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Being Extra: 16 Brazen Signs You’re Extra AF, Loving It & Living It

Do you often go a little over the top? Do you have a tendency to be dramatic? It could be that you’re being extra. Here’s how you know. 

being extra

Are you sometimes a little guilty of being extra AF? For instance, once you get worked up, is there really no stopping you from going a little over the top? Somebody wrongs you, and you’re going to talk about it for the next five days? You’re not even sorry about it. If that’s the case, you’re occasionally a little extra! Don’t worry, it happens to the best of us.

If you have no idea what we’re talking about here, being extra basically means that you go over the top on the regular. You don’t just get annoyed at someone, you rant about it for days. You don’t just show off your new purchase, you REALLY show off. We mean, think of the Kardashians, they’re basically extra. They don’t do anything by halves, and everything is loud and proud. That’s just one example. [Read: How to be more interesting and make everyone want to know you]

Is being extra a bad thing?

Yes and no. It depends to what degree and how often. People around you are going to get a little fed up of your dramatics and excessive behavior after a while, so you it might be a good idea to pull it back a little if this is a problem for you!

However, we’re all guilty of being extra from time to time. Some people are known for it, some people just do it occasionally. The key is to know when it happening so you can figure out whether you need to do something about it. For the most part, you do you – being extra can be fun!

Signs you are being extra

So, whilst being extra isn’t exactly a terrible condition, let’s unravel the signs and symptoms to shed a little more light on the situation.

Before we start, we’re just going to premise this entire list by saying that if you are being extra, chances are you know you are and just don’t care. We respect that whole-heartedly. You do you, boo. [Read: How to calmly deal with a drama queen diva]

1. You talk with your hands a lot

Those who are regularly a little extra often talk with their hands a lot. They’re very expressive and usually throw their hands around without really thinking about it. It is this you? If so, it could be a sign you’re being extra. The only thing you need to be careful with here, is that you don’t accidentally knock your drink over! [Read: 8 subtle hand gestures to make your date fall for you]

2. You take themed parties and fancy dress VERY seriously

It is your time to shine, baby! You’re not just going to throw on a wig and call it a day. You make sure every detail is perfect, even down to the fake nails and earrings!

3. You talk really loudly

You want to be heard! If you tell a story, everybody and their dog is going to listen to it, and there isn’t any shame in that. Tell your story, girlfriend, and tell it with pride. [Read: 8 signs you’re coming on way too strong]

4. You have an Instagram theme, don’t you?

LOL, same. The colors and angles need to be just right. Did you post a selfie yesterday? Well, you can’t post another one right beside that one… Throw in a quote in between, or perhaps, an artsy photo of the sky?

5. Your planner is your baby

That thing is color-coded and you never leave the house without it. Seriously, what would you do if Jessica wanted to go for coffee on Sunday and you didn’t have your planner? How would you ever know if you were available, and how would you remember this coffee date if you didn’t write it down? OMG NO.

6. You have a long list of facial expressions

You are known for your elaborate facial expressions for every scenario to possibly ever exist. Cute baby? Facial expression. Cute Doggo? Close to cute baby facial expression, but eyebrows are higher.

7. You color coordinate everything

Do all of your electronics have the same teal case on it? Well, well, well, somebody’s being a little extra, don’t you think? [Read: 15 signs you’re a high maintenance woman]

8. You’ve already planned your future children’s matching outfits

Do you want twin boys so you can dress them in tiny fedora hats and suspenders with teeny tiny bowties to match. How freaking sweet does that sound? Holy guacamole!

9. You have no issue double texting someone

Have a story to tell over text? Well, since you can’t flail your arms around, you have to do something to get your point across. Solution? Sending each point as a new, separate text. Genius. We know. How could anybody ignore you, then?! [Read: Double texting and second texts – The rules to play it cool]

10. You have a weird obsession with glitter

Is your phone case covered in glitter? No, wow. We’re surprised. If you have ever been classified as “being extra,” you are likely someone who loves glitter–even though it is literally the messiest craft material in the universe. You don’t care. MORE GLITTER!

11. You already have your children’s names picked out

Do you literally have a note on your iPhone that is full of potential children’s names, even though you’re nowhere near the point in your life where you’re going to be having children soon? But you want to be ready, yah know? You can never be too prepared, right?

12. BirthDAY? Try birthMONTH!

Uh, hello it’s your birthMONTH. You aren’t about to settle for one measly day of celebrating you. You want at least 30 days of celebration, and you’re 100% going to get it! [Read: 7 Things to avoid gifting your girl for her birthday]

13. Most of your text messages are sent in full caps

Has autocorrect has started changing specific words to caps lock if you happen to spell them like a normal person? If you’re guilty too, we’re calling you out girlfriend, you are being extra AF. Welcome to the club, it’s lined with pink wallpaper, and we have glitter mugs.

14. Your dog is literally your child

If you threw a birthday party for your dog, you’re also guilty of being extra. BUT THEY DESERVE IT! THEY ARE SO WEE AND SWEET OMG! They get a treat whenever you leave the house, they might have outfits, and you tuck them in at night. The dog is treated better than most people. [Read: Your dog and boyfriend have a lot in common]

15. You could fit most of your belongings into your handbag

We know, we know, you don’t have to explain yourself. we get it, big bags are EVERYTHING. And they hold everything you ever need in one handy place. Also, they are trendy as heck.

16. You don’t just have a slight drama, you have a HUGE drama

Whenever something slightly dramatic happens in life, you turn it into something akin to a Hollywood blockbuster. Guilty? Yep, you’re being extra. Just remember that sometimes you don’t have to make everything huge and dramatic, sometimes you can just deal with it and move on!

[Read: Why some people seek out the drama]

Listen, girl, ain’t no shame in being extra. Put on some lipstick, grab your monstrous handbag, and get on with your day. Accept it, babe, you’re extra AF.

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