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10 Signs Your Guy BFF Is Secretly Trying to Seduce You

You may have planted him firmly into the friend zone, but he might be desperately trying to flirt his way out. How can you tell for sure?

your guy bff is seducing you

As much as girls like hanging out with their girl friends and talking about boys, make-up, fashion, and whatever else they want to talk about, there are girls that prefer the company of males. It does not necessarily mean that hanging out with a boy will make you tomboy-ish.

In fact, having a guy BFF is actually almost similar to having girl BFFs, with the benefits of having a strong male physique that you can use to your advantage, like lifting heavy objects, assisting you in crossing the street, opening doors for you and other gentlemanly things. He is also always around to give an unbiased opinion of you and your make-up or what you are wearing.

Having a guy BFF around sure is handy and will make you feel cared for, but how will you know if he has the hots for you? The only complication with having a guy BFF is that the two of you, had you not become good friends first, may have had a chance at some romance. Sure, there are friendships that overcome this, but what if you’re pretty sure you don’t want a relationship with your guy BFF and you need to know ASAP if he is secretly seducing you?

How to know if your guy friend is being too flirty

Under the guise of friendship, one of your guy friends may be fighting tooth and nail to get into your pants. Here are the signs that he’s got ulterior motives.

#1 His text messages. There are people who reply reasonably quickly when you send them messages, but there are also people who will take the entire day before they reply to you. Your guy BFF is neither. Your guy BFF, who is secretly seducing you, is like The Flash. He will respond within a nanosecond after you have sent your message.

How does he do it? He probably has a special alert tone just for you, so he would know that you’re the one who just sent a text. There is a huge difference between replying after a while and consistently replying within seconds, no matter what time of the day. [Read: 20 unmistakable signs he’s crushing on you]

#2 Sharing pics? You know how you and your girlfriends send photos to each other so they can see what you have been eating or what you have bought on your latest shopping spree? Well, your guy BFF wants you to see more than that. He will not only send you selfies of himself where the angle of his face is the best one, showing off how handsome he is, but he likes to send you photos of his topless, chiseled body too. Especially after a gym workout or when he is out getting tanned.

And he will usually give an excuse such as saying he just finished his workout or tan session and would love to hang out with you ASAP. He’s trying to get you to see just how hot and attractive he is, in the hope of possibly seducing you.

#3 A guy BFF is sometimes pretty stoic. You barely hear them dish out their emotional pains and baggage to you. They are the best listeners. They may talk to you about some of their problems, but they do so in a slightly detached manner, without letting you in on how they truly feel, for fear that they might be boring you.

But a guy BFF who is secretly seducing you will let you in on his emotional and sensitive world. He isn’t afraid to share every single detail with you, especially the kinds of emotions you make him feel when he is with you. [Read: 18 body language signs that he’s into you]

#4 You always hear a guy BFF tell you how pretty you are, particularly when you’ve made the effort. But a typical guy BFF will also tell you that you look like hell when you haven’t had enough sleep or when you probably tried to put on makeup in the dark.

The guy BFF that is secretly seducing you, on the other hand, does not care if you look like you have gone through hell or not. He will still say how beautiful you are. A guy who’s falling in love with you will find something about you that’s beautiful, and he won’t hold back on telling you this, almost every time you spend time with him! [Read: How to take a compliment without being awkward]

#5 Affection is one of the things that guy BFFs are not really known for. You might have a fist bump with your closest buddies every now and then, but a parting hug or a kiss might be a little bit different. You may hug or kiss each other on the cheek from time to time, but you both know that this is done in a strictly friendly manner.

The guy BFF who is secretly seducing you gives you a tighter, longer hug, and you may feel like he’s hesitant to let go. The sneakier ones may even kiss your cheek at the spot that’s dangerously close to your lips. If you feel these things but you don’t want to give any meaning to it, then you might be too late. Your guy BFF is already subtly making a move. [Read: Sneaky ways to accidentally kiss a friend and get away with it]

#6 The thing with guy BFFs is that they barely give you gifts unless it’s your birthday or it’s Christmas or a special occasion. He’s probably thinking that he doesn’t need to try and impress you, because you’re already good friends anyway.

A guy friend who’s trying to make a move on you, however, will give you gifts for no apparent reason. He might get you something expensive or something cute and touching, like a unique trinket or something that would remind you of something you did together.

#7 Your guy BFF is a man of few words. He is a great listener, but like all men, he may not be the type to openly display his emotions. But if your guy BFF starts to emphasize every single time how much he cares for you, even though you already heard that a hundred times, then there is something more in there.

Try to tell him about you getting hurt, whether physically or emotionally. A guy BFF may try to comfort you a bit, and maybe inject a bit of humor into the situation. A guy BFF who’s into you, however, is more likely to have a stronger reaction. He may start to act like it’s his personal duty to protect you. [Read: How to get the shy guy to ask you out]

#8 The guy BFF who likes you doesn’t mention any other girls around you. A guy BFF who isn’t trying to be with you may mention the scores of women he’s trying to sleep with or all those girls that he’s into. He might even ask you for some advice on how he’ll have better luck with them.

A guy BFF who’s into you will never mention any other girls he likes. This is because, if he does mention liking another girl, he might completely lose his chance with you. However, be wary of times when he does mention liking another girl, but also tries to subtly make you jealous. That’s his way of trying to get you to show interest in him.

#9 The guy BFF who’s into you seems to always have you as his highest priority. Aside from you always needing him, and him showing up whenever you want him to be there all the time, your guy BFF also always makes sure that you are picked up from your house and dropped off safely.

And he also makes sure he is the only one to do this. There are no ifs, there are no buts, and if he cannot seem to make it, he will clear his schedule just so you are safely brought home. This is his personal time with you, where he can actually start to let you know his feelings. These little private moments that you have together are the highlights of his day. [Read: 17 honest reasons why he hasn’t asked you out yet]

#10 You always wonder why he is asking you to hang out, when you have other friends that you can hang out with. He will always come up with excuses to spend time with you and only you.  He will tell you that he organized a weekly movie night, and he will pay for everything. After which, he will say he also invited the others, but they are not available. He will also come up with morning runs, and schedule it only when he knows you are available but the rest are not.

[Read: 7 reasons guy friends are nothing but trouble]

The guy BFF who likes you will use the bond you share to foster something more than just friendship. He’s doing all these sweet things to make you fall for him, so that when the time comes for him to express his feelings, you will have already fallen for him, too!

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