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The 12 Types of Guys You’ll Meet in College

Entering college will definitely make your dating life even more exciting. Here are the types of guys you’ll meet while you’re exploring the scene.

types of guys in college

If you’re a single woman who’s just starting college, or you’re heading back for another degree, you’ve likely given some thought to what the dating scene will be like there. Regardless of where you go to school, and whether you want to date around or settle down, the selection of guys you come across will be interesting, to say the least.

Most of these guys will be attempting to get in touch with their true personalities and passions, as is par for the course in college, so they won’t be holding anything back. However, while everyone is unique, the majority of college men can, fortunately, be organized into 12 general groupings.

Understanding these types will certainly make things easier for you when you’re weeding out the apples that may be bad for you and—metaphorically speaking, of course—biting into the good ones.

What types of guys are in store for you while you’re in college?

Though these may seem like stereotypes, they’re actually a fairly handy guide for gauging whether or not he’d be the right guy for you to date.

#1 The party guy. You’ll quickly realize that this guy’s main interest is alcohol, and he’ll be constantly surrounded by a group of dudes who love booze as much as he does. Pub crawls, dorm parties, off-campus keggers—you name it, he’ll be there. The Party Guy is usually fairly attractive, and loves having a good time with girls, as well as the boys.

Potential Problem: With all his social activities, this guy barely has time to study, let alone find the time for a serious relationship.

#2 The womanizer. The Womanizer will be found at parties too, but instead of trying to get as drunk as humanly possible, he’ll be trying to get into every woman’s pants. He’ll either be alone, since friends just get in the way of his slick routine, or with one wingman. This man may be more attractive than the Party Guy, and will have a great deal of practice using smooth lines, so be careful that you don’t fall for his charm, unless you’re fine with no-strings-attached fun.

Potential Problem: If he thinks you’re hot, he may pretend that he’s committed to you, while wooing other women behind your back. Proceed at your own risk! [Read: 9 subtle signs he’s being too flirty with other women]

#3 The older guy. The Older Guy is, in all likelihood, back in school with the intent of embarking on a second career. If you’re a woman in the same situation, he may be perfect for you. Keep in mind though, that due to his age, he may be married or even divorced, so be sure to find out his official relationship status before pursuing him.

Potential Problem: If you’re a younger woman, he may have fun with you for the time being, but there’s a chance he won’t see you as long-term relationship material. [Read: Does the age gap really matter in a relationship?]

#4 The athlete. The Athlete will be a member of one of your school’s competitive sports teams, and may even be on an athletic scholarship. Regardless of the fact that he sometimes smells as if he just came from practice or the gym, you’ll likely find his fit, muscular body drool-worthy, especially if you’re athletic too. Although some male athletes are great students, others may fall behind and need to borrow a cute girl’s notes once in a while.

Potential Problem: Like the Party Guy, he may be too busy with his own activities to seriously date a woman.

#5 The political guy. The Political Guy—likely a Political Science major—is the one who runs for student body president in his first year, attends every protest, and loves to give impromptu speeches on the quad. If you don’t know him, you soon will, as his campaign posters will be everywhere. He likely hails from a political family, and dreams of being a high-salaried, world-changing politician someday.

Potential Problem: If you date him, you may end up feeling more like a campaign manager, secretary or publicist instead of a girlfriend.

#6 The artist. This man will have artistic talent beyond the norm, whether he enjoys visual arts, music, drama, or the art of literature. You may see his paintings displayed in the student center, hear him playing at a coffeehouse, or watch him starring in the theater department’s latest dramatic production.

With a simple Google search, you may even find a book that he’s written for sale. He’s likely majoring in something arts-related, and will choose his career based on his passions, regardless of how much money he’ll make.

Potential Problem: The Artist may require a great deal of time away from his partner in order to work on his projects. [Read: 10 obvious hints guys give when they want more space]

#7 The “wise” guy. Regardless of his major or grades, this guy knows everything—or at least he believes that he does! He’s the type that will say anything in class, even if it’s something the professor or another student has already said, just to hear himself talk. From telling you where you should eat on campus, to giving you a list of courses you should take to maximize your GPA, he’ll constantly be reminding you that he knows best.

Potential Problem: This smart-aleck may seem helpful at first, but if he notices that you’re getting tired of being told what to do, he might just disappear.

#8 The philosopher. The theoretical Philosopher is likely studying philosophy itself, or he’s being forced to take business by his parents, while he digests Plato’s texts on the side. This deep-thinking guy will normally be found at fair trade coffee shops or outdoors, pondering the meaning of life. He’ll have a stack of books with him, and if you two have a conversation, he’ll quote passages from intellectuals whom you may have never heard of.

Potential Problem: Sometimes the Philosopher can get so lost in his head that he forgets he’s in a physical body, and thus ignores his physical needs. If you need a touchy-feely or highly sexual relationship, you probably won’t find it here. [Read: 5 giveaways of an emotionally unavailable man]

#9 The professional guy. The Professional Guy seems to think he’s on Wall Street already! He’s the type who will wear business suits and carry a briefcase to class, turning up his nose at his peers who are wearing sweatpants and carrying backpacks. He’ll also shun standard social gatherings, only hanging out on campus for career fairs and networking events.

When you do run into him, he’ll frequently mention the high-paying job and big house he’s going to have in just a few years’ time.

Potential Problem: While he may make a practical, responsible partner after college, if you want to enjoy the college experience, he’s not the best person to have by your side.

#10 The metrosexual. While this guy may enjoy activities that are often considered feminine, such as shopping for clothes and bedroom accessories, he’s still into dating women—he’s just what they call a Metrosexual.

He’ll usually look as if he’s stepped out of a Banana Republic ad, and due to an extensive knowledge of the best colognes, he’ll often smell devastatingly sexy, too. Women will generally enjoy his company, as they’ll find they have a lot in common with him.

Potential Problem: Though his stylish, sophisticated appearance may be initially alluring, you may tire of hanging out with a guy who cares more about hair products than you do!

#11 The hardcore guy. The Hardcore Guy listens to punk, rock or heavy metal music, and spends the majority of his free time at shows that, for most people, would necessitate the use of earplugs. He may have several tattoos, and at least a couple of piercings.

This man likes to appear super-tough, so he might use language that isn’t exactly polite. However, especially if your interests fall in line with his, you may be able to see right through his tough exterior in order to appreciate the sweetheart underneath.

Potential Problem: To the Hardcore Guy, rock and roll is a lifestyle that needs to be lived consistently. If you want your guy to accompany you to Carrie Underwood concerts and appreciate your pink American Eagle tees, you should probably pass on dating this one.

#12 The tortured soul. The reclusive Tortured Soul will seem like either a diamond in the rough or someone that you need to avoid. This guy was probably a bit of an emo kid in high school, and doesn’t plan on changing his habits.

He’s pretty smart, and will get good grades when he bothers to try. Outside of class, he can normally be found surfing the ‘net in his room while listening to somber melodies of some sort. He may have artistic talent, although unlike The Artist, he probably won’t go public with these skills.

Potential Problem: If you’re a social butterfly and you date this guy, you may end up attending many events on your own, as he generally doesn’t enjoy being part of large groups.

Some guys on campus will seem incredibly attractive, and others will appear to be decent individuals, while the occasional one will literally creep you out. However, you’ll find that you’re able to fit almost all of these guys into one or possibly two of the categories above.

These categories aren’t meant to objectify men, though—their ultimate purpose is to make it easier for you to find the perfect partner. After all, if you’re the female equivalent of the Party Guy, you probably won’t jive well with the Political Guy, while if you’re a philosophical girl, the Professional Guy probably isn’t for you. Nevertheless, if you’re able to make it work with a complete opposite, we’ll be nothing but happy for you, and we’d love to hear about it!

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The dating pool in college is filled with all sorts of people, crammed into one fun-filled campus. That’s exactly why dating in college is so much fun, just as long as you find a guy who fits your personality.

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