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Spoiled Girlfriend Checklist: 100 Signs You’re Lucky in Love

Know what defines being spoiled? Not knowing that you are spoiled at all. Think you aren’t a spoiled girlfriend? You might want to check yourself.

Spoiled Girlfriend

Ugh, don’t you just hate seeing a spoiled girlfriend? You know the one… she has a guy walking around the mall holding her ugly ass purse, or the one who is talking about all of her boyfriend’s insecurities as he is running to get her another drink so she can be more loud, drunk, and obnoxious. The problem is that not many girls even know when they are spoiled until they aren’t being spoiled anymore.

Typically, we have no idea how spoiled we are until we aren’t spoiled. What usually happens is you break up with a guy because you think he is an ass, only to find that the next one makes him look like a charm. So, are you really a spoiled girlfriend like he says… or not?

100 things that make you a spoiled girlfriend

Guys have this ability to make you feel like you are ungrateful and they can’t do enough for you, but what is real? Sometimes difficult to decipher, are you a spoiled brat like he says, or are you giving more than you are getting?

Before you decide to kick him to the curb, make sure that you aren’t a spoiled girlfriend and don’t even know it. Nothing is worse than watching him spoil someone else after you have cut him loose and think “Man, I had it good, and I didn’t even know.” [Read: 25 signs and qualities that make a great boyfriend]

Okay, now these things might seem like common courtesies and not something that makes you spoiled. But, it truly is all about perspective. Chivalry might not be gone, but it is hard to come by. And, if your guy does these things and has your back, that might be just as good as being spoiled by lavish gifts.

Here are some things that could make you a spoiled girlfriend.

#1 He holds the door open for you.

#2 He always introduces you.

#3 He buys you little things to let you know he’s been thinking of you.

#4 He kisses you goodbye.

#5 He says I love you and doesn’t just assume that “you know.”

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#6 He doesn’t talk badly about you to his friends.

#7 He stays home from guy’s night when he knows you had a bad day.

#8 He does his own laundry.

#9 He knows how to run the dishwasher.

#10 He orders for you or at least lets you order first.

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#11 He picks up the check.

#12 He takes out the trash.

#13 He helps you move… yuck!

#14 He calls when he says he is going to and texts you back.

#15 He tells you that you look beautiful.

#16 He notices when you have your hair cut or done.

#17 He sticks up for you to his mamma.

#18 He does small things without you even asking.

#19 He talks nicely about you when you aren’t around.

#20 He is nice to your friends.

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#21 He doesn’t bitch about you going out with your friends.

#22 He listens to you even when you are gossiping.

#23 He always, and I mean always, has a seat saved for you.

#24 He holds your hand when he knows you need it.

#25 He is your emergency contact.

#26 When you bash him, your friends always defend him.

#27 When he drives your car, he doesn’t leave the tank on empty.

#28 He gives you control of the remote once in a while.

#29 He goes down on you as much as you do him.

#30 His friends don’t like you because he likes you too much.

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#31 He has a nickname for you.

#32 He smiles at you even when you make him mad.

#33 He doesn’t hold grudges and forgives, truly forgives, you.

#34 He makes you laugh most of the time.

#35 He doesn’t expect more from you than he would give of himself.

#36 He is concerned about your well-being.

#37 He asks you how your day was.

#38 He says “I love you” even when other people, especially guys, are listening.

#39 He does things to make your life better.

#40 You never have to question if he is telling you the truth.

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#41 You know even if someone were bigger than him, he’d defend you to the death.

#42 He doesn’t ever go through your personal things.

#43 If he watches porn, he is nice enough to make sure that you don’t know.

#44 He doesn’t have a wandering eye.

#45 If he has a problem, he just tells you so.

#46 He rarely has a problem.

#47 If given the option, he would always choose you.

#48 All of his best “stories” involve times with you.

#49 He admits you were the best thing that ever happened to him.

#50 He gets jealous cause he thinks he is lucky to have you.

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#51 He takes your side even if you aren’t always right, just because you need to hear it.

#52 He is ready when you are supposed to go somewhere, not sitting on the couch with his hands in his pants.

#53 He wants to go to functions with you and doesn’t act like he is doing you the favor by showing up.

#54 He is all about the praise and “good job.”

#55 He is proud to be with you, even if he has to hold your hair at the end of the night.

#56 He doesn’t take you, or the things you do, for granted.

#57 You catch him staring at you sometimes for no reason at all.

#58 When you need him, he is there in a heartbeat without hesitation.

#59 When you go to an event with him, and you don’t know anyone, he doesn’t just take off until he knows you are all good… then he shows up in a bit holding a drink to refresh yours.

#60 What he has he is willing to share.

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#61 He hates, and I means hates, to see you cry.

#62 He kisses you softly and often.

#63 He isn’t perfect, but he also doesn’t think that he is.

#64 He doesn’t run from conflict or from you when you are upset.

#65 He doesn’t try to tell you what to do, he does try to suggest what you think you should do.

#66 He would totally tell you if you have something stuck in your teeth.

#67 If he makes himself something to eat, he asks if you want some too.

#68 He remembers your birthday.

#67 He doesn’t look you up and down five minutes before you are about to leave signaling, “you aren’t wearing that, are you?”

#68 He asks before he makes plans for the holidays and they include you.

#69 If he sees you lugging groceries, he goes to the car to help.

#70 He warms up your car on cold mornings.

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#71 When you have a fight, he apologizes.

#72 He doesn’t say “I don’t care” when you ask his opinion and then criticize all your decisions and plans.

#73 He doesn’t make you feel like he’s doing you a favor to be with you.

#74 He sees a movie even if it might be a “chick flick” and doesn’t make fun of it or bitch about it afterward to boot.

#75 When you are pissed at someone he is pissed for you, and then it’s a team ghosting.

#76 He loves you even if you gain ten pounds, or even 15. But, any more and he worries something is wrong and offers to help you out.

#77 You know he wouldn’t ever cheat on you.

#78 He puts time aside for you on the weekdays and the weekends.

#79 He replaces the toilet paper when it runs out.

#80 He never leaves the seat up on the toilet.

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#81 He doesn’t text other girls if he knows that it will make you upset.

#82 He doesn’t take the last piece of pizza before asking if you want it.

#83 He can make you laugh at the most unfunny times.

#84 He thinks he is the one that is spoiled.

#85 He cares about what your mom thinks about him.

#86 If it is important to you, it is important to him. Period.

#87 He waits for you to get yours and doesn’t just roll over and go to sleep.

#88 He wraps his arms around you tight while you sleep *he’s a spooner*.

#89 When you are pissed, he doesn’t push buttons.

#90 He lets you slam doors when you are angry.

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#91 He watches a Netflix series with you and doesn’t go ahead if you aren’t around.

#92 He wouldn’t dare let you carry your own luggage.

#93 He isn’t passive aggressive, or aggressive-aggressive.

#94 He supports your decisions, even if he doesn’t like them.

#95 He is your best friend.

#96 He adores you.

#97 He never goes to sleep without saying goodnight, especially if he can’t be by your side.

#98 He texts you randomly nice things just to remind you that you are loved.

#99 You know you could live without him, but don’t ever want to.

#100 He loves every part of you, even the parts that aren’t so lovable.

The grass is always greener on the other side of the relationship fence, isn’t it? Don’t be jealous of what you don’t have in your relationship or think that to be a spoiled girlfriend, everything has to be perfect. Spoiling isn’t about a lavish car, a diamond ring that makes you barely be able to lift your finger, or doting over you all the time.

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Being a spoiled girlfriend is about having all the basics that you need to be happy and have a healthy relationship. Don’t underestimate how much you are spoiled, because you just might be more spoiled and lucky than you think.

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