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How to Read the Signs Your Boyfriend’s Friends Don’t Like You Much

Everyone wants to be liked. But if you’re noticing signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you, there could be trouble ahead. Can you change the tide?

signs your boyfriend's friends don't like you

Our friends play an important part in our lives. In some cases, they have a huge say in what you do and the people you invite into your circle. For instance, have you ever seen the signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you much? If you got that vibe, it’s quite likely that you’re not too far off the mark.

A guy’s friends may not be able to tell him what to do and who to see, but they do have a certain amount of influence over him. So, if you’re noticing signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you all that much, there is a slight amount of concern you should feel.

Of course, we shouldn’t give your boyfriend zero credit here, because he has a mind of his own. However, doesn’t it just make life easier when your partner and your friends just get along well?

It’s not like they have to be best friends, of course, but being friendly and civil to one another, and maybe cracking a joke or two, makes everything that bit easier overall.

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The most obvious signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you: What to do about it

Can you turn it around if you think your guy’s friends are not loving your new place in his life? You can, but first impressions are pretty powerful. All you can do is be yourself. Allow your natural charm to shine through.

What are the signs you need to be looking for? What are the red flags that tell you you’re noticing real signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you? Well, let’s explore those signs. [Read: How to accept your boyfriend’s friends and get them to accept you]

#1 They don’t even try and have a conversation with you. You’re regularly left on the fringes when you all meet up, and you sit there listening to everyone else. If no one attempts to bring you into the circle, that’s a pretty sure sign that something’s not right. Generally, when you like someone, you encourage them to be a part of things, so if that’s not happening, it’s possibly one of the signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you.

What can you do? Try your best to be involved in the conversation every so often, but don’t overdo it. You shouldn’t withdraw completely, because that means they’ve won. Also know when to be the bigger person. If you’ve done nothing wrong and there’s no real reason for them not to like you, why should you struggle? [Read: 15 easy ways to be nice and loved by all instantly!]

#2 Their partners don’t tend to spend time with you. Normally, a guy’s friends will encourage their partners to spend time with their friend’s partners, so if that’s not happening, there’s something not quite right. It could be that they’ve not told their partners about you at all, or it could be that they’ve mentioned they’re not your biggest fan. That opinion has influenced their decision not to include you in group activities.

In this case, there isn’t a whole lot you can do. If you meet one of their partners, be your charming self, smile, introduce yourself, and simply see what their reaction is. It’s likely they’ll see you’re being totally authentic and invite you to be a part of things, but if they don’t, it’s a group of people you’re better off not being a part of anyway. Nobody’s got time for bitchiness! [Read: Why don’t people like you – The 20 most common reasons why]

#3 They don’t invite you to group get-togethers. It’s possible that from time to time, the guys will meet up and bring their partners in a big group setting. If you’re not being introduced to those, it’s possible your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you and made it clear to your boyfriend.

In this case, question why your guy isn’t doing more to rectify the situation. Surely it would make his life easier if everyone got along? If you have solid proof that you’re being left out of activities such as this, why not have a conversation with your boyfriend, in a non-accusatory way, and find out what the deal is?

#4 They’re pretty sarcastic whenever you’re around. Sarcasm is one of the lowest forms of conversation and wit, and we reserve it for people we’re not that fond of. If you’re seeing constant sarcastic remarks coming your way, it’s a pretty clear sign that something’s not right.

The best thing to do here is simply continue being friendly and charming, and never bow down to their level and meet their sarcasm with a dose of your own. [Read: How to deal with your boyfriend’s friends when they’re annoying]

#5 They don’t really acknowledge your presence. If you’re not being greeted in a friendly way when you arrive, if you’re never asked about, and if nobody bothers to really find out anything about you, its means they’re simply not interested. Unfair, true, but it’s a sign.

If you walk into the room and nobody bothers to say “hello,” why not say it instead? That makes you the bigger person. It calls out for their rudeness. Sure, they might not respond in the way you want, but at least you’ve done the right thing. It’s all you can do in this situation. [Read: A handy guide for how to deal with rude people in your life]

#6 They talk over you. How annoying is it when you’re talking and everyone just ignores you and talks over the top of you? It’s annoying and rude. It’s also one of the signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you and show you zero respect.

If this regularly happens, you can deal with it one of two ways. Simply stop bother talking and give up, or wait for a pause in their conversation and say “as I was saying …” and continue your contribution. It’s a difficult one. You should be strong to avoid this rude behavior.

#7 They pretend they don’t remember your name. It’s another seriously rude thing to do. If they pretend they can’t remember your name, they’re basically telling you that you have no place in their group.

Of course they remember your name, so don’t fall for the trick. What do you do here? You say “my name is …, as you know” and end that with a friendly smile. You’re disarming them with the smile but sending a thinly veiled message that you know what they’re up to. [Read: What to do when your boyfriend’s friends are a bad influence]

#8 They talk about his ex(es). Nobody wants to mention ex relationships when they’re seeing someone new. So, if your guy’s friends are bringing up his ex(es) in front of you, they’re basically telling you that they don’t see you sticking around for long. They preferred his ex over you.

In this case, it’s best to mention to your boyfriend that it makes you uncomfortable. Make sure you do it in a calm way and explain properly, but tell him that you would prefer it if they stopped. If your guy is half the man you think he is, he will have a quiet word with them. [Read: The 10 most important needs to help a relationship flourish]

#9 They always disagree with you. You could be totally right about everything and they would always disagree with you. In this case, simply continue being yourself and allow your natural charm to shine through.

Don’t allow this to stop you from contributing to conversations. However, the hope is that they will eventually come around.

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These nine signs your boyfriend’s friends don’t like you are surprisingly common. Continue to be yourself. Discuss gently with your boyfriend if the situation causes you distress. The rest? Their problem!

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