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How to Decode the Texting Behavior of Guys When They’re Into You

The texting behavior of guys and how they text can reveal a lot about their feelings. You’re reading his messages, but you need to look at the right things.

Texting Behavior of Guys

When it comes to texting, it can be such a challenge to figure out how someone really feels. All you’re reading is literally text. You don’t get to see their faces or hear their voices, so you don’t have a lot to work with when figuring out how they actually feel. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn to decode the texting behavior of guys or grasp a sense of how they feel for you.

I get it’s not easy, especially when you have feelings for them. When you like someone, everything they say gets turned into code. When there aren’t any emotions, reading a guy’s text is easy. Those pesky emotions, always getting in the way!

Texting with a guy you like can bring up a lot of anxiety and deep insecurity, preventing you from seeing what’s actually going on. That’s why sometimes we’ll end up chasing a guy who doesn’t like us, for example. It’s hard to see and accept the reality of what’s going on.

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But once you have an idea of the texting behavior of guys, you’ll be able to understand how he’s feeling. Okay, you will never really know what’s going on in his head until you guys have an honest conversation about what’s going on between you two. But understanding the texting behavior of guys can help point you in the right direction of what’s going on.

The texting behavior of guys when they’re interested in you

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#1 He responds within a decent time. I remember getting upset when a guy I liked wouldn’t reply within five minutes. But listen, that’s unreasonable on my side. You don’t know what’s going on in his life. Maybe he works or goes to school, so he isn’t able to reply to you within thirty seconds. If he’s replying to you six hours later almost all the time, that’s not a good sign. Everyone today has their phone glued to their hip.

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#2 He asks you questions. If a guy likes you, he’ll try to get to know you even through text messages. In general, guys aren’t into talking over text; they’d rather hang out in person.

So, if a guy is texting you and trying to get to know you, he’s showing interest. When it comes to texting, men and women are completely different. Women can text and have long conversations via text, whereas men aren’t into it as much.

#3 He’s direct with what he wants. Over text, some guys are more relaxed and subtle, where others are more direct with what they want. If the guy you’re texting is telling you he wants to take you out on a date; then you already know where he stands with you. It’s clear he’s interested in you. But don’t think that if he isn’t direct, it means he’s not into you. Every guy is different; some are more comfortable saying what they want than others.

#4 He’s interested in what you’re doing. Some guys will text you, “what’s up?,” but they don’t really seem interested in your reply. But, if they’re into you, they’ll use your answer as a way to learn more about you.

Also, they’ll try to see where they can fit themselves in and get some time alone with you. If the conversation ends up with them seeing if you’re available to hang out, they like you. [Read: How often does a guy text you if he’s falling for you?]

#5 He’s more attentive. When a guy likes you, he’s going to pay more attention to you. He’ll remember the small things you’ve told. For example, if you told him you have an exam coming up, he’ll message you on the exam day and wish you luck. These are small things but show that he’s paying attention to you.

#6 He asks you to hang out. Guys will really only text a girl they’re interested in with the goal of asking her out and seeing her in person. They don’t want to waste their time texting; they want to take it to the next level. If he’s interested in you, he’s not only going to text you endlessly. His messages are going to end up with a date.

#7 He keeps the conversation going. Even when you’re texting with a guy you like, it’s okay to let the conversation end. Let it take its natural course. Now, some guys, even if they like you, will let the conversation end because they don’t want to look needy. But others will try to keep the conversation going until they reach their goal, which is to ask you out. [Read: How to text a guy to keep him interested and eager for more]

#8 He uses emojis. In general, men aren’t into emojis. Of course, there are some guys that really like using them, so you need to keep that in mind. But, most guys aren’t going to start sending you smiley faces suddenly. But, with time, if he starts using more flirtatious emojis, then that’s something to keep an eye on. The only reason why he would add emojis is if he’s trying to get his flirt on.

#9 He starts the conversation. You can start the conversation if you want, but he should also be the one to start conversations first. If he’s texting you first, that’s a great sign. If you’re always the one sending the first text, that’s not a great sign. If a guy likes you, he won’t be afraid to text you. [Read: What it means if he never texts you first but always replies]

#10 His texts are longer. Now, use this tip lightly. Some guys can really be into you but aren’t great texters in general. But, if a guy is only replying to your texts with one or two words, that’s never a good sign. If his texts get longer and deeper, then he’s starting to open up to you. [Read: Dry texts and the real meaning behind his one word responses]

#11 He sends you good morning and goodnight texts. When you’re trying to decode the texting behavior of guys, remember that these texts are small gestures, but they show a lot. If he’s texting you good morning and goodnight, it’s clear that he’s into you. He wants to be the first person you get a message from in the morning and the last person you talk to before you go to bed.

#12 He tells you about his life. A relationship is a two-way street. He can ask you about yourself and get to know you, but is he willing to share things about himself? If he does share personal things about himself, there’s a higher chance he’s into you. If he keeps the conversation shallow, then don’t get your hopes up. [Read: What’s he thinking? How to read his mind through his texts]

#13 He texts you when he’s with his friends. While he’s out with his friends, his mind is on you. If you really want to know if he likes you, wait and see if he texts you when he’s out with his friends.

Of course, there’s a chance he’s been drinking and will send you a drunk text. But that doesn’t mean he likes you. That does mean there is some attraction, but it’s not easy to tell how deep that attraction goes unless he shows other signs. 

#14 He shares memes, videos, and music with you. A good way to see if he likes you is to look at what he’s sending you. Is it just “what’s up?” texts, or does he send you music, memes, and random content he found on Instagram or Facebook? If he’s routinely sending you things that he thinks you’ll like, that’s because he’s into you.

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When you’re texting with a guy you like, it can be tricky to get a feel for how they’re feeling. But once you understand and learn to decode the texting behavior of guys, it’ll be easier to see where you stand with him.

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