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Is your BFF Affecting your Love Life?

Can your BFF bring in a rift between you and your boyfriend? Will a BFF ever get dirty or find ways to make you feel miserable in love, just to feel better? Find out here.

Is your BFF Affecting your Love Life?

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BFF’s have to be Opinionated

Girls are very nosy about their friend’s actions, dates, accessories, clothes and even her guy’s friends and what he gifted you for your birthday.

Well, girl talk is their daily dose of entertainment but somewhere down the line, these talks start blowing out of proportion.

Girls often tend to get very judgmental and give out comments or unnecessary solutions to various issues when it is least expected.

Laila remembers the time her guy told her that he needs a break for sometime. She spoke to her friends about this and immediately, she started getting various responses that she had never even thought of. “I need a break. I want to take some time for myself” is interpreted in various ridiculous ways, she says.

Her friends came up with everything from “He doesn’t like you anymore, he’s just hinting that he wants to leave you”, “He said that? What is wrong with him? He can’t just take off like that and come back whenever he wants!” all the way to “Argh! They do this all the time, just find someone else and dump this guy.”

“This whole session of commentary made me feel miserable. For heaven’s sake! I wasn’t looking for numerous senseless perspectives. That made me think. What were they trying to do anyway? Attempting to plot a breakup in my life? And not to forget the grand finale, they say “I always thought he was not the one for you. I knew this won’t work.” That is it! I thought. Now they say that they never even liked him or us being together. Maybe that is why they were showering ideas into my head so I would dump him,” says Laila.

Girls are very judgmental and often expect their pals to approach them for their so called connoisseur counsel.

BFF and Jealousy

Girls are really jealous of each other (guess that goes without saying!). There could be various reasons to be jealous of each other or sometimes a reason may not even be required, the ‘J’ factor could just be sparked! Here are a few most common instances where jealousy takes the vanguard to affect your relationship.

When She is Single

Today, it’s pretty difficult to find anyone who’s single. Everyone’s in a relationship. If she is single, your BFF may go through a phase of unnecessary pressure and emotional discomfort. When you start dating a guy, this emotional discomfort turns into a full fledged bout of jealousy. Needless to say, she forgets she is your friend at that instant. She reacts shoddily whenever you go out with him leaving her behind. She might even attempt to hate your guy and make up stories about him.

When you Share Crushes

You’ve watched movies where two girls like the same guy. And you saw what can happen when two best friends have a crush on the same guy. Unfortunately, only one can bait the fish. And when one girl loses, the BFF that lost the game of love to her friend ends up trying everything possible to ruin her BFF’s relationship with the new guy! This happens in reality too, and some girls may not even be discreet about it. You may be the one to win his love, oblivious to the fact that she too liked him. But she doesn’t care, all she needs is revenge!

Girls don’t always hate their best friends, nor do they have a craving to battle their pals for love every day. But they just like to win love games, and all girls have to hate their girl pals for love.

But they still have to hold hands to make sure there is no knife in the other girl’s hand to stab, while peeking over her BFF’s shoulder to exchange glances with that cute boy across the street! BFF’s continue with their hugs and kisses and appear to be really friendly, even though there’s a monster lurking inside. And yet, everything’s rosy and sweet in the world of BFF’s!

BFF’s might have been there with you throughout your childhood, at times when you lost your job or when you have to go shopping. But when it comes to your love life, they are always either foe you or against you!

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