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Feminine Wiles: 15 Ways to Unleash Your Inner Vixen & Hook Any Man

Your feminine wiles can do amazing things for you, if you only know how to use them. So, what are feminine wiles and how can you harness their power?

feminine wiles

Some girls have a knack for seducing guys using their feminine wiles while others aren’t even aware they exist.

But what are feminine wiles? It’s a way to embrace everything you are and make a guy salivate at the mere thought of spending time with you.

Call it magic, call it wizardry, but it’s certainly a power that you need to embrace if you want to get by in life without much stress or effort at all.

You can be one of those girls that seem to bat their eyelashes and make guys go weak at the knees. You might not think it right now, but you simply need to learn to harness the power of your natural feminine wiles and unleash them on the world!

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What are feminine wiles?

Feminine wiles are the inherent sexual energy all women possess. If you think you don’t have them, you are oh-so-wrong. Hidden within every girl is the ability to seduce a guy and make him yours. You just have to know how to harvest your sensuality and make it work for you.

Even the most awkward of girls have feminine wiles, it’s just that you’ve not dug them out yet.

For sure, you need to believe in yourself before you can start using them. They’re never going to make themselves known if you don’t believe that you’re a beautiful, sexy, and completely amazing woman – because you are!

The thing is, you can’t actually give real examples of what feminine wiles are. They’re totally invisible in many ways, yet very visible in others. They’re evident to those who see them.

It’s not like having blue eyes or brown eyes, feminine wiles are tricks you use to get what you want, i.e. a partner, your way, anything you like. You can act like the damsel in distress or you can seduce a guy with your physical assets – these are all ways of using your feminine wiles!

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The best ways to make your feminine wiles work for you

Feminine wiles are built into our genetics, we all have them. Some women just haven’t learned to use them properly.

Trust us, if you call your inner vixen to the surface, you’ll possess all the mojo necessary to use your feminine wiles to capture the man of your dreams. Here’s how.

1. Use your soft touch

When you seduce a man with your feminine wiles, you touch lightly and sensually. That means brushing up against him, lightly touching his shoulder or knee, or slowly and gently moving in to be close. The more unthreatening you make your movements and touch, the better.

You basically need to be obvious in your intention but very unobvious to the point where you can simply shrug and say “I don’t know what you’re talking about” if called out on it.

Of course, you’ll coyly bat your eyelashes at the same time, which is yet another way to use your feminine wiles! [Read: 33 sexy ways to seduce any man who isn’t yours and leave him smitten]

2. Be highly empathetic

To use your feminine wiles, be highly empathetic to his feelings and moods. That not only means feeling for him but expressing unconditional love and acceptance for him in every way.

Talk to him like you understand his innermost feelings, even if he can’t express them.

The key is to make him feel like you “get” him. Then, he’ll feel like he has a cheerleader on his side who makes him feel like he can move a mountain every single second of the day. When a guy feels like that, he can’t break himself away from his girl’s side. [Read: How to learn to be empathetic and connect with anyone instantly]

3. Be nurturing

Inside of every man, there is a deep admiration and love for his mother. An innate feeling, part of using your feminine wiles isn’t about “mothering him” but about being the nurturing side his mother showed him when he was young.

Brushing the hair from his eyes, giving him a back rub, or making soup when he isn’t feeling well, are all ways to use your feminine wiles to lure him in and keep him close. [Read: How to seduce a man and bewitch him with your words]

4. Smell good

At the heart of femininity is the way a woman smells. Pheromones are real. And they are everything to lust and desire.

Make sure that you aren’t the girl that comes from the gym, sweaty and smelling like a locker room. Be the woman who smells like seduction to get any guy, at a minimum, to look her way.

Of course, if you get it right, he’ll do more than just look at you. [Read: What are pheromones? The scent of sex and the role they play in seduction]

5. Walk elegantly

A woman using her feminine wiles doesn’t walk on the heels of her feet, she gently floats around. To catch a guy, exude femininity, by walking like you float on air.

Make every movement you make flowing and sensual. How? It’s actually easier than you think. Keep your heel lifted slightly and walk softly.

You can do this in any shoes but it’s best to avoid wearing chunky boots because they encourage you to clomp around. Practice makes perfect here! [Read: How to be graceful and elegant in 10 easy steps]

6. Be sultry

How do you show your sultry side? Show your naughty side. That means wearing red, high heels with spikes, and other things that signal to him that you know how to make him feel good in bed.

A woman who looks like she knows how to be a little naughty piques any guy’s imagination and interest. [Read: 15 secrets to learn how to be seductive]

7. Use your assets

Use the gifts that God gave you. If you have a Brazilian butt, show it off with some tight pants. If you are well-endowed, wear a low-cut and revealing shirt.

The key is not to give too much, but just enough to leave him dreaming of what you look like without clothes for when he wins you over.

Basically, show off what you were given and do it in a way that makes you feel confident and sexy. It’s key that you feel that way – if you feel awkward, it’s just not going to work for you.

8. Speak with your eyes

Eye contact is one of the most important parts of using your feminine wiles. When a man speaks to you, never take your gaze from his.

A woman who looks a man in the eyes while he speaks makes him feel vulnerable. Almost like looking into the sun. When you stare into his gaze, it is like your heart speaks to him telepathically. [Read: Prolonged eye contact – What it means and how to do it]

9. Wear girly-girl stuff

Even if you are more of the low-rider jean type, if you want to win a guy, mix it up and be just a little out of character sometimes.

A lot of pastels, lace, and fishnet stockings might not be your thing, but they certainly are the things that grab his attention and make him see you in a whole new light. You don’t have to do this all the time, but an occasional change of style might be all it takes to turn his attention towards you in curiosity. [Read: 30 unintentional girly things you do that drive guys crazy!]

9. Paint your nail bright red

Painted red nails are a very sensual sign to a guy. There is something about a woman who takes good care of herself, including her nails, which turns a guy on.

Bright red makes him believe that you are red hot in bed. It also shows that you like to take care of yourself which is always super-attractive, while also giving you confidence. [Read: How to take care of yourself as a woman – 19 ways to power yourself]

10. Use your pouty lip

The pouty lip look is key to using your feminine wiles. Pursed, plump lips that flash with a glossy appearance, get any guy dreaming about where those lips will go next.

The lips are a super-sexy part of the body and simply biting your lip while he’s talking draws his attention to them. He won’t be able to stop thinking about kissing you! [Read: Lip biting and the scientific reasons why it’s so sexy]

11. Speak softly

Even if you tend to be louder, when using your feminine wiles, tone it down a bit and speak with a softer tone.

Almost like perpetually whispering in his ear, when you lower your voice and make it breathier, it’s almost like the sounds you make when you are all alone, just the two of you, in bed.

12. Appear pleased

Men like to feel as if they can impress the women around them. If you want to show a guy your feminine wiles, make sure that you always look pleased when around him.

There is nothing less feminine wile-ly than the resting bitch face. Even if you aren’t highly entertained all the time, don’t let him know that. It also makes you look super-unapproachable and that’s not what you’re going for! [Read: 13 charming ways to be way more approachable to a guy]

13. Be mysterious

A woman who keeps herself to herself is a highly attractive thing. Guys like a girl with a little mystery about her.

To catch the guy of your dreams, don’t overtalk, give too much information, or tell him what you think. Too often, especially when nervous, girls give too much information right up front, which leaves a guy not guessing about anything.

You don’t have to be evasive, you just have to leave a little bit out. Then, you can make use of those feminine wiles in a very effective way. [Read: How to be mysterious and leave everyone smitten and craving for more]

14. Be lady-like

No swearing or sitting spread eagle. To make an impression and show that you are full of feminine energy, make sure to use your manners.

Be sophisticated, and leave the sailor’s talk for the sailors. That doesn’t mean you have to sit and watch your P’s and Q’s at all times – we’re all human – but you shouldn’t be cussing like a sailor for the sake of it. [Read: How to be a lady who awes her man and everyone else]

15. Be dainty

Don’t do too much of anything. If you want to show your feminine wiles, sip your drink, take small bites, and be highly reserved about anything excessive.

To seduce him, show restraint. It is the dichotomy of naughty versus nice. It shows him that you can be the girl next door or the freak in the bed, both of which men highly desire.

Show your feminine wiles but don’t change who you are

Feminine wiles are the things that make women, women. We all have them, but that doesn’t mean that we all know how to use them to our advantage. But that also doesn’t mean you should go out of your way to change who you are.

It’s about polishing the edges, if you will. We all indulge in feminine wiles sometimes without thinking about them sometimes. And understanding feminine wiles, what they are, and how to use them, means you can harness their power.

It doesn’t mean you’re suddenly Ms. Dainty and Nice, it just means that you know what to do in situations that call for it. [Read: How to be yourself – 14 steps to unfake your life and love being you]

A guy is going to fall for who you are underneath at the end of the day, but your feminine wiles can be used to attract his attention and get him firmly looking your way. Then, you can mystify him with your natural charm!

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So, if you want to land the guy of your dreams, just use your feminine wiles. Speak softly, be seductive, and don’t give too much of yourself by wearing too little or talking too much. Just be the most feminine YOU possible.

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