired look on your face and sad eyes. Bear with me, it works. [Read: Why men find the damsel in distress so irresistible]

He will either say ‘oh well, you can get it delivered’, and totally miss the point, or he will swoop in like your knight in shining armor and say ‘give me a list, I’ll do it’.

That’s quite a generalized example, but it can be anything. Tell him what you want in a way which makes him feel like some kind of hero if he does it for you. Want a drink from the fridge? Try it! Want him to spend more time at home with you? Say it! Make him feel like if he does that thing, he is the bigger man. It’s ridiculously macho, but it works. [Read: How to understand the differences between men and women]

In his defense, most guys are more than happy to give you what they want, they just haven’t got the first clue what it is. This is down to you sending those silent signals you expect him to pick up on. He knows you’re trying to say something, but he can’t quite get it, literally because he’s not a mind reader. Tell him and take away the confusion, and you’ll more than likely get him to do exactly what you want him to do.

Trick him into thinking it’s all his idea

Ah, my favorite trick of them all. If you want something done, make your guy think that it’s all his idea! It’s crafty, but it’s one of the most successful tricks in the book.

Again, we’re generalizing, but most guys want to feel like they saved the day and came up with a wonderful idea that made everything better. It’s about feeling good about themselves, and who can blame them . Everyone wants to feel good from time to time.

How to get what you want from a man comes down to him taking action, and he’s more likely to take action if he thinks this was all his idea. Nobody likes being told what to do. [Read: 13 proven ways to manipulate anyone that actually works]

How to make it work 

Actually making him think this can be tricky, and you need to word it very carefully. It all depends on what you want, but it can be done. A random example, perhaps you really want barbecue for dinner, but you cannot be bothered to do it yourself. It’s too much hassle and you’ve had a stressful day. On the other hand, you know that he loves barbecue, so something like ‘that barbecue you did last week was so delicious.’ Again, accompany it with a wishful look. ‘Thinking about it is making me really hungry.’

The chances are that he will link your strong hint and wishful look and swoop in to save the day. The difference here is that he will come up with the idea, that you oh-so-cleverly planted in his brain. ‘I’ll do a barbecue for dinner’ is likely to be his reply. [Read: How to motivate your man and make him feel like a champion]

The difference between making him think it’s his idea and those unsuccessful silent cues we mentioned earlier is in your delivery. Silent cues have no communication attached to them at all, and if they do, the remarks are so flimsy that nobody other than the person actually saying them has the first clue what they mean.

Making him think it is his idea is designed with strong suggestion in mind, to the point where he can’t do anything else but assume the idea and pitch it to you. You then go ‘oh that’s a great idea!’ He feels good about it, he does it, you get what you want! Everyone’s happy!

Is all of this a little mean and dishonest? Not at all! It’s likely that he will do the same to you at some point, and you won’t have the first clue because he’ll be using his own sneaky tactics too!

[Read: How to stop overthinking and calm your mind down]

Learning how to get what you want from a man really comes down to simple communication and avoiding silent cues. Your guy is not a mind reader, so don’t expect him to suddenly take on the mysterious gifts of Edward Cullen in the psychic stakes! 

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