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Skimpy Clothes and the Workplace

Should you wear skimpy clothes to work? You may be comfortable wearing them and may not think twice about trying to impress your coworkers, but could your attire in the workplace be misunderstood by others?

Girls Wearing Skimpy Clothes in the Workplace

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Moving on from the introduction about girls showing sanitary pads, and white shirts and black bras, I’ve always felt that sometimes women just act naïve.

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Confusions over short skirts

I had a colleague at my previous workplace who wore suggestive clothes all the time.

It wasn’t revealing, it was beyond way too short.

A guy could get to scoring home runs with his hands in less than a tenth of a second.

Can you imagine how short her skirts were?

And each time she used to buckle her knees to pick something off the ground or for whatever reason, all the guys at work used to bend low conspicuously to get a better glimpse. And it was a laugh!

I’m guessing she wanted to appear as a sex siren, but somehow her attire was more of a joke.

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One day, she caught a guy staring up at her and she actually started yelling at him for being a pervert, and for not respecting her.

She made a big deal out of her little clothing, which I thought was just mental.

She did wear clothes that did more than attract attention, so why would she make such a big fuss about something that skimpy?

The guys weren’t pervs, nor were they drunk losers who would molest her at the very first chance they get. They were respectable, fun loving guys with eccentric sense of humors who were trying to be funny. Really now, it wasn’t like they were hiding and peeping.

Do you really need to reveal so much?

When I spoke to her later that day about the incident, and mentioned the fact that she did wear clothes that were way outside the border of office professionalism, she seemed shocked. “I’m wearing them because I want to look good for myself!” she cried out. [Read: 20 things about a girl that turns a guy on sexually]

Well, what could I say beyond that? Other than the fact that somehow, all the parts that she revealed had extremely close proximity to her butt and boobs.

And when I asked her if she would wear the same clothes on a Sunday morning, if all she planned to do was laze and watch mush flicks alone, she just looked at me, puzzled. Thank you. One brownie point for me!

Looking at the monster bull of facts here, clothes attract attention. And we wear clothes that look good. Really good. So when girls wear a tight tee shirt on a cold night that’s so tight we could pierce and burst a balloon effortlessly, it’s not because we’re going to stand in front of the mirror and drool at our reflection all day.

And when we’re at work, we rarely see ourselves and our fine never-ending legs or the low waist thong flashing at the derriere. So who are we dressing up for really?

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Why do girls really dress skimpy?

Did you know that make up too is pretty much all about lusty attraction? You use blushers and lipsticks. Aren’t those the exact regions that get all hot and flushed up when you’re turned on in the heat of passion? Eyeshadows too have the same effect as that of semi closed eyes, in an aroused woman who’s about to reach for the skies and call out to God. And yeah, your beauty stylist at the saloon is right too. Eye shadows do make your eyes look bigger and more appealing to men.

If someone were to ask me why I use make up or wear revealing clothes, I’d tell them straight. To look good. I wouldn’t tell them I’m doing it to attract guys, though that statement may partly make sense.

Some women may just straight out scream that they do it to look good, and not to impress guys. Maybe they’re being honest 24 carat, but definitely they don’t know it’s what they’re doing that’s attracting men anyways. And it’s logical. And completely fine.

Skimpy hypocrites and liars

What I can’t stand the most are guys who drool all they want, and then turn around with a gross look on their face and say, “why does she have to dress up so sluttily in those skimpy clothes?” Now that’s just being disgusting. Why look in the first place? Men just don’t have to look if it bothers them so much. Yeah, we’ve all heard the story, haven’t we? That they just can’t help it because it’s right there and it draws their attention. Whatever.

Perhaps these are the same guys who would accidentally look at their parents banging in bed, and then instead of walking away, hide in a corner and peep with their hands in their tighty whities, just because they couldn’t help it.

Sometimes, unknowingly, all of us do wear clothes that may cross the boundaries of office attire. But the best thing to do about it is not make a big deal about it until it’s time for the molehill to grow into a mountain, or when the guys at work start making it obvious. I like guys who don’t make a big deal about it. The ones who can wolf-whistle in jest, smile and wink at the girl and say she’s looking hot, and yet not make her feel uncomfortable and bare. And those are the best guys to be around with.

Should you wear skimpy clothes to work?

When the story comes to a halt, there isn’t much to elaborate. You know how things can turn out based on what you wear and how skimpy your clothes are, so find that perfect zone that sits spot on, on the lines of your comfort, your office attire, your male attraction zone, and how much you reveal outside your office.

Another pointer here, men will be men. They will look, and that’s irrespective of whether you wear skimpy clothes or not. Maybe they’d just look longer at you if you wear less. But it’s all about what you intend to do about it. Wearing revealing clothes won’t take you to the next floor, though it could take you under a table. And that may in turn help you go to the next floor. But is that what you have in mind? [Read: What men like most in women]

When you’re with friends, it’s easy to wear what you want because they know exactly who you are. But at your workplace, it’s really easy to be stereotyped into a negative category, especially by people who have never spoken to you even once.

And then, the word just goes all around the mulberry bush. So stay clean and follow the office attire rules if you want to have a great time in your workplace. No woman would like a guy to walk up to her near the coffee machine and say “hey babeee, want to come to my place tonight so we can have some fun?”

That line, my dear, was the nicest one you could expect from a perv who just looks at your assets and not at you. There can be lines far worse and blatant than that one. And that’s pretty much what happens when you go wearing skimpy clothes to work.

But if you’re the one who likes that kind of attention, you scarlet woman, go on, you could have a great time in the midst of all those drools. And you’d also be right there at the top, in the Hall of Bare Fame. And if you do want to get frisky, don’t ever do it in the conference room, or at an office party. Go find a room! Serious!

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And if you like wearing skimpy clothes at work, remember to keep your lovers discreet. And the guys you take home, elite!

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