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How to Get a Guy to Ask for Your Number: A Go-To Guide from a Guy

When you decide that you want to go out with a guy, you better make sure that you know how to get a guy to ask for your number before you part ways.

how to get a guy to ask for your number

Frankly speaking, understanding how to get a guy to ask for your number can be likened to a Mexican stand-off. While you’re playing your games and waiting for him to ask, he’s struggling to read between every word, smile, and laugh.

A slight mistake easily gives him the wrong idea that you’re not interested enough. So if you want to end the night with your digits saved on his phone, make sure you send the right hints to encourage him to go for it and ask for your number. [Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting  between a guy and a girl]

When will a guy ask for your number?

Guys have it tough when they’re in a situation that calls for them to make a move towards a girl. Aside from the courage to be mustered and the anxiety that follows, he’s risking his ego and the possible rejection.

At the back of his mind, a guy secretly calculates his chances. He carefully reads the mood after they made contact. Consequently, guys only ask for a girl’s number given the following three situations.

#1 If the girl is friendly from the beginning. Which means that she doesn’t treat him like a homeless person when he makes his first approach or act like he immediately has ulterior motives for trying to talk to you. If you do give off that impression, he’ll definitely back out.

Being friendly from the beginning makes a comfortable mood for further conversation. It increases your chances of getting him to ask for your number. [Read: Charming ways to be more approachable to guys]

#2 If a girl appears interested in him. If a guy feels that a girl is interested in him, it encourages him to ask for her number at the end of the conversation. We do know most girls play hard to get in such situations. If you really want to be on the safe side, make sure to you show interest to a guy who takes interest in you. [Read: Playing hard to get with a guy is pointless]

#3 If a girl establishes a connection. That “connection” would be shared activities and interests that lead to further conversations. The thing about guys is that even if there’s an attractive woman in front of him with little or no connection, then asking for her number is pointless. So, to motivate a guy, explore and lay out your similar interests.

How to get a guy to ask for your number

#4 Be flirty and playful. Being flirty and playful easily gives the guy the idea that you’re into him. With that, he’ll realize that he’s got high chances of success asking you out. However, learn how to flirt elegantly to keep a guy locked in. Reckless flirting may turn him off or even give him the wrong idea about you. [Read: How to be flirty while maintaining poise and class]

#5 Smile a lot when interacting with him. If you’re wondering how to get a guy to ask for your number, smiling is the best way to break down the ice and makes the mood less threatening for a guy. In addition, smiling will make you look more attractive to a guy which gives him further motivation to ask for your number.

#6 Make lots of eye contact. Eye contact is a distinct body language tied to attraction and interest. If a guy sees that you can’t get your eyes off him, it gives him the idea that you find him interesting. This way, you make it easier for him to be bold and ask for your number. [Read: 15 obvious signs of flirting between a guy and a girl]

#7 Decrease the physical gap and get closer. Leaning closer so that both your arms almost touch or getting in close to catch what he’s saying will let the guy feel that you’re comfortable and do not mind being in close proximity with him.

Guys are well aware that girls can be quite protective of their personal space. If a girl initiates the act of getting physically close, he will see it as a sign that you won’t mind his company. [Read: 14 ways to show a guy you like him and still be a tease]

#8 Entice him with a little touch. Initiating friendly physical contact such as conversational touches on the arm or shoulders or maybe more playful assertive ones like touching on the torso or face will send the message that you’re attracted to him. This will ensure he asks for your number before the conversation ends.

#9 Ask him questions about his life. Asking him about his hobbies, his opinion on a particular topic, his favorite food, or where he usually hangs out will give the impression that you care and are interested in his personal life and ideas. This will give him the idea that you like him, further convincing him to make a move.

#10 Pay close attention when conversing with him. Paying close attention to what he’s saying in a conversation does not only show respect, it also shows attraction. Just like asking questions, paying attention to a person gives the impression of interest and attraction.

#11 Emphasize your shared interests. If you make it a point that you share some interests, you encourage the idea of further communication or interaction. It’s essentially telling him that he should get your number just in case it’s a good day to hang out and do things together in the future. [Read: A sneaky foolproof guide to get a guy to ask you out]

#12 Appreciate his sense of humor. Appreciating his sense of humor is not just accomplished by laughing at his jokes. Also make jokes from the same vein as his. Even if he’s trying too hard, appreciating his sense of humor is playing into a guy’s ego. And show your interest in him.

#13 Give him hints that you like hanging out or talking to him. One other way of increasing your chances is by being direct. Tell him that you really enjoy talking or hanging out with him. It is an effective leading statement which will convince him to ask for your number. Guys are likely to pursue girls who verbally confirm their interest. [Read: 15 ways to tell if someone likes you without asking them]

#14 Come up with an excuse that makes him ask for your number. When the usual strategies won’t work, try being sneaky by coming up with an excuse to have him ask for your number. You can ask for a favor that requires meeting at a set location. Or ask him out to a group party where he doesn’t know anyone else but you.

#15 Promptly make an exit when the conversation is getting good. Show him a good time, be a little bit mysterious, and then casually make an excuse to leave once the conversation is going somewhere. This way he’ll find a way for you to meet or talk again. Starting with your phone number.

[Read: Magic text messages to grab a guy’s attention]

While it is a little unorthodox to learn how to get a guy to ask for your number, you can subtly convince or encourage him to ask for your number. Subtly, of course! 

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