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How to Be a Good Girlfriend: 27 Ways to Make Him Love You More!

Want to be the perfect girlfriend? Here’s everything you need to know about how to be a good girlfriend and make your guy feel like the luckiest guy alive!

How to Be a Good Girlfriend

Found yourself a perfect guy? Well, if you’re looking for ways to keep your man happy, find out how to be a good girlfriend and treat him right.

So you’re in a relationship and you want to make it last. You love your boyfriend, he’s a great guy, and now you want to know how to be the best girlfriend back in return.

The art of being a girlfriend is simple. Make your man feel special and cared for, and he will do the same and love you for it. But if you want to know how to be a good girlfriend, there are a few things that matter a lot more than others.

You may already be indulging in a few of these traits without realizing it. But if you aren’t, perhaps it’s time to be learn how to be a good girlfriend and make your man fall in love with you, more with each passing day.

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The secret to being a good girlfriend who makes her guy fall more in love every day

Men pursue the woman they love earnestly, but many men give up on their charming antics once they’ve snagged the girl. If you’re dating a guy who’s perfect and makes you feel on top of the world all the time, even though it’s been months or years since you guys started dating, perhaps it’s time to return the favor.

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Here are all the things you can do that would impress him, awe him and make him desire you more than ever before. Want to be the best girlfriend for him so that he can be the best boyfriend for you? Here are the secrets!

How to be a good girlfriend

As it turns out, there’s no one secret to staying together for the long haul, but there are a few simple things you can do to make you the best girlfriend he’s ever had. Read on to find out what you can do to make him wake up with a smile every day.

1. Be the “friend” in girlfriend

Remember, you’re in a relationship. You’re not just there for each other to roll around in the hay and go at it in bed. There has to be a connection and deep intimacy. Be a companion to him. Share your interests and respect each other’s views. [Read: How to emotionally connect with anyone and become way closer]

2. Give him his space

Clingy girlfriends are a major turn-off. While constantly calling and texting him may be all right in the first stages of your relationship, it can get old pretty soon.

So if you don’t ease up on demanding for his attention, he’ll want to break free and break up. Show that you trust your man enough to let him live his life. In the end, he’ll be the one who will be chasing you. [Read: The signs of a clingy girlfriend and how to avoid turning into one]

3. Like his friends

A good girlfriend will not stir conflict between herself and her man’s friends—or worse, make his man choose between her and his friends.

Remember, his friends were there long before you came into the picture, so you should respect that. They may be foolish and childish at times, but they are his friends. You wouldn’t want him to come between you and your girlfriends, right?

4. Make his friends like you

Another way to get the love and affection of your man right from the get-go is to make his friends like you, too. Their seal of approval is a great pat on the back to your man, and he’ll be proud to have you as his girl. [Read: How to accept your boyfriend’s friends and get them to accept you]

5. Impress his family

Now this is important, especially if you both are in a serious relationship. If you want to know how to be a good girlfriend, this is a great move to start with. Your boyfriend may be smitten by you, but he’s got significant “baggage” that needs some impressing too.

Every time you’re with his family, try to participate in the conversations and be cheerful around them. If he sees that you’re bonding well and having a great time with his family, you’re probably going to see his eyes welling up with tears of happiness! [Read: The easiest and courteous ways to charm your boyfriend’s parents and family]

6. Feed him well

Food is truly a great way to a man’s heart. So while you can’t be in the kitchen 24/7, at least visit it once in a while to whip up something delish for your guy. It doesn’t matter if it’s just pancakes or a peanut butter and jelly sandwich. What matters is that you’re showing him that you want to take care of him by making that effort. [Read: 10 ideas to make cooking with your partner more fun]

7. Don’t give him a reason to be jealous

It goes without saying, but a good girlfriend is a faithful one. It doesn’t matter if you’re the hottest, most beautiful woman in the room and all the guys are drooling at you.

Let your man know that he’s the only guy for you and that he has your full attention. Never flirt around with other guys, and let him know that he can trust you. He will be loyal to you, too. [Read: How to deal with jealousy in a relationship]

8. Earn his respect

Women want to be treated with respect, just as men want to be respected to. A good girlfriend doesn’t just demand respect from her guy, she earns it. When you believe in yourself and your capabilities and have a strong and determined personality, it’ll make your boyfriend respect you for the person you are.

Learn to show off your capabilities and awe him, and he’ll begin to listen to you and respect your opinion, not because you’re his girlfriend but because you’re such a wonderful person.

9. Dress like a million bucks

For a guy, there’s nothing sexier than a girl who can illuminate a room when she steps in. Be that girl. When the whole room stops and stares at you, it’ll fill your boyfriend’s *shallow* heart with happiness and pride.

Dress like a million bucks when you go out with him, and if his jaw drops at first sight and he can’t stop glancing sideways at you when you walk with him, you know you’ve worked your magic! [Read: How any girl can learn to be sexy, look sexy and feel sexy without ever trying too hard]

10. Trust him

Give him enough space so he feels that you trust him. Always questioning him about his whereabouts will only make him feel caged, and you will only look possessive. A good girlfriend trusts her man, but knows how to set boundaries when that trust is broken. [Read: How to get over trust issues in a relationship]

11. Build up your pleasing personality

Everyone is drawn to a pleasing personality. Negativity just repels people, regardless of how they are related to you.

The best girlfriends are the ones who have a pleasing personality that makes them easy and comfortable to be around. He’ll want to spend more time with you, and he’ll want to please you, too.

12. Turn nagging into an irresistible request

So he can be frustratingly childish and messy at times. This doesn’t mean you should fire your mouth off. A good girlfriend knows the art of “nagging” constructively.

Try not to raise your voice. Instead, talk to him in a soft, even seductive, tone. Disarm him with your sweetness and let your concern shine through instead of your need to control by nagging.

13. Learn how to listen

So he’s had a bad day and he just wants to rant for the rest of the evening. Let him. A key to healthy relationships is communication, and crucial to this is listening. Know when to talk, but also know when your man just needs someone to listen to. [Read: How to be a better listener in your relationship]

14. Pick your battles

Don’t sweat the small stuff. It’s not worth ruining a good day with your man, or even ruining your relationship, over something trivial. Learn when something truly is worth fighting over, but also learn when to leave things as they are.

15. Want him but don’t be needy

Every guy dreams of getting a girl who’s independent, but yet dependent. Some girls are rather clingy and need a boyfriend’s help for everything. On the other hand, there are a few other girls who are way too independent. Guys love the middle path.

Every guy likes to be there for his girlfriend in her time of need. It may be his protective instinct or he may just want to impress you or please you. If you don’t really need him to help you, but you still want him around when you’re doing something because you love his company, any guy would love you for that.

Guys may appreciate an overly dependent girl, or even a completely independent girl who doesn’t want her guy to be involved in her personal life at the beginning, but as the relationship grows, he’d fall more in love with a girl who doesn’t need him, but wants him in her life. [Read: Very annoying girlfriend habits that almost all guys hate]

16. Show off your naughty side!

You two may have a great sex life, but what about everywhere else? You can be coy in bed for most of the time, but every now and then, reveal your naughty side to him. A good girlfriend knows how to play coy but every now and then, she shows him a few sexy moves that can pleasantly surprise him. [Read: 12 foreplay moves that work exceptionally well for men]

17. Be great in bed

Okay, so we’re not saying that you have to be a porn star. But sex can be an important part of any relationship, so make sure he feels that you’re enjoying it just as much as he is. And if you’re not, speak up! Communicating with him, as well as listening and being open to his needs, is key to having great sexual chemistry. [Read: How to create sexual chemistry and make it stay]

18. Be intelligent and witty

A good girlfriend is aware of the world around her. You don’t need to be a rocket scientist, but if you can be witty and fun, and mix it up with intelligence when you’re having a conversation with him, there’s no way he would ever let someone like you slip away from him.

And remember, an intelligent person isn’t always a walking-talking-google, it could even be a person who knows a few things, but knows it well.

19. Make him feel special

Make him feel special and loved. From something as simple as a massage at the end of a long work day, to spending uninterrupted weekends with him, remember to go that extra mile to show how much you love him and how much he means to you. [Read: 15 sweet ways to make a guy feel needed and wanted]

20. Make him feel appreciated

Look at how he treats you and think about the things you do together. Find ways to tell and show him how much you have appreciated him throughout your relationship. This will make him feel great about all the effort he’s spent, which will therefore make him feel great about investing in a long-term relationship with you.

21. Feed his ego

It’s no secret that men love their egos to be stroked. But men also have insecurities despite their tough exteriors. By giving his ego a boost, he won’t go looking for other means *or other girls* to make him feel good about himself. Make him feel attractive and desirable by complimenting him, but make sure you’re genuine about it. [Read: 25 compliments for guys they’ll never forget!]

22. Let him be the man in the relationship

Men like to feel in control—it’s innate in their nature. They often want to feel in charge, so let him fill that role. Let him feel that he can take the lead by asking for his opinion about certain things in your relationship and being open to his suggestions.

Also, let him take care of you, even if it just means letting him open the door for you, guide you to your seat, and pick up the tab. [Read: 15 subtle signs of a controlling boyfriend you need to watch out for]

23. Be confident in your own skin

There’s nothing more attractive on a woman than pure self-confidence. Don’t let insecurities and doubts get the best of you, and he will know just what kind of woman he has. He will love you more for it.

24. Look after yourself and your guy

Do you take care of yourself, physically and otherwise? Fill your life with happiness and have a positive outlook towards life. Work out, look good and feel good about yourself. And help your boyfriend look good and feel good too.

When both of you are cheerful and happy with yourselves and with each other, both of you will feel radiant and full of positivity which can have a positive impact on your lives. [Read: Real relationship goals most couples have no idea about]

25. Encourage him to become better

A good girlfriend doesn’t just teach her man how to be romantic or chivalrous. She knows her boyfriend inside out and helps him fix his flaws and improves his perfections.

Do you motivate your man to achieve his dreams? Do you talk about his future and his potential? One of the better traits of a good girlfriend is her interest and ability to subtly guide her man to become the best he can ever be.

26. You can be a guy when you have to

A guy wants his girlfriend to be sweet and caring, but every now and then, especially when there’s a game on or when he’s spending some guy time with the boys, he would absolutely love it if you could chug a pitcher of beer or chew gum like a man!

If you want to know how to be a good girlfriend, learn to hang out with him and his friends and have a good time in the boys’ club now and then.

27. Be his biggest fan

Be your boyfriend’s shoulder to lean on, and be the loudest voice in the room when you’re cheering him on. It may be as big as trying to start his own venture, or as simple as getting you breakfast in bed. Let him know that you’re always going to be his biggest cheerleader, all through life. Just as he would and should be for you too.

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While relationships should be fun and comfortable and not an endless struggle or competition, it pays to put your best foot forward. After all, if you care enough about your man, you naturally want to be the best girlfriend for him.

We all have room for improvement, and by following these tips on how to be a good girlfriend to your guy, you can be sure he’ll thank his lucky stars for finding a girl who’s as awesome as you are.

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Just follow these simple but very effective ways on how to be a good girlfriend and you’ll be able to awe him, mesmerize him, and make him fall head over heels in love, now that you’re the best girlfriend he can ever get!

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