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How to Show Off Your Boobs & Get Them Noticed Without Looking Trashy

Ladies, we’re given nature’s natural gifts as our assets when finding a suitable mate. But how do we use it to our advantage without looking skanky?

how to get your boobs noticed

Breasts are beautiful. Big or small, they are one of the best things we can be proud of as women. They’re part of our bodies, as much as everything else is. We don’t need to change them, augment them, reduce them – but we respect the decisions of those who do.

Advantages of having breasts

The good thing about having breasts is having the power to use them at your disposal. You can use them to nurture your young. You can use them to maximize your pleasure while having sex. You can even use them as pillows for your loved ones. But the best use for your boobs is their power to mesmerize the opposite sex.

Men admit to being slaves to boobs. A man can pay close attention to them as much as any part of the body, but breasts are way out there. If they know that you’re a girl, they know you have boobs. For that very reason, you can use your twins to make guys do almost anything that you want. [Read: 12 things guys love about girls other than her appearance]

Disadvantages of having breasts

As much as we’d like to think that we’ve had 100% progress in the realm of sexism, having breasts can put you at a disadvantage. As of now, a huge percentage of men are being paid more than women. Misogynists still exist. There are still numerous sexual predators and abusers roaming the globe, and having breasts makes you a prime target for most of them.

Aside from that, society still has a tendency to denounce women who flaunt their sexuality using their body parts, i.e. legs, stomachs, butts and boobs. No matter how appreciative people are of your boobs, there will be times when having too much, or in this case, showing too much, of a good thing can be bad for you.

How to get your boobs noticed the classy way

So, how can you present your ladies in the best light possible, without getting the wrong type of attention? When can you show off of your boobs without seeming trashy?

#1 Form-fitting dresses. I would say that this is your best option. A woman can emphasize the naked form without having to show any skin at all. You just need to wear a nice dress that hugs your body in all the right places.

Shelling out a little more cash can get you a nice outfit that is engineered to hide unsightly bulges, while still making your butt and boobs look awesome. The key is to cover as much skin as possible, but still make it seem like others can have a glimpse of your figure.

#2 Tight top, loose bottoms. You can’t always wear a dress, so your best bet is to wear a tight shirt or top without showing any cleavage. Make sure that your pants or skirt are loose so all the attention will go to your upper body. An example of a good pair consists of a form-fitting blouse and a free-flowing skirt. You can also opt for loose-fitting jeans like the trendy “boyfriend jeans.”

#2 Good posture. Having good posture is like carrying your own trophy case. You can show off the best parts of your body when you have good posture like your legs, your neck, your butt and your boobs. The best part is that your boobs are the first thing people will notice as you walk up to them. [Read: 25 things guys find sexy about women]

#3 Underwire, underwire, underwire! I would say that this is the best innovation that has been given to women. No matter how small your boobs are, underwires can make them look like golden globes of glory! They are specifically designed to hug the underside of your breasts for maximum lift and comfort.

Not only do they help prevent your boobs from sagging, they also make your breasts look beautiful and even. Men aren’t just concerned about size, you know. They also appreciate aesthetics.

#4 Plunging neckline while the rest is covered. This is a trick that most classy celebrities use. If you want to really make your breasts pop, make sure that they get a reasonable amount of exposure. If you want to keep it classy, wear an ankle-length free-flowing dress with sleeves.

The dress has to be adventurous enough to show a significant amount of cleavage, but should not allow any other parts of your body to overshadow your breasts.

#5 Sexy tops with cover-ups. If you want to get your breasts noticed using sexy tops, while still maintaining poise and decorum, pair it with a blazer, jacket, cardigan or anything that works with your outfit. This way, you can still show off your boobs without looking trashy.

#6 Highlight your cleavage. You don’t even have to show too much cleavage at this point. An inch is enough because what you’re aiming for is a subtle way to catch people’s attention. Use highlighting powder on the ample parts of your cleavage. When the light hits them, everyone within your immediate vicinity will have to stop and look. [Read: How to attract men in a way they can’t resist]

#7 Put your hair up. In order for you to draw attention to your assets, you need to take away anything that hinders the view. I’m not saying that you should take your clothes off. Just brush your hair aside or put it up in a ponytail or bun. That way, people will notice your neck and your torso.

#8 Wear an elaborate neckpiece. Another trick to covertly bring attention to your boobs is to place something that will draw attention to the area surrounding it. Find an eye-catching pendant or necklace to go with your outfit, and make sure that it hangs low between your breasts. Make sure that your outfit is low key so as to not make your neckpiece the highlight.

#9 Use body language. A neck rub here, a clavicle scratch there – use your body movements to draw attention to your chest without having to wear skimpy outfits. The movements that are drawing attention to your chest will make any person you’re talking to follow the course of the action and notice what’s right in front of them.

Ladies, it’s okay to use your breasts to get attention, but please be wary of why you are doing it in the first place. If you’re doing it because you know your girls are awesome and they deserve to be the stars of the show, then go ahead and flaunt them.

If however, you’re doing this just so you can validate yourself in front of men and other women, you need to check your priorities. Using it to manipulate men is also a no-no because that can end badly, if you manage to give them the wrong idea. [Read: 16 signs you’re being an attention whore]

It’s good that you’re learning to appreciate your body and want to make the best of it, but make sure that you are doing it for yourself. You’re not making yourself happy, if you’re doing it for other people. You might even end up regretting your decision, once you realize that their entertainment happened at the cost of your own insecurity.

Just love yourself and your body, and stop caring about how people perceive you. Trashy or not, having control over your own body will give you the best feeling ever.

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It doesn’t matter what size or shape your boobs are. Flaunt what your mama gave you by trying out these tips for drawing more attention to your lovely lady lumps!

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