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The Clothes Make the Girl: 15 Tips to Get You Looking Your Best

People make their first impressions within 30 seconds of seeing you. You don’t have to be a fashion queen, but remember the clothes make the girl.

the clothes make the girl

Not everyone is born with that artistic and fashion-forward eye. I can’t put an outfit together even if you paid me to. But, I do know one thing—the clothes make the girl! If you want to make a good impression or boost your self-confidence, how you look plays a huge part.

You’ve seen those shows where they transform someone who wears pajamas or neon 80’s jackets into a sex bomb. They turn into completely different people once they’re wearing clothes that having them feeling good.

The clothes make the girl – Changing your style to suit you

Whether a tomboy or ultra-feminine, we all want to looking our individual best. These 15 tips will help you feel good as you!

#1 Focus on your best features. Don’t stand in front of the mirror and focus on the parts of you that you don’t like. You don’t have time for that. Instead, stand in front of the mirror and look at features that you love about yourself. Then enhance them when you’re looking for the perfect outfit. [Read: Why you shouldn’t be ashamed of what you do for beauty]

#2 Look at your fashion icons. Who do you admire, fashion wise? Victoria Beckham? Gwen Stefani? Whoever they are, look at them for inspiration when figuring out your personal style.

You may not be able to afford the exact shirt JLo’s wearing, but, you’ll be able to find similar shirts in stores like H&M or Zara.

#3 Know your body shape. I always wanted to wear a romper, but I cannot pull it off. I tried, but what can I say? Some of us can’t wear rompers.

You need to know your body shape. That way, you avoid wearing clothes that won’t do your figure justice. So, whether you’re a pear, apple, straight—know what you are and choose clothes according to that body type. [Read: Tips to flaunt your plus-size body confidence]

#4 Don’t be focused on the size tag. If you need go up a size, just do it. Don’t focus so much on the sizes, instead, focus on how it fits. If you’re in-between sizes, you’re better off going up a size and find a tailor to fit it properly. Remember: the size doesn’t matter, focus on how it looks.

#5 Invest in a good bra. You want to wear a bra that does the job. You could be wearing the sexiest dress in the world, but if you’re wearing a poorly fitted bra—it’s going to look horrible.

You’ll be wearing your bra every day, so don’t skimp on it. You want it to last. Before you even buy a t-shirt, look at your bras.

#6 When in doubt go black. If you’re unsure about wearing color, then just go for black. It’s classic, it never goes out of style and it flatters every body type. It even fits any shoe you’ll be wearing. So, repeat after me, when in doubt, wear black. [Read: How to look and feel like the hottest chick in the club]

#7 Find a good tailor. Clothing is made to fit everyone, but that doesn’t mean it fits everyone well. Maybe you have broader shoulders or a bigger bum, that means your jeans or jacket probably don’t fit perfectly.

Go to a tailor and get your base pieces customized to fit only you. It costs you a couple dollars extra, but you automatically look more put together if your clothing fits you properly.

#9 Keep it simple. If you’re not sure how to mix patterns and prints, that’s okay. You don’t have to. Instead, in the beginning, stay simple.

Choose solid colors and take the time to learn what styles suit your body. Then, start to incorporate patterns into your style. Again, if you’re not sure, look at some of your style icons. [Read: How to look beautiful and oh-so-hot in 15 easy steps]

#9 Accessorize. A necklace or a statement ring goes a long way. To tie your outfit together, add in one piece of jewelry. Do not deck yourself out with a necklace, rings, bracelets, and earrings.

If you wear one statement piece, such as a bold necklace, then wear a bracelet or ring. You don’t want to look like a dollar store. Keep it simple and tasteful with accessories. [Read: 20 hot tips: The ultimate guide to becoming more feminine]

#10 Play with color. If you’re used to wearing gray and black, why not add a splash of color? If you’re not comfortable wearing a bright red shirt, start by wearing colorful jewelry and slowly work your way up. Color is a great way to express your personality—fast fashion is art!

#11 Know the loose/fit ratio. This is an important rule for figuring out how to match pieces. So, if you’re wearing a fitted top you want to match that with a loose bottom. If you’re wearing a loose top, match it with a fitted bottom. If not, you’ll either look like a stuffed pinata or sloppy.

#12 Rule of three. If you’re wanting to play with color, remember the rule of three as it will come in handy when you’re trying to color coordinate. You do not want your outfit to have more than three colors in it. If not, you’ll look like a clown.

#13 Play around with patterns. You don’t have to look like a sad clown. Instead, very subtly mix patterns. Have a solid colored piece in your outfit and match it with a fun pattern.

Make it your focus piece. Again, if you’re going to wear patterns, be careful with your accessories. [Read: 10 ways you can stand out from the crowd]

#14 Incorporate a belt. If you’re wearing a baggy jacket or dress, to make yourself look more fitted and feminine, wear a belt. Put the belt around the smallest part of your waist so it’ll make you look thinner and add shape. If you’re wearing a belt, try not to over-do it with other accessories.

#15 Steam your clothes. This may sound like an annoying wasting of time, but if your clothes are wrinkled, you look like a mess. Steaming your clothes is much easier than ironing, and it changes the whole look of your outfit. You look clean and sleek.

[Read: How to look hot: 18 tips to go from wallflower to flawless]

If you follow these tips, you’ll be well on your way to looking your hottest. Remember, the clothes make the girl, but the best thing you can wear with your outfit is your confidence.

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