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10 Ingenious Ways to Deal with the Dreaded F*ck Boy

There comes a time in every young gal’s life where she has to put up with the worst type of male species: the f*ck boy. This is how to deal with them.


Now, you may giggle at the subject matter here, but f*ck boys are no laughing matter. In fact, they’re the opposite. You’ll probably end up crying more when you’re around a f*ck boy than you will be laughing, and that’s putting it lightly.
What is a f*ck boy?
For those of you who are not yet accustomed to this particular terminology, pay attention, because even if you’ve never known what they were called before, you’ve met them – plenty of them, I bet. You’ll start spewing out this term like none other once you know what it means.
“F*ck boy” can actually be used in many ways. Overall, it is NOT a good thing to be called, since it basically means being a terrible human being. In this particular article, though, I will be referring to a f*ck boy as a term to describe a guy who is a player, douche-bag, disrespectful to women, manipulative, who plays with a person’s feelings, and, most importantly, is unaware that he is doing something wrong.
Dealing with a f*ck boy made easy!
If you’re lucky, you’ll only have to deal with one or two f*ck boys in your lifetime. You may know many more, but if they keep their distance, it’s not your problem. Now, if you’re like me, then you must have a big sign over your head screaming, “F*CK BOYS WELCOME HERE” because I just couldn’t seem to get rid of them…
Until, that is, I discovered the keys to dealing with them and keeping them away for good. It won’t always be easy and it won’t always be fun, but this is how to deal with the dreaded f*ck boy and get rid of him for good.
#1 See the signs early. Guys who walk around acting like a f*ck boy basically have it written across their faces. You can tell within the first 10 minutes of conversation with someone that they are going to be the type to cause you trouble.
Any guy who starts a conversation with a sexual innuendo, is rude to wait staff of any gender, compliments you only on your sexual traits *boobs, butt, etc.*, or only talks to you to “Netflix and chill” is a f*ck boy of maximum f*ckness. Those early signs can help you steer clear before the real trouble sets in, so beware! [Read: 10 unassuming signs that show you’re dating a jerk]
#2 Devise a plan. Once you’re in the clutches of a f*ck boy, it’s very hard to yank out his claws and pry yourself away from the nightmare that has now taken over your once vibrant, hopeful life. This means that you need an evil plan of attack in order to set yourself free once again.
You can’t just treat a f*ck boy like any other person, because they’re very unaware of their level of f*ckery. A lot of times, they don’t know what they’re doing wrong, or else they just flat-out don’t care, so leaving abruptly can lead to catastrophic consequences. Make a plan and see it through. [Read: How to stop selfish people from hurting you]
#3 Get support from friends & family. You’d be surprised at how much backup a pissed off mom can be when trying to rid yourself of the heinous f*ck boy that has invaded your life. Your friends probably saw his f*ckery long before you did and will be willing and ready to back you up.
Friends and family are your go-tos to help you come up with a plan and see it through, because without that support system, you may just crumble under the weight of a f*ck boy’s influence. But with good friends and family, they’ll be there to hold up the extra pressure.
#4 Gain your confidence. F*ck boys feed off of insecurities. If you aren’t self-confident at all, they’re going to find you like you’re the only clothed person on a nude beach. You have to find ways to build up your confidence if you’re going to be dealing with f*ck boys.
This may take more time than you have, but hitting the gym, surrounding yourself with positive people who make you feel good, and telling yourself that you’re awesome every single day is a damn good start. And if you suffer from self-esteem issues, you can ALWAYS fake that confidence until you have it. [Read: 10 subtle body language moves to appear more confident]

#5 Play their game right back at them. Disarm the dreaded f*ck boy using the mirror effect. If he’s ignoring you all day only to text late at night once the bars have closed, why not go ahead and give him a taste of his own medicine and go MIA for a while. But beware, this tactic can backfire.
#6 Tell their mom. I know this sounds a little elementary, but you would be thoroughly surprised how much a man will change his actions if his mother knows about the way he’s been treating girls. All it takes is a quick Facebook stalk, page click, and message before his mom knows all his dirty little f*ck boy secrets.
Take some screenshots of the things he has said, thoroughly explain the situation, and don’t forget to mention that you know she has raised him better, but he might need to be reminded of how to be a good man. She will flip on him faster than a pancake at iHop. You’ll more than likely never have to deal with him again. [Read: 9 easy things you can do to get his mom to adore you]
#7 Command dominance. If you have a f*ck boy in your life, then you have to deal with their dominant behavior all the time. This is how they manipulate you and get in your head. They claim their ground and don’t budge, making you the submissive one.
If you march into a room, stand tall, look him in those annoying f*ck boy eyes, and make your presence known, he will practically back away with his tail between his legs because he knows you’ve just owned him. [Read: 18 signs to know if he’s overprotective and dominating]
#8 Call them out on their sh*t. Once you gain that confidence and have claimed your dominance over them, call them out for all the stuff they’ve been doing that has qualified as f*ckery. Tell them how horrible it is, how crappy it makes you feel, and how it makes him look like less of a man.
And keep going! Don’t give up. Don’t feel bad. Tell him everything that you have held in because you were afraid to say anything. Let it all out, honey, because they need to be aware of their wrong-doings, and you need to be free of the pain. [Read: Relationship arguments – 23 dos and don’ts to remember]
#9 Then tell them how it is/is going to be. Once that’s all off your chest, recompose yourself and then with that dominant, confident stance you have, tell them how things are going to be. If you’ve been dating this f*ck boy for some time, tell him what needs to change unless he wants you to leave and never come back.
Tell him your expectations and that you will accept nothing less than that. Once you’re done telling him how it is, his f*ckboyness will have dwindled down to merely nothing. And if it hasn’t, then he is a lost cause, anyway, and you shouldn’t waste any more of your precious time with him.
#10 NEVER falter in your decision. After all the effort that you put into dealing with this f*ck boy, never falter in your decisions. You made your point, set your standards, and now he WILL abide by them, or you’ll keep your end of the agreement and leave.
You can’t go back to being treated how you were, because he’ll just think you had a “PMS day” and will keep doing the same thing, never realizing his mistakes and wrongfulness. Be strong! Be demanding! And be rid of that f*ck boy attitude for good. [Read: How to let go of a relationship that’s bad for you]
F*ck boys are everywhere, and trying to avoid them would mean cutting yourself off from half of the male population. However, if you learn to deal with them, then you can conquer this terrible attitude of theirs for good.

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