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The Thirst is Real: 15 Realities of Being Single for Too Long

If you’ve ever been single for a really long period of time, then you know the thirst is real, and you can relate to these 15 realities.

the thirst is real

There’s nothing wrong with being single. In fact, I think it’s a great thing in order to get to know yourself better and to even heal from a past relationship. But there comes a point in every person’s single life when being alone for so long just SUCKS. And soon, you find out that the thirst is real.
You realize that you’re unsatisfied with almost everything, and most of all, you’re bored. You also just can’t seem to keep your sex drive under control because, let’s be real, not getting laid becomes a problem after a while.
Why do we crave a relationship?
Like I said above, being single definitely has its perks. You get to do whatever you want whenever you want, and you don’t ever have to keep tabs on anyone. But when you’ve spent a really long time being single, there comes a point when you just NEED a relationship.
Those times are natural. We crave relationships because humans were made with the intent of being with other people. We need that body contact, and we need that spark of love in order to keep us happy and entertained with life. It’s natural.
The thirst is real
If you’ve been single for a really long time, you’re probably already feeling the thirst. You want to be with someone, and you can’t stand being single for one more second.
If this sounds like you, then by now you can probably relate to these realities of being single for so damn long. You know the thirst is real. [Read: Essential relationship tips for single women]
#1 Every guy becomes a potential spouse. You could be walking down the street whistling your favorite tune, when some guy you don’t even know walks by and you automatically start thinking about your future wedding. That is how you know the thirst is real.
#2 Masturbating gets boring. And that’s saying something. A sucky reality of being single for so long is the simple fact that you just aren’t sexually satisfied. Masturbating even gets boring as hell after a while, and that’s how you know you’ve been single too long and the thirst is real.
#3 Romantic comedies are your life. If you fall asleep every single night to a romantic comedy, then you know you’ve been single for far too long. You use these movies as a means to satiate your romance desires… but it really doesn’t work.
You really know the thirst is real when you wish that romantic comedy lead was going to bed with you every night, and you don’t even see them as being a fictional character. [Read: Must-know relationship advice for women]
#4 You try “just hooking up.” All my single lady friends know exactly what I’m talking about with this one – although guys can sometimes relate, too. When the thirst is real and you’re a woman, sometimes you compromise your better judgment and go on a hook up spree!
#5 “Just hooking up” doesn’t work. And then your world comes crashing down because hooking up REALLY isn’t your style, and then you just bash yourself about it. But that’s just a reality of being single for so long. The thirst is real, and it gets too strong!
This is usually the point when you turn to your friends and they give you obvious advice about why hooking up just isn’t the way to go. But you ignore it and go hook up again only to end up in the very same place of regret and disgust. [Read: Dating material vs a hookup – 12 ways to split them up]
#6 You enter the lonely phase. We’ve all been there… and we all prefer not to talk about it. This is the darkest reality of being single for so long, because everyone gets there eventually.
You get so lonely that you just seclude yourself from everyone further, because you don’t think anyone could ever love you. [Read: Feeling unloved? 6 reasons why and 10 ways to fix it]
#7 You just want someone to buy you yummy food and drinks! The thirst for a free beverage of your choice with a hottie becomes SO REAL after you’ve been single for a long time. Everyone misses those free meals during your date. Paying for your own meals every time you go out is rough.
#8 You start thinking something’s wrong with you. This is another rough part about being single for so long. You really start feeling that the thirst is real when you look in the mirror and start naming things that could potentially be wrong with you. It sucks. And no, nothing is wrong with you.
#9 Even mediocre-looking people seem super hot. You start thinking to yourself,Anyone! Just give me anyone!” That’s basically what it’s like at this point in your single life.
You start to look past how someone looks, and instead just focus on the fact that they are of your preferred gender. Because let’s face it – at this point, the thirst is real enough that it doesn’t even matter. [Read: Single women – taking over the world]
#10 Your parents try to set you up. You know the thirst has surpassed being real when your parents are now setting you up with their friends’ kids and strangers from the supermarket. Not only is this embarrassing, but the fact that you’re probably grateful is mortifying.
#11 Couples revolt you. As much as you want to be in a relationship with someone and give up the single life, you are revolted by the couples walking around holding hands, kissing, and lovingly staring into each others’ eyes.
#12 Netflix becomes your best friend. Let’s be real. Netflix is many people’s best friend, but it goes to a completely different level when the thirst is real and you’ve been single for far too long.
You get all your entertainment, joy, and romance fixes just from Netflix, because you invest yourself into a movie or TV series instead of into someone else. When you’re single for so long, this is just your reality. [Read: Secrets that only singles know to be true]
#13 You get insanely jealous of your friends’ relationships. So jealous that you get pissed at your friends and alienate yourself from them purely because you can’t have what they have. And you’d rather act like a 12-year-old brat than admit the thirst is so real.
#14 You spend hours debating with yourself whether to join online dating. This is a harsh reality of being single for so long that definitely means the thirst is real. As much as you don’t want to be the person on a dating website, you also want to find someone because it’s just been too damn long!
#15 You finally give in and make a Tinder *cringe*.  After hours of debating, and possibly even days of telling yourself you don’t need it, you finally give in. And worst of all, it’s TINDER. Why? Because the thirst is too real, and Tinder is probably the fastest way to satiate it. [Read: The benefits of being single]
When the thirst is real and you’ve been single for far too long, you will definitely understand these realities. They may not be fun to deal with at the time, but after a while, you may be grateful for going through them.

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