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27 Subtle Ways to Be More Graceful & Elegant with Your Body & Behavior

If you want to have men turn their heads to look at you, then you will need to know how to be graceful and elegant. Here are the guidelines to follow.

how to be graceful and elegant

If you want to impress a guy, look good at a social gathering, or just stand out from everyone else, then you will have to learn how to be graceful and elegant. It’s also the key to a better life.

What does it mean to be graceful and elegant?

When we hear the word “elegant” or “graceful,” we think in terms of 1950s Hollywood or a beautiful ballerina. Because let’s face it – it’s not a word that is used too often these days.

In the modern era, it seems like we are all so busy and hurried. People try to get the kids to school, go to work, clean the house, make dinner, and pay the bills. There’s little time for people to think about how to be graceful, elegant, and sophisticated.

Those words are usually associated with the days when women waltzed down the street in their matching hats, dress, gloves, pearls, and shoes. They were the “perfect wife and mother” who had meals ready every night when her husband came home from work. 

But we don’t really live in that world anymore. As a result, being elegant has become a lost art.

However, that doesn’t mean we can’t rediscover what it means to be graceful and elegant. It doesn’t matter how old you are, you can always learn.

In a lot of ways, being elegant is really a state of mind. Well, at least it starts there. You have to think like an elegant person in order to be one. So, we’re going to tell you how to be graceful and elegant with your body and in all other ways.

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There are two distinct ways to learn to be graceful and elegant. One, with your body, and two, with the way you behave. Learn these two side of the same coin, and you’ll have heads turning wherever you are!

How to be graceful and elegant with your body

Men love a graceful woman. Women envy a graceful woman. And honestly, it’s easy to be graceful. In fact, all you need to do is follow our advice.

Understanding how to be graceful and elegant is filled with self-reflecting lessons that need your attention.

If the whole idea of spending time in front of the mirror, miming and pretending like you’re having a conversation, or learning to smile and pout puts you off, well, you’re going to have a hard time learning to be graceful.

You’re your own critique. And you can learn to be graceful only if you’re prepared to look at yourself in the mirror, pick your own flaws and learn to correct them.

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After all, all those perfect celebrities didn’t learn to walk with a graceful swanlike gait when they took their first baby step.

If you want to be graceful and elegant with your body, here are the most important steps you need to remember.

1. Be aware of your own body

Even as you sit, can you feel the different parts of your body? Do you know the exact position of your toes or your lower back? Can you visualize the exact location and positions of your body parts look without really looking at them right now? 

To be graceful and elegant, you need to be completely aware of your body no matter where you are. Every move you make should be calculated and precise. [Read: How to develop poise and feel like a real princess all the time]

2. Take dancing lessons

While this isn’t mandatory, it’s something that can help you a lot.

Learn ballet or any other form of dance like the salsa which emphasizes graceful and calculated fluid body movement. While being aware of where your body parts are can help you be aware of your body, it takes the understanding of smooth motion to move and carry yourself with grace.

For starters, stand in front of the mirror and jog in one place. Do you see your body move about awkwardly or does it make you look and feel like an athlete? 

You may think you’re moving perfectly while jogging on-spot or running about, but it takes looking into a mirror to see how clumsy unprofessional runners really are. [Read: How to attract men – The irresistible secrets no one ever talks about publicly]

3. Flexibility and yoga

Learning to be flexible can do wonders for your posture, and help you in your journey in becoming more graceful and elegant. Take a few yoga lessons and see if you like it. If you’re serious about good posture and total body control, yoga can help you get fitter, mentally and physically. 

Yoga can help strengthen your core, help control your body movements, and be completely aware of it in every way.

4. Practice a good posture

No matter where you are, walk with a straight back that feels comfortable. While many girls prefer to learn to walk straight with a pile of books over their heads, you can skip that if you think it’s over the top. 

But try it at least once to really understand how it feels. After all, it’s the best test to find your real posture.

Stand in front of the mirror and ask yourself if you like what you see when you stand with a straight back? Do you feel confident and composed? [Read: How to sexually attractive – 40 ways to seduce anyone with your presence]

5. Watch and learn from other people

All of us have a few role models that we like for different reasons. Do you admire someone for the way they look or the way they walk? 

Or perhaps, is it their confidence? People who seem confident and full of energy always have a great posture. There are no exceptions here.

If you really want to improve your posture, look good, and feel great, sometimes, it may be easier to watch and learn from someone else. [Read: 34 things that sexually attract a guy when he sees a girl]

6. Lose that fat

There’s absolutely no bias here against excess body fat. But you have to understand how being graceful works. 

You can only be graceful and elegant if you are completely aware of every inch of your body and completely in control of it. You can control your muscles, but you can’t control the fat in your body because they’re not really controllable by your mind.

So, if you have parts of your body you can’t really control, you’ll have to work that much harder to appear more graceful and elegant. It’s easier to just shed the fat by participating in yoga or dance classes. You’ll have a lot more fun, look better and be graceful, all at the same time. [Read: 33 signs you are unattractive and all the ugly fixes to get hotter]

7. Manners while sitting down

Be aware of what your body is doing no matter where you are. Don’t ever plonk yourself down heavily on a seat. Take your time to sit down in a calculated fluid motion and move back gracefully. 

No matter what you do, your motions have to be smooth like a dance routine. And don’t spread your legs apart after sitting down, instead, bring the knees close and cross your feet. We’re not saying this because some medieval finishing school mentioned this, we’re saying this because the body naturally appears more curvy and fluid when the legs are placed close to each other.

8. Sound beautiful and polite

Everyone is drawn to a polite speaker who makes the other person feel comfortable. Speak softly and sound gentle. 

Don’t speak too fast, yell or indulge in crude gestures. Watch yourself in the mirror and practice your happy smile. It can definitely melt hearts. [Read: How to talk to a guy – 34 secrets to sweet talk him and make him like you]

9. Walk like you have purpose

Walk purposefully with an erect back if you want to be graceful and elegant. Don’t ever drag or stamp your feet and don’t be jittery or nervous. 

Take your time before taking the first step instead of walking about a few times and deciding which way to go. Move with grace, whether you’re running or walking. [Read: How to get a guy’s attention in any circumstance]

10. Don’t be clumsy

Clumsy people have no control over their bodies. They have no idea how wide their butt is or how heaving their bosoms are. Don’t be that woman. 

To test your clumsiness, play a little game of hopscotch and see if you can control your body. Want to get better, play the game on your toes. If you can stand tall even after a round of the game on your toes, well, you sure do know how to be graceful and elegant!

How to be graceful and elegant in other ways

Being graceful and elegant isn’t just limited to your body. You can be those things in other ways too, so let’s take a look at how you can do this.

1. Dress classy

Remember those old Hollywood actresses? They always had beautiful dresses, gloves, and hats. You don’t have to dress like them, because that would be a little weird in the 2020s. But you should have nice, classy clothes and a good sense of style. [Read: How to look rich – 40 easy ways to dress like you’re rolling in cash]

2. Try becoming your own chef

Why not try becoming a really good cook and creating some “signature dishes” that everyone will know you for? Then, you can host some dinner parties and become an extraordinary hostess people will adore.

3. Dine, don’t “eat”

It doesn’t matter how hungry you are, in order to be elegant and graceful, you want to dine. Eat your food slowly and with manners. Don’t inhale your meals quickly and stuff your face with ice cream and cookies all the time. 

4. Don’t use your cell phone with other people

It’s never respectful to text, call or be on social media when you are in other people’s presence. That’s not what an elegant woman does.

Instead, you want to focus your attention on them and listen to – and make – great conversation whenever you can. [Read: Phubbing – What it is,18 reasons why we phub, and ways to stop it ASAP]

5. Get manicures and pedicures

A classy and elegant woman usually has their fingernails and toenails painted and looking perfect. You don’t want manly-looking hands or to look like you were just working in your garden. This is a very classy touch to your body.

6. Be kind 

There are always going to be people who drive us nuts and make us angry. But a graceful and elegant woman is always kind to everyone.

She’s never rude to the server at a restaurant or even her own partner. She is always sweet and treats everyone with respect. [Read: How to be nice – 20 easy ways to make everyone love your presence]

7. Don’t complain

Complaining is a form of negative energy. And when have you ever seen a graceful and elegant woman become a “Debbie Downer?” Never.

So, don’t go around complaining about your life or other people. It’s very unbecoming to you if you do. [Read: How not to be annoying and be everyone’s best friend]

8. Become a wine lover

You might like your beer or whiskey, but that’s not very feminine and classy. Instead, learn about wine. Try different ones and figure out what your favorite is.

Order it at restaurants and have some stocked at your house for when guests come over to visit.

9. Compliment and be complimented

Graceful and elegant women know how to compliment people. They know it makes them feel good, and it makes them feel good, too. It doesn’t stop there either. She can also graciously accept compliments from other people as well. [Read: How to respond to a compliment and accept it without feeling awkward]

10. Be generous with your tips

A person with sophistication and elegance is never cheap or stingy. They would never think of stiffing a server at a restaurant, bartender, Uber driver, or manicurist.

She knows that other people work hard, so she rewards them with good tips. [Read: How to be kind to yourself and others and love life instead of hating it]

11. Buy thoughtful gifts

Everyone loves getting gifts, right? An elegant and graceful person knows this. Whether it’s a birthday or another major holiday – or even for no reason at all – a graceful and elegant woman knows that it’s kind and thoughtful to buy people gifts that mean something to them.

12. Use makeup to enhance your features

You might not need to wear makeup, but it always helps to accentuate your features and bring them out even more.

Plus, men usually love it when women wear makeup in moderation. Just don’t get too carried away with false eyelashes or bright lipstick.

13. Speak eloquently

Part of your whole persona is how you talk. Now, you can’t help your accent or the actual tone of your voice.

But, you can control what you say and how you say it. Don’t swear or curse, and enunciate all of your words properly. [Read: How to speak clearly – Your how-to guide to speaking successfully]

14. Don’t lose your temper

Getting angry is very unbecoming to a woman. Sure, we all get angry, but you will not look graceful or elegant if you become a walking time bomb. No one wants your fury unleashed on them.

15. Send thank-you notes

This is also a lost art – sending thank you notes to people. And we’re not talking about an electronic version here.

We’re talking about the old-fashioned way. Buy a card at the store and handwrite a personal message. Everyone always appreciates getting one. [Read: How to show your appreciation to someone and express your gratitude]

16. Sip your drinks

Even if you’re really thirsty, you don’t want to gulp or slurp your drinks. It not only sounds bad, but it’s also very obnoxious. So, you want to take small sips of your drinks when you can so you sound and look classy. [Read: How to be a lady – 23 womanly traits that make everyone admire you]

17. Apologize when necessary

It’s difficult for some people to apologize when they did something wrong. But a woman who is graceful and elegant knows this is necessary. She takes personal responsibility for her actions if she made a mistake.

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If you truly want to know how to be graceful, trust these 10 steps. It’ll help you understand how graceful you really are and how graceful you really can be!

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