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Slutty Girls: 17 Reasons To Admire Them Instead of Judging Them

Why are slutty girls still so shamed and judged by society? Slut isn’t an inherently bad word, so why are these women seen as social pariahs?

slutty girls

You can’t deny that when you think of the word “slutty” you immediately think of something negative. Why is it we immediately think badly of those who are labeled as slutty girls?

Is it because we have come to believe slutty girls are dirty, loose or that they must disrespect themselves? Society claims slutty girls have daddy issues, need help, or should settle down, not that any decent guy would want someone so loose.

But, this isn’t just a sexist and outdated conclusion. It is harmful. Women should be praised and admired for doing what they want with their bodies.

The word slut carries so much distaste when you say it that it’s no wonder we’ve decided to use it as a term to describe certain unfavorable women. But, why? What is wrong with a woman making her own choices? Well, nothing.

It is the patriarchy that looks down on slutty girls, judges them, and views them as outkasts or unworthy. This is so men can have control over women. Convincing women that they should stay virgins and be “innocent” until they marry is an antiquated tradition that we’ve all grown accustomed to. But that needs to stop. [Read: What is sex positive feminism? And why should we embrace it?]

What is a slutty girl?

I’m sure you know what a slut is by now—or rather, you know what other people have told you a slut is. You probably heard it in high school and college. You may have heard it from both guys and girls. It is a crude insult. Yet, the true meaning isn’t problematic.

A slutty woman is someone who is sexually promiscuous. It doesn’t mean she is immoral. It doesn’t mean she is destroying marriages, not being safe or healthy, or stealing guys from other girls. All it means is that she enjoys sex and isn’t afraid to make that known.

A wonderful example of a slutty girl or woman is Samantha Jones from Sex and The City. She unapologetically enjoys sex and doesn’t care who knows. She would not put up with being judged for her choices, especially not by her friends. Yet, she was still seen as more uncaring than her counterparts, simply because the world still has yet to respect sex positive women. [Read: Why it is so important to be sex positive]

Why are slutty girls still judged?

The negativity associated with slutty girls comes into play with societal norms. It’s perfectly acceptable—even celebrated—when men have multiple sexual partners, but it’s a huge no-no for women because we have to be these clean, proper, pristine beings that other girls can look up to.

The only reason this term is still used as a slur is that women who are chase are viewed as clean, deserving, and have the ability to control themselves and their urges. A woman who isn’t slutty could never lure in a man and make him cheat *ROLLS EYES*

Society is still uncomfortable with women discussing sex, having sex, and enjoying sex. Sex is meant to be something women give to a deserving man. This is why a woman who posts a photo in lingerie is seen as immoral, but it is fine when men watch porn or go to strip clubs. It isn;t okay for a woman to be a stripper but it is fine for a man to ogle a stripper. Make sense… NOT.

It is okay for men to view women as sexual beings but not for women to enjoy their own sexuality. Only recently did The Bachelorette franchise start casting women who admitted to enjoying sex and having sex with their finalists. There is nothing wrong with wanting to share that with someone you could be engaged to in a matter of days, yet it was still so taboo until recent years.

Women who share their favorite vibrators with their audience online and talk about enjoying sex outside of committed relationships, are still accused of being irresponsible or bad role models. Why? Becuase they don’t promote shame around sex? [Read: 11 harmless things girls do that brand them as a slut]

Why slutty girls should be admired

Being a slutty girl should not be an insult or something to feel and about. The truth is that slutty girls have an awful lot to offer the world. And no, I’m not talking about her hoo-ha. But, there is nothing wrong with that either.

Here are some positive life lessons slutty girls teach us you may have never considered before.

1. You should always be yourself

Slutty girls are 100% themselves and never try to be anyone that they’re not. They do what they want and sleep with who they want because that’s who they are, and they like who they are.

This lesson is a really powerful one to be learned because many people are living their lives trying to be someone else. They spend so much time following someone else’s path rather than paving their own. Slutty girls pave their own paths and teach us that we should too. [Read: 18 ways to have high self-esteem and start winning at life]

2. Stop caring what other people think

While you’re clearing your own path in life, you should just not care what anyone else thinks—ever. Do you think slutty girls walk around super self-consciously because they are worried about what other people are saying?

If they really cared what other people thought, then they probably stop being slutty. But, why do that if they enjoy their life the way it is? They don’t care what people have to whisper behind their backs.

3. Enjoy the savings

Hooking up is completely free. I mean, aside from the lingerie and hotel rooms, if that’s your vibe. Getting naked and going to Pound Town doesn’t cost a dime. She enjoys herself and lets go without worry or stress.

4. Have fun

If there’s one thing you can never deny slutty girls are good at, it’s knowing how to have a GREAT time. I’m not just talking about letting loose as in unbuttoning your pants. I’m talking about letting go of the little things holding you back and really enjoying the free time you have. Don’t take life so seriously or you lose sight of how to have fun.

A slutty girl isn’t held back by shame, guilt, or fear of what others think. She goes out and has fun how she wants to.[Read: 15 ways to be someone who always says, I love my life!]

5. Be strong

There will always be someone out there who doesn’t like you or has a few choice words to say about you. In the case of slutty girls, there are loads of people obviously calling them nasty names.

But do they care? Do they give them a second thought? No. Slutty girls are REALLY strong when it comes to their emotions, and they can teach us all that we should hold our heads high and ignore those who try to tear us down.

6. You should be confident

Love your body. Being able to make love or bone or whatever you want to call it, takes confidence. To be seen by others in a vulnerable state, can be be nerveracking.

But slutty girls own their bodies. They love their curves, cellulite, stretch marks, flat chests and whatever other things society tells them isn’t beautiful. They know they are worthy of enjoying themselves.

How do you think slutty girls manage to find themselves all of these attractive male suitors? By being confident! When you’re confident, you can do almost anything you set your mind to and attract almost anyone. Confidence is key to happiness in your life, and slutty girls are a great example of this. [Read: How to be confident in your own skin]

7. Embrace your sexuality

After all, sex is one of the three top pleasures a human experiences. So why do we deprive ourselves of enjoying such a pleasure just because we’re scared of a word? Sex is NATURAL. Sex is human.

Sluts are called such because they know how to embrace their sexuality while other people shy away from it, afraid of what it might do or mean. Well, take a lesson from slutty girls and let yourself be sexual. It’s only natural… and fun. Women are sexual beings and there is nothing wrong with that.

When a woman owns her sexuality she takes it back from the patriarchy. She is in control. [Read: 20 sexually enlightening movies all about sexuality]

8. Sticks and stones

If you ever happen upon a slut and you refer to them as such, you can be damn sure they will not give a flying crap about what you call them. They won’t even argue the fact because they don’t feel ashamed of their choices. They teach us that even a terrible name can be virtually harmless.

No matter what you’re being called, you should never let it hurt you, especially if the person doing the name-calling has no idea who you are. Slutty girls are the best example of this because they truly aren’t hurt by your words and continue living their life.

9. Never judge a book by its cover

I have a close friend of mine who would be labeled a complete slut if people knew what she did in her free time and what her weekends consisted of.

The point here? She is the sweetest, kindest, most thoughtful person you would ever meet—ever. Just because she likes to hop into bed with a few different people doesn’t make her a terrible person. Slutty girls teach you should never judge someone based on what they appear to be, or worse, what other people tell you. [Read: The alpha female: 15 alpha qualities you need to unleash it]

10. Spread love, not hate

You hardly ever hear a slutty girl refer to anyone by a mean and vulgar name. In fact, these girls are probably the nicest ones you’ll find because they truly like to spread the love around—figuratively and literally. Take a page from their book and give love and stop using words like “slut.”

A slutty girl doesn’t just ignore all the judgmental things people say about her but she won’t judge others. If someone chooses to remain a virgin or is more picky about who they let into their bed she doesn’t care because she knows it is their choice.

11. Do what makes you happy

If that hottie at the bar is what will make slutty girls happy, then by damn, they are going to do him. Why? Because they do what makes them happy no matter what anyone else has to say.

Everyone should take a lesson from slutty girls in this instance and do whatever makes them happy. Forget what your parents say, forget what your friends say, do what will put a smile on your face. [Read: How to be happy in life and live life to the fullest]

12. It is okay to have sex with people and enjoy it while also respecting yourself

Many people seem to think that just because they had sex with someone, they’ll lose all respect for them.

However, slutty girls have sex with many different people and still carry themselves with respect and are respected by many. The lesson here is that it’s perfectly fine—and normal—to have sex with someone while still respecting yourself. [Read: How to be flirty while maintaining class and poise]

13. Be comfortable with yourself

This is huge. Slutty girls are comfortable in their own skin. They are proud of themselves. They don’t apologize for their personality and choices. There is no need to.

Being a slutty girl isn’t something to shy away from, but something to be empowered by.

14. Save the emotions for those deserving of them

Slutty girls don’t fall in love with everyone they sleep with. They enjoy sex with or without an emotional connection. And when they do fall for someone they know it is worth it. They trust their instincts, don’t jump into a relationship at the drop of a hat, and take their time. [Read: How to be more sexual and fall in love with that part of yourself]

15. Be safe

Slutty girls are not dirty, unsafe, or irresponsible. In fact, slutty girls are much more likely to take percautions when it comes to STIs, pregnancy, and safety in general. They are educated. They do their research and know how to take care of themselves.

16. Topple the patriarchy

Slutty girls are actively fighting the patriarchy that says girls should be shy and meek. Girls should only sleep with someone they are in a serious relaitonship with, but should also sleep with a guy because they bought them a drink.

Slutty girls do not listen to anyone else’s life rules but their own. [Read: 12 reasons why any guy would be proud to have a slutty girlfriend]

17. Enjoy sex

Slutty girls do not fake it. They don’t need to make a man feel good about his size or abilities. That is not her job. A slutty girl enjoys herself. She is proud to enjoy sex and isn’t ashmed of it. Sex is natural and she leans right into that.

[Read: 13 ways to have better sex]

Slutty girls may not have the best reputation in the world, but if you look a little deeper, they can teach us the most important life lessons we’ll ever learn.

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